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Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31

SUBDISTRICT 01     (3 Seats available)             

CLANCEY, Shannon Marie

I support keeping Kailua a Sustainable Community and safe. I would like to be on Kailua Neighborhood Board. I volunteer by organizing beach clean ups in Kailua, teaching Jr Lifeguard Classes, and formed Kailua Citizen's Beach Patrol. I am an Ocean Safety Officer with the C&C of Honolulu for 16 years now. I have my graduate degree from HPU in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development.


JACKSON, Douglas K.

Active member of the Kailua community for the last 21 years. Recently retired after 27 years as an Army Colonel. In my last position as the Chief of Staff I was responsible for 600+ full time employees, 80 million dollar budget, and facilities across the State. Currently I am a high school teacher with HI DOE. I am seeking placement on the Neighborhood Board so I can continue serve my community.


LIPTON, Levani

Preserving the integrity of our community for families and residents is important to me. I grew up in Kailua and care deeply for our community and the preservation of our 'aina. Working in education, public health and with social enterprises has shaped my approach to community based problem solving and grassroots organizing. I hope to serve on the neighborhood board to ensure your voice is heard.



I grew up in Kailua, graduated from Kalaheo, and am now raising my children here. I work at the UH Medical School.  I am concerned about the transformation of Kailua to be a resort destination rather than a residential town.  Being on the board has enabled me to learn of problems experienced by residents, and of impending legislation which seeks to undermine zoning and environmental protections.



Active in environmental and quality of life issues in Kailua for the past 37 years. My interest is in keeping our town a low-rise, safe, family-oriented residential community, our beach parks free of commercial activities, and Kawai Nui Marsh protected.


SUBDISTRICT 02     (5 Seats available) 


Serving you on the Kailua Neighborhood Board as Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee; we are committed to improving on our City parks, and I would like to finish the good work we started.  Please return me. Mahalo for your support.


HICKS, William M.

I love Kailua and will work hard for our community. I served 30 years in the Navy including CO of a submarine here. We've lived in Kailua 19 of the last 27 years, our children attended Kailua schools, and I'm an elder at our church. It's been an honor to serve on the KNB since 2011. I believe needs are best known and solved at the local level--by people who love Kailua and pledge to work together.



17-year Board member, current Board Chair, active protecting Kailua's residential life style, Kailua Beach, Kawainui Marsh, & Kailua low-rise, slow-growth planning & zoning. Member State Environmental Council and Keep It Kailua. Retired City Manager, City Planner & Pilot Hi. National Guard, decorated Vietnam Veteran. I would appreciate the privilege of continuing to serve Kailua.

SUBDISTRICT 03    (4 Seats available) 




Resident of Kailua for 20 years. I am married to my best friend & high school sweetheart for 26 years now. As a home school mom, I love to teach my children the great value of being an active, responsible community member. I enjoy serving my community and the residents of Maunawili by being a member of the Kailua NB and I look forward to serving you another term. Thank you for your support.



It's important for Board Members to be positive, optimistic and to enjoy the work they do on the Board. No big pay like State legislators...but still a vital function to perform. And maybe some day...who knows...maybe George Clooney will come to one of the meetings.  But then again...


WONG, Donna

I am seeking reelection to the Kailua Neighborhood board so that I can continue working to maintain Kailua's small town residential lifestyle, keep our beaches and ocean accessible to the public, retain valuable open space, preserve and protect Kawainui Marsh and continue working on the Koolaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan and the Oahu General Plan.


SUBDISTRICT 04    (7 Seats available) 


Master's UH Engineering School. Owner Kailua Engineering Business. Kailua homeowner for 29 years with children graduated from Kailua public schools and living in Kailua. Larry Bartley desires to bring his deep concern, expertise, energy and common sense to the population density, crowding, crime, illegal vacation rentals, traffic, and infrastructure problems facing Kailua.



Born and raised in Kailua 11-29-44.  Graduate of Kailua High School in 1963.  Served in Hawaii National Guard for 4 years.  Served in US Army 7 years and medically retired.  Retired DOD in 2004.


DARNELL, Matthew John

Having a family of four living in Kailua, I, like you, enjoy the privilege of enjoying the many things the windward side has to offer - beautiful beaches, parks, fantastic public schools, an escape from the hustle and bustle of town and the great people.  If I am elected to serve I will focus on things to keep Kailua the Kailua we have grown to love.  Thank you for your vote.


DUDEVOIR, Douglas Robert

I came to Kailua in 2000 as the CFO of Tripler and fell in love with this unique community. I have served on the Neighborhood Board for 2 years and pressed for enforcement of the law (e.g., illegal vacation rentals), school vouchers (i.e., give everyone the advantages my kids had), stopping sewage spills and other issues that can be solved by more efficient government not bigger government.



I feel it my civic duty to interact with my neighbors and participate in the future of the Kailua community.  I like to be proactive rather than reactive when issues arise that affects me and my neighbors.  I am an active attendee at the Kailua Neighborhood board meetings, but would like to have a more robust role in assisting the community when issues directly affect our quality of living.



I am running for Neighborhood Board where the incumbent has held the position for over eleven years.  I promise to represent you and keep you informed if elected. I own and operate my own Real Estate Brokerage, President of Manana Low Income Housing (60 Condos) and former member of the Ethics Complaints Review Board at the Honolulu Board of Realtors.




TOMASA, Claudine

Current KNB member - 20 yrs. Organized and worked with Local Residents, Businesses, Churches, and Elected Officials & Government Agencies towards making Kailua recognized as a Tsunami Ready Community by NOAA's National Weather Service. If re-elected, I plan to keep Kailua a Resilient Community, promote grass root participation in government, & protect Kailua's natural environment. Thank you.



I have lived in Hawaii 39yrs, 6yrs in Kailua; my businesses have been in Aikahi Park and Kapaa Quarry for 20yrs. I am experience as a community activist (Livable Hawaii Kai Hui and the Ka Iwi Coalition) and this tells me that the Kailua NB is the first line of defense. I will also put the community first in all areas from schools, roads, waterways & vehicular traffic, to water and sewage concerns.




Last Reviewed: Friday, April 05, 2013