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Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neigh. Board No. 34

AT-LARGE         (9 Seats available)  

CAPELOUTO, Dean Kalani

22 Year Navy Veteran, Small Business Owner, Part Hawaiian, ran for State Senate in 2012 and obtained 3600 plus votes from this community. Masters Degree.  19 year resident of Makakilo. Conservative tired of watching our community and environment be the dumping ground for Oahu. The current neighborhood board majority refuses to hold our elected officials accountable and it is time for a change.



I am once again asking for your vote to represent our growing community. As a taxpayer, community leader and a small business owner, I am consistently reminding our State's political leaders to be honest to the people they're serving.  Government leaders must be accountable, stop promising and stop the lip service. Safety First: Makakilo Extension Road.        


Aloha I was born & raised here; pilot in Hawaii Guard; graduate of St. Louis & UH with a Masters in Public Admin; chair of the MKH Board & Board of Directors Watercolors Makakilo. I will provide a cooperative & collaborative voice to better our community; truly believe the board's function is to serve our community & look forward to continually work with all of you.  I'll be honored with your vote.


In Dr. Dudley's 14 yrs. on this Board, he has always been a strong voice for our people and our quality of life, and a strong voice for the 'aina - the land. A Makakilo home-owner since 1969. Active at St. Jude's. Pres., Friends of Makakilo. Chair, Save O'ahu Farmlands Alliance. Retired teacher/professor. Named by Star Bulletin as One of Ten Who Made a Difference in the State of Hawaii in 2009.


HEALY, Jeff T.

I'm not a politician but an ordinary citizen. I've lived in Makakilo for 10 years. My kids all graduated from Kapolei High. I was in the Army for 13 years and now serve in the Air Force Reserves. I'm a small business owner. I volunteer as the team physician for Kapolei High football. Our neighborhood can become even better through individual responsibility, community cooperation and common sense.



Current board member of NB 34- First Vice-Chair and Chair of Planning & Zoning Committee. Active in the community: Past President of Filipino Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Kapolei City Lions Club, Knights of Columbus. Ethics Instructor and Policy Governance Advisor for the Honolulu Board of Realtors. Member of St Jude's Choir. Thank you for your past support. I humbly ask for your vote.


LUCAS, Julie

I've lived in Makakilo for 18 years. Daughter started at Makakilo Baptist preschool and just graduated from KHS. My home has many neighbors passing by on foot, so I talk to many people on a regular basis. What we all have in common is our community; most don't have the time to spare to serve us. I do, so if I can help I'll make the commitments to this board position and our neighborhood.


MACEY, James W.

James W Macey is a retired Naval Officer with 27 years service in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Macey has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Mr. Macey has been as resident of Makakilo since 2000 and is very active in the community.


O'NALE, Eugene Kevin

Aloha; I am a six year resident of Makakilo following a 25 year career in the Air Force. I am a Department of Defense civilian, Treasurer for the M-K Neighborhood Board and on the Board of Advisors for a Native Hawaiian Organization.  I am seeking to serve my community and find collegial ways to enhance its cultural, civic, and economic development.



Results oriented, service focused, problem solving, and proactive leader with experience in community program management, advocacy, facilitating, and training.  Built effective teams, developed strategic plans, delivered nationally recognized public health information programs. Recognized communication, speaking, and writing skills.



The current composition of the board includes a disparity where Kapolei continues to be under-represented.  I humbly ask for your vote and will continue to provide balanced discussion on the issues facing our community.  Graduate of the Kamehameha Schools and UH Manoa.  OIF 08-09 veteran.  Currently employed at the Legislature.  Mahalo!


SIMAO, Leslie


SOUZA, Evelyn E.

The health, safety and welfare of our community are of paramount importance. As an incumbent member of the Neighborhood Board and a vested 40+ resident, I'm committed to tackle issues that impact/benefit each home and business in our city. My vast experience in the Kapolei School Complex, HCDA and as a City Council District Liaison allows me insight to these matters and I will serve you well.



Thad's bio: Hawai'i resident, 10 years; Makakilo resident, 5 years; founder (2010) & coordinator of Neighborhood Security Watch for Wai Kalo'i; director, Wai Kalo'i's Board of Directors, 3 years; Treasurer, 2 years; member, Grace Pacific's Makakilo Quarry Community Advisory Group, 3 years. Visit for full bio, to contact me, etc. I respectfully ask for your vote. Mahalo!


YOUNG, Linda

Current board member since 1997. Employed by Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard as a training instructor. Resident since 1994. Very CONCERNED and INVOLVED with community issues to improve the quality of life and future for all. Dedicated to work toward quality education and responsible growth.



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