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Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board No. 1

AT-LARGE (4 Seats available)


A retired teacher & therapist, I have lived in Hawaii Kai 28yrs. Concerns about development, open spaces, traffic & safety led to getting involved. The NB is a means of facilitating communication between residents & government agencies & officials. After 21/2 terms, I now better understand how the varied agencies interact & how best to present community wishes & concerns. May I continue?


IWASA, Natalie

Aloha Neighbors!  Many people know me as Bike Mom, but I have been active with many other issues as well as those related to bicycling.  I share concerns people have with preserving our open space, stockpiling of debris in Kamilonui Valley and the horrendous state of our roadways.  I am a CPA, wife and proud mother of two boys and would like to continue serving you as a member of the HKNB.


It's been my privilege to serve on the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board since 2001 and as Chair since 2007. I'm working to limit development, promote quality education, improve traffic, protect our environment and scenic treasures, and build community pride. Former DOE communications director (1993-2008), and State House candidate (2000). University of Hawaii, MA-Communications. Mahalo for your vote!


PUHEK, L. John

DOB: 12/18/1949, Cebu City Philippines. US citizen living in So Cal since '57. Relocated from Carlsbad, Ca 09/20/2012. BSBA '85, U of Red. CA real estate lic since '86. Owned & managed several RE offices. Prior career as Resp. Therapist. HI real estate owner since '00; Hi Kai since 2005.  I intend for Oahu & State of HI to benefit from my life experiences in real estate, management & healthcare.


REILLY, Elizabeth

Incumbent member & vice-chair for the past year. Active in community projects such as Keawawa Wetland & Hawea Heiau Complex. Active in upholding the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan & works w/ the MC Foundation, LHK Hui, Ka Iwi Coalition & Kamilonui farmers. She encourages people to get connected & stay informed on all things which shape the fabric of community. Mahalo for your support!


SUBDISTRICT 01 (1 Seat available)                                           

CLARK, Robert Edward

Board member since 1993. Director of Hawaii Kai Marina Association. Retired CEO running engineering companies throughout the world. Derive satisfaction in helping to preserve the character of Hawaii Kai.


SUBDISTRICT 02 (1 Seat available)                                            

GREY, Marian J.

I've enjoyed serving on Board and would like to continue. Local government is best when it hears its citizens, and that is what happens at our Neighborhood Bd. Elected Officials or their representatives' listen to those they govern. In East Oahu, there's a threat of development and zone changes that could forever change our neighborhood. I want to support preserving open land.


SUBDISTRICT 03  (1 Seat available)                                           

  MAKINO, Carl H.

Worked with elected and public officials to restore bus service to district; got city to conduct periodic maintenance of drainage canal; improvements to sidewalks; maintenance of parks.


SUBDISTRICT 04 (1 Seat available)     


Full time resident of Hawaii Kai since 2008. My work experience has been local law enforcement and family law courts of Orange County, CA. I am currently an active supporter of Samoyed Rescue of Southern California. I have enjoyed meeting many of the residents in my district. I am applying for a second full term on the board having joined the board when a seat in my district was opened.  


SUBDISTRICT 05 (1 Seat available)    

NII, Judy

Incumbent board member and a long time resident and 2nd generation farmer in Kamilo Nui Valley. The protection of agriculture and action towards increasing food sustainability and protection of open space and natural resources are vital.  The East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan is an important tool in decision making for our community. 



Born and educated in the Netherlands.  Lived in Hawaii for over 40 years. Now retired from Pan Am Airways.


SUBDISTRICT 06 (1 Seat available)     

PARKER, Carol A.

Aloha. I have lived in Hawaii Kai for over 7 years.  I have a strong interest in higher education and building strong small and home-based businesses to strengthen our community.  I support establishment of a college and a community/senior center in the Hawaii Kai area. I have over 30 yrs business, administrative, and academic experience. I look forward to serving the citizens of Hawaii Kai.



I would like to continue as your representative on the Hawaii Kai NB & humbly ask for your vote. As a resident of the Hawaii Kai community since 1971 I would like to continue my efforts towards keeping Hawaii Kai a beautiful place to live, work & play. As a recent retiree from the HPD (32yrs of service) I will direct my time & efforts towards representing you on the Hawaii Kai NB. Mahalo & Aloha


SUBDISTRICT 07 (1 Seat available)     

MONK, Amy Y.

I am a retired Foreign Service management officer and have served on the Neighborhood Board since 2009.


SUBDISTRICT 08 (1 Seat available)   


I am currently serving on the Neighborhood Board and would like to continue doing so.


SUBDISTRICT 09 (1 Seat available)     

TANABE, David C.

A current member of the board, I have enjoyed serving the community in this capacity for several years/terms now. I value the concept and ideals of the Board and its ability to serve as a venue for citizen concern and civic participation. I thank you for your consideration and your support in the past. I will be humbly grateful to continue to serve as a representative voice on this Board. Aloha.


SUBDISTRICT 10 (1 Seat available)

MAYOR, Roberta

Aloha. I have served on the board since 2010 and want to continue representing the interests of my neighborhood. I am a retired educator, having served as a teacher, principal and superintendent in HI and CA for 41 years. I am a good listener, consider all viewpoints, and can make reasoned decisions on issues affecting our neighborhood. I would greatly appreciate your continued support. Thank you.


SUBDISTRICT 11 (1 Seat available)      

ALTONN, Paige K.

As a current member of the HKNB, I have witnessed goodwill between neighbors and seen local politics at its best. I have seen 2 parties on opposite sides of an issue come together for resolution and for the good of all, and have loved every part of it. I would love to continue to be a part of this great and needed entity and to continue to represent my neighborhood and community.

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