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Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village Board No. 18

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)  

BAIRD, Larry

I've been on the Neighborhood Board since 2004. That is 9 years of dedicated service. I own my own small business. I'm a home owner in Foster Village. I'm concerned about the every day on-goings in our community. I want everything to flow smother in our area and work every day to make a positive change in the Neighborhood Board #18 area. I'm always open to listen to others concerns and needs.


EALA, Janice P.

I'm married, have 2 children aged 8 & 10 & work as a public school teacher. I volunteer with the HSTA as a faculty representative & as a chair for the govt. relations committee. As a member of the board I will work together with the other members as a liaison for our residents & govt. & law enforcement officials to ensure that everyone's concerns are addressed & that we reside in a safe community.


EGGE, Dennis

I have been a quality of life advocate in our neighborhood, since 1998: It is a distinct honor to represent our mutual interests as an elected member of Neighborhood Board 18.  With your permission, I am ready, willing and able to continue serving, to the best of my ability, for another term. At your Service, Dennis Egge.


GUTIERREZ, Lynne Viloria

Newly appointed Neighborhood Board At Large member. I am retired DOE Special Education teacher. I humbly offer 35 years of experience as an elementary teacher, many years of community service and my continued desire to serve the people of my district.


MORITA, Maurice T.

I am seeking re-election to Neighborhood Board #18. I am interesting in assisting our community with any concerns from its residents, especially when it comes to health, safety, and improving our quality of life. I am humbly asking for your vote to serve YOU and OUR COMMUNITY and to seek solutions to any concerns that are brought up to the Neighborhood Board.



Area resident since 1965; NB18 80=92, 98=12 State Rep 92-96 Chief Psychologist MHD 80=92 Childrens Day Tmt Center 67-80.  Served on Boards Protection and Advocacy Agency, Immigrant Center, PTSAs State Hospital, Radford SCC;  I humbly request that I be allowed to continue to help our community through my work on the Neighborhood Board.  Mahalo.


YOMES, David

I am a 31-year veteran of the HPD. I have lived in the Aliamanu/Salt Lake area for over 40yrs. I know the concerns in the community and I will always work hard in making the area a better place to live, work, and play for all families. Some of my goals are to see that the Salt Lake Blvd. Widening Project becomes a reality, and to fight crime in our area so it will be a safe place for our children.



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