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Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23

AT-LARGE    (11 Seats available)  

BERG, Tom B.

We have farmland in Ewa threatened, a monopoly on electricity, sewers and roads falling apart, schools promised air conditioning gone unabated. From the bio-hazard lab, to saving Ewa Air Field, simply go to my website to see my work:



Ewa Beach resident since 2000. Met & married my wife in Ewa BeachEwa NB member since August 2012. Community Preparedness, Public Safety, & Transportation are my focus issues for the Ewa Community. Volunteer with Ewa Beach Emergency Preparedness Committee & Hawaii Chapter Red Cross. 20+ years Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor. Retired Master Chief US Navy (24 years). LCC & UH West Oahu Graduate.



My name is Alex Bresslauer and I am seeking candidacy on the Ewa neighborhood board. I have been married to my wife, Gwenn, for over 11 years, and we have 4 children. Two of my children are in Pohakea Elementary.  I have served on a PTSO board for a school and now wish to serve on a neighborhood board. Ewa beach is where my heart is, and where I have purchased my home and where I work.


CAOILI, Cesar A.

I have been a resident of Ewa Beach since 1991. I am 61 years old. I wanted to serve in the Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board to have more diversity in the board and be able to serve the community in an expanded role. Thanks.


CORREA, Mary Esther

BA. Spch. Comm & teach cred. 1978 SJSU Cal Masters Educ. DOE retired High Sch. Teacher HI. Crt. Interpreter fed & state. Los Amigos dance Dir. 22 yrs, Hispanic Cultural Assoc. Pres. 20yrs. OLPH. Ch mem 25 yrs, & choir mem. 15 yrs. Fema emp. Comm. service. I would like to help imp. NB. We need to focus on comm. issues, 1st & foremost & implement Roberts Rules of Order & follow protocol!


DE JESUS, Ariel D.

As a board member I will continue to improve and encourage our residences so that our community can be in a safe and healthy environment. I am currently working as Community Service Aide w/ Elderly Affairs Div. C&C Honolulu, a Volunteer for Dept. of Emergency Management as a Reservist for over 20+ years, owns a Specialty Lights Solutions, LLC. Board Member in 2008 & Board Chair until June 2013.



I COME TO SERVE. Let me introduce myself; I am Kurt Fevella and I am running for No.23 (Iroquois Pt. /Ewa Beach/Puuloa/West Loch Fairways). For over 25 years, I have proudly served the Ewa Beach Community as a volunteer & leader. My family and I would like the opportunity to take that service to the next level.


GOLLNER, John Kane


HARTSELL, Ernest Joe

I have lived on the Ewa plain for 27 years.  I am a retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer and a retired Civil Service Lab Administrator, from the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.  I am currently serving on the board and wish to continue serving the people of Ewa Beach. I would like to use my 40 plus years of leadership and administrative experience to help shape the community. 


KNAUER, Steve "Kia'iola"

Over 40yrs of community service in public safety-Over 45yrs teaching youth in aquatic sports & recreation- Over 50yrs of volunteer community service (environmental & non-profits)- Spearheaded communitys effort that saved Ewa Library & brought Safeway Shopping Center to Ewa- Got C/C to restore Paki Hale @ Kapiolani Park- Our community- Our board- Our Ohana- It would be my honor to serve again.


LYNN, Coby


LYNN, Eileen M.



Ewa Beach resident for 9 years. Married for 33 years to wife Susan; 3 children Matthew-31, Philip-27, Amanda-12; Retired Navy Command Master Chief-27 years; Ewa Beach School Community Council Member-8 years; Community Association President-3 years; Local Businessman 8 years.


STEINER, Roslynn L.

My name is Roslynn Steiner and I have been a resident of Ewa Beach since 2008. I am active in school, church and political organizations. As a board member I will continue to support and improve our community and encourage our residences so that Ewa Beach can continue to flourish in a safe and healthy environment for today and future generations to come.



Born and raised in Ewa Beach. Graduated from Campbell High School in 2000. Studied in Salamance Spain in 2006 where I got a Spanish degree and my AA degree from UH at Manoa. I love kids and where I come from EWA BEACH. I feel that it is time for a change with our neighborhood board. We need to have true Ewa Beach People that live in Ewa Beach their whole life to take care of our community.




TYNANES, Mitchell M. M.

My name is Mitchell Tynanes. I have always been proud to call Ewa Beach my home. I am currently a member of the Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board and had previously served as chairman. I am also a member of the Ewa Beach Lions Club & the Ewa Weed & Seed steering committee. I have been active in the community with restoration & beautification projects, food drives & distributions, & keiki mentoring.



Member of the Mililani Neighborhood Board #25 for 14 years. Moved to Ewa Beach in 2011. Familiar with environmental issues: Hazardous Waste Manager Barber's Point NAS, Community Co-Chair for the Restoration Advisory Board that dealt with the oil/fuel pipeline between Wheeler Army Air Base and Hickam Air Force Base.  Love living in Ewa Beach, want to make a positive contribution to my new home.









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