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Pearl City Neighborhood Board No. 21

AT-LARGE   (13 Seats available) 

DUNCAN, Sol Ray B.

I have served my community well over the last two years on the Pearl City NB #21. I have attended most PCNB #21 committee and regular meetings within the last two years. I am Sol Ray Duncan who deserves another term on this neighborhood board.



I am currently a board member and I'd like to continue to serve and represent you in our community. I'm a former Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commissions Office. I am in the Healthcare Industry providing services to the people of Oahu island wide. A Travel Agent and State of Hawaii Notary Public. "I CARE ABOUT YOU AND OUR COMMUNITY!"



As a resident of Pearl City, I seek to assist and be a part of the decisions that affect my district. I also want to learn and be informed of the dealings in the City and State governments. I believe that to invoke change it must be done from within the system. With my experience I know I can be useful member of the Board. That is why I wish to a part of the Pearl City Neighborhood Board.

PALMER, Brett Robert

Originally from Mendham, New Jersey but lived in Hawaii for the past 20 years, and a resident in Pearl City for the last 5 years. I have worked in the construction industry over 20 years and the owner of Palmer Contracting and Hawaii Custom Woodworks. I would like to find long term solutions in traffic congestion and help to streamline traffic patterns.


PICKARD, Sr. James "Kimo"

I am a member of the Pearl City neighborhood board for 17 years.


VERAY, Larry S.

Larry Veray is a former U.S. Navy Retired Command Master Chief with 43 years of military experience and a problem solver. In his full time job, he is a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton supporting U.S. Government contracts. He served the Pearl City Neighborhood Board for 7 years while focused on Health, Education and Welfare issues.


VINA Jr., Cruz J.

Currently, I am serving the Board as Vice-Chair and Chair of the Traffic and Transportation Committee.  I would like to continue to serve our community in that capacity to ensure safety for our young children and our aging community.  I ask you for your support for my election back to the Neighborhood Board in Pearl City.


WHITE, Benjamin O.

Serving the community through leadership and diligence.



As an active business executive for more than twenty-five years, I understand the complexity of navigating through the county and state systems and I am able to get answers and results regarding government services, economic development and land use issues. I have been an active member of the Pearl City Neighborhood Board and I hope to continue to serve the community we live in.




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