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Wahiawa-Whitmore Village Neighborhood Board No. 26

AT-LARGE   (9 Seats available)  

AU, Alesia

Board Member. Wahiawa born & raised. I'm aware of the history, culture and progress of our town and state. I would like to be a part of the Wahiawa-Whitmore NB to help strengthen the community, bringing out the beauty Wahiawa has to offer. I'm the Co-Chair of The Wahiawa Pineapple Festival, Producer of The Jazz Festival @ The Wahiawa Pineapple Festival and member of The Wahiawa Historical Society.



Committed to serve & brings transformation to Wahiawa addressing neighbor & government concerns & problems. A former neighborhood board member. Maui- Founder & Director humanitarian organization Surfing the Nations. Senior Manager of Surfers Coffee Bar. Wahiawa- Former member of neighborhood police commission Maui- Traveled to over 80 nations as a peacemaker helping resolve personal conflicts.


BUTELLA, Michael

Resident of Wahiawa over 40yrs. Wife & I work here. Actively involved in NHB meetings. Work hard to keep Wahiawa "Country"; maintain our open spaces, green trees, and low skyline. Create smoother traffic flow. Ideas regarding our bridges, 3rd entrance to area. Plan actual affordable housing for middleclass. Help community by helping homeless. Enough burger joints. Encourage locally owned business.



Born, raised, & live in Wahiawa. Grad from Leilehua High c/o 78 & Univ of San Fran c/o 82. Mbr of Our Lady Of Sorrows Catholic Church & Kaahumanu Society. Wahiawa is great to grow up in & I can attest that many good & industrial people have roots here.  I would like to participate in the NB to ensure that decisions that affect our comm. are desirable by the comm. & not just for the wrong reasons.



Aloha Kakou,  I humbly ask for your continued kokua and vote for another term as a member of the Wahiawa/Whitmore Village Neighborhood Board No. 26.  I will continue to work in the tradition of Hawaiian value of Laulima - to work together and in cooperation; so, that our Community, and City can be stronger.  O wau iho no ha'ha'a. (Humbly yours),  Dean Kapuni Harvest. 


My family roots go three and four generations deep into the red dirt of this town I call home. I LOVE WAHIAWA! That's why it's such a joy and a privilege to serve you as Chair of the WWV NB26. Our meetings are topical and timely, focusing on issues that directly impact our community and your families. You've responded and attendance has doubled! I hope to continue serving you in this manner. Mahalo!


KAMA, Glory Ann L.


KOCH, Silvia Manley

Lifelong Wahiawa resident. School counselor and Chaminade Instructor. My passion is for the people of Wahiawa, especially the youth & elderly. We need to better our schools and increase business and agricultural opportunities so people have jobs. We need to support our Kupuna by providing affordable housing and assisted living places. Please allow me to serve you on the neighborhood board. Mahalo.




LEE, Mary Jane

Vote and participate to make NB #26 an active representative of its residents. Help me to continue to be a sounding voice. Please vote for a graduate of LHS, UH, and Columbia.



Wahiawa is a very special place. The people are the best and the weather is great. We can all be proud to be from Wahiawa. It is an old town and has a number of needs both in its infrastructure and in modernizing our town facilities. We must work with the State, City and County to fix our roads and to improve our park for events like the Pineapple Festival.


TERRY, Mark D.

I have lived in Hawaii for 21 years.  I have served on two neighborhood boards.  On one board, I served as Vice Chairman and later as Chairman.  I believe the neighborhood boards serve a very useful function in speaking for the public to the elected officials.


TOYAMA, Christopher A.

I feel that I am qualified for this position because I am a very passionate and outspoken person. I am a competent communicator and a confident public speaker. I am currently a member of Global Messengers for Special Olympics Toastmasters which is a program that helps to increase your self-confidence, to become a better speaker, to become a better leader, and to communicate more effectively.









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