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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Commissioner Sylvia Young called the meeting to order at 11:40 a.m.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Sylvia Young and Robert “Bob” Finley.




GUESTS: Bob Narita, Tom Heinrich, Ron Lockwood, Denise Saylors, (Neighborhood Commission Office).


APPROVAL OF APRIL 29, 2009 COMMITTEE MINUTES: The April 29, 2009 Budget Committee meeting minutes were APPROVED AS CURCULATED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT (2-0-0).




Tom Heinrich expressed his Appreciation to the Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) for sending their report to the Neighborhood Commission Budget Committee.


Bob Finley raised the topic of the “Permitted Interaction Group Report on Budget” and suggested that August of 2009 be the deadline to comment.  Finley asked Denise Saylors if having this deadline to comment worked for the City and County budget cycle.  Saylors’ reply was, yes, since budget building for the next fiscal year starts around September.


Heinrich suggested, to better serve communities, that government agencies and departments could work in partnership with the Neighborhood Boards.  For instance, the Department of Planning and Permitting could work with Planning, Zoning and Permitting committees.  Mr. Heinrich said he would put his suggestion in writing and send it to Finley.


Ron Lockwood stated that in the past, the Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission Office would provide Neighborhood Board monthly statement budget information to all the Neighborhood Boards.  That would allow all the Boards to see what money had been spent and what money was available.  Lockwood suggested that the budget for, e.g., publicity, not be divided among the Boards, but rather kept in one pool and the NCO use this fund to secure the best prices for videographers for all the Boards.  The premise being that NCO could obtain volume discounts.  Lockwood reminded the group that the audit of the Neighborhood Board system was critical of the Boards not spending all that they had been allotted.


Chair Young thanked Lockwood for his ideas and reminded the group that the report that came from the Cost Savings PIG was simply a collection of brainstormed ideas that were being made available as suggestions. 


Lockwood mentioned that budget summits used to be held and Finley suggested that a budget summit could be part of the Conference of Chairs meeting.  Chair Young added it would be good to have a Conference of Chairs in August.


Heinrich spoke about Neighborhood Boards meeting in a few centralized locations, e.g., Windward Boards could meet at a Windward Olelo facility.  Lockwood strongly supported this idea.


Finley moved, and Young seconded, to present the “Permitted Interaction Group Report on Budget” to the Neighborhood Commission at its next meeting.  (Report attached.)  The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 2-0-0.


Heinrich stated that he’d like to see the Neighborhood Commission take more initiative and be less reactive.


Lockwood took this moment to remind the group that Lynn Matusow has previously advocated that Neighborhood Boards be completely on their own and not be attached to any government agency or branch.


Finley moved and Young seconded that the Neighborhood Commission Budget Committee meet in August, 2009, to consider comments made about the PIG budget report, and in September, the Budget Committee will make a report to the Neighborhood Commission.  In discussion, Finley said this would allow the Neighborhood Commission to vote on the matter in October 2009.  The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 2-0-0.


Finley moved and Young seconded to have the “Permitted Interaction Group Report on Budget” placed on the NCO website, with a message (attached) to accompany the report. In discussion of the motion, Young and Finley asked that the NCO send an e-mail to the Neighborhood Board Chairs alerting them to the report, asking for their comments.  Young and Finley agreed not to put a deadline to comment in the message nor in the e-mail, because even though early comments would be helpful, later comments will also be considered.  The comments should be addressed to the Neighborhood Commission Budget Committee, and if possible, sent via the NCO.  Young and Finley added that thought should be given to mentioning this report at the upcoming installation.  The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 2-0-0.


Lockwood suggested that pros and cons of the ideas provided in the “Permitted Interaction Group Report on Budget” be a part of the next Conference of Chairs.  Heinrich added he wants to make a spreadsheet of the comments made about the suggestions in the “Permitted Interaction Group Report on Budget”.  Young agreed that this report should be a part of the Conference of Chairs. 


Young moved and Finley seconded to dissolve the PIG.  The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 2-0-0.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.



Submitted by:


Denise Saylors

Community Relations Specialist

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 19, 2011