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Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)  

ANDRADE, Maureen (Miguel)

Aloha! I'm currently on the WNB, and have been for many years. President of Village Park Comm. Assoc., commissioner to the Waipahu Boxing Club, Waipahu Community Foundation member and other non-profits in Waipahu. A life long resident of Waipahu, I want to continue to be a "voice" for others in our community who may not have the means/opportunity to be heard. I humbly ask for your vote! Mahalo!


CHUN, Cory M.

Hi, I'm Cory Chun and I would like continue serving you on the Waipahu Board. I am the advocacy director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, advocating for public policies to benefit cancer patients and their families. I try to remain active in our community by being a part of a neighborhood security patrol, community clean-up groups, and as an AYSO soccer volunteer.



Born & raised in Waipahu, graduated from Kamehameha Schools & Western Oregon University, Political Science Major; Junior High Educator at St. Joseph School; Foot Ball Coach KHS; Member of Waipahu NB. I will continue to prove my commitment to our community by serving and working with you. I would be honored with your vote of support.


DEGRACIA, Danny Pomaikai

Aloha I'm Danny and I'm a political scientist, minister and a national columnist. I humbly ask for your vote to continue to serve your family. I will work to keep government accountable, build the economy, fight crime, protect our environment and achieve clean, affordable energy that will power Hawaii's future. Let's give our keiki a future to be proud of!  E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe! Mahalo!


HOST, George A.


KALAIKAI, Braunsen

Modernizing Waipahu into a 21st century global community while maintaining its deep cultural and historic values will continue to be my priority. Over the next decade Waipahu will undergo a sea of change in development of housing, economic growth and transportation. As a member of the Waipahu Neighborhood Board I will continue to work on these & other important issues. Thank you for your support.



Vietnam Vet w/211 combat missions:10yrs Ch Waipahu NB:10yrs ex Dir FWCGP, raised 3million dev HPV:10yrs State Senator inst obtaining seed money for: Fil Com Ctr, Leeward YMCA, Pac Aviation Museum, Beautification & Safety Farr Hwy Project, Ed facilities WHS Adm Bldg, 2x 8 classrm bldg, WIS Cafetorium, library, 8 classrm building:24yrs WHS SCBM:30yrs UH W/Oahu Br:22yrs WCF:12yrs ex dir Wellness Ctr.


MACHA, Darryl, M.

Aloha and Mabuhay! My name is Darryl Macha, a graduate of Waipahu High C/O'95 and University of Hawaii C/0'02.  I have been currently serving you on the Waipahu Neighborhood Board since 2007 and would like to continue this notable opportunity. My goal is to advocate and represent our great citizens to help our community thrive now and through the future. I humbly ask for your Vote.


OSHIRO, Richard H.

He is a current member and past Chairman of the Waipahu NB.  He earned a masters degree in Public Admin from George Washington Univ in Wash DC and is currently employed by the Queens Medical Center as Labor Relations Coordinator.  He wants to increase jobs and economic growth in Waipahu; reduce crime; ease traffic congestion; and improve our schools and programs for our youth.



I am Rito Saniatan currently served as your Chairman. I have lived and work in Waipahu for over 25yrs. I am a strong believer in making a difference by giving back to the community. We can better our community and our daily lifestyle in the areas of: Education, Economic Prosperity; and Traffic solutions. Together we can make our community a better place to live for our families & children to grow.


TSUGAWA, Blaine K.

My goal and purpose for serving on the WNB is to continually hold our elected officials ACCOUNTABLE for their decisions and actions by asking appropriate yet challenging questions of them or their representatives at our meetings. If you have a question that you wish me to ask, please send it to me via email. I will do my best to be your voice for Waipahu. I am running for my 3rd term.

SUBDISTRICT 01    (2 Seats available) 

O'NEAL, Dave

I have served on the Waipahu Neighborhood Board since November 2010.  With your vote I hope to continue representing Waipahu.  I am active in the Waipahu community, serving on various RKCA committees, including chairing the Government Affairs Committee.  I am also the Vice-President of the Waipahu Community Foundation, which provides grants to non-profits in Waipahu for the benefit of children.


SUBDISTRICT 02    (3 Seats available) 

BURKE, Marty

Retired USAF Colonel.  Waipahu resident since 1987. NB-22 member since 1990 representing Sub-district 2 (Gentry Waipio, Crestview, Seaview and Waikele).  Honored with "Pride of Waipahu" award (March 1999). Formerly/currently active on governing boards of several church and/or community related organizations. Strong advocate of grass-roots participation in local government and community activities.


LEE, Peter H. M.

Aloha!  I was born and raised on Oahu, and have been a Waikele resident for the past 17 years.  I would like to continue my participation on the Waipahu Neighborhood Board, and serve as a conduit between our residences and our government.  I humbly ask for your consideration and support.  Mahalo!!


SUBDISTRICT 03    (5 Seats available)  


Born and raised in Waipahu, retired Head Start teacher for 29 years. Volunteered at the Police Academy, Ride Along, and Shop with the Cop. For 15 years I have been the coordinator for my neighborhood watch. I have been on this board for 15 years; it has been a privilege and honor to serve on the Waipahu neighborhood board. If re-elected I would be honored to serve our neighborhood once again.


HEROLAGA, Connie Pagente

The daughter of a plantation worker, I was born and raised in Waipahu.  I recently retired from the office of Councilman Nestor Garcia.  I have served on the Waipahu Neighborhood Board #22 for the past 8 years.  I would be honored to receive your support and vote so that I may continue to serve our community of Waipahu.

PARAYNO, Ilalo Bautista

I served as a Waipahu Neighborhood Board member for the last 4 years. I would like your support to continue serving.  I have committed my time, efforts and ideas to work with our community in its positive development and growth.  I will strive in formulating policies and solutions for the improvement of our Waipahu community.  I humbly ask for your vote!  Mahalo!


PASCUAL, Christina S.

Being able to help & serve my Waipahu community is very important to me & my family. We all live, work & play here as well. I have lived here for over 8 years & I am involved in the real estate business here. My children also attend the public schools here. I have been a long time member of St Joseph church & a member of El Sheddai. So I know the concerns that affect us here within our community.



I wish to continue helping seniors and disabled people and protecting children and pregnant women. Waipahu needs crosswalks, sidewalks, and more police protection. We need better bus service for all areas of Waipahu. Keep our infrastructure up to date - streets, water, electricity, and emergency sirens. Up to date trash collection. More activity by HPD's Weed and Seed Task Force.



Current member of this board with 12yrs of experience. Previously served as Treasurer, Vice Chair & Chair. Leader of Harbor View Neighborhood Security Watch team for 24yrs. Active with the Weed & Seed program since its inception. Serves as a volunteer Special Enforcement Officer for Honolulu Police Department (8yrs). Special areas of interest are public safety & traffic. Mahalo for you support.


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