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1)      Who can vote?

Answer: Residents on the eligible voter list (those who voted in the 2012 State elections or those who submitted a NB voter registration form before February 15, 2013) will be notified thru the mail on how to access their digital ballot IF there is a contested race in their area. If you did not receive a passcode in the mail, you either are not a registered voter with the City and County of Honolulu or there was not a contested race in your area.


2)      What is a digital ballot?

Answer: Digital ballots can be accessed thru an internet connection or a touch tone phone. Eligible voter will receive a unique passcode that they will need to enter along with the last four digits of the social security number in order to log in. The system is safe and secure and protects the identity of the voter. Visit for more information on digital voting.


3)      How do I find out what Board area I live in?

Answer: There is a street index posted online at:  Assistance is also available by calling 768-3717.          


4)      When will the Board elections take place?

Answer: The election is slated to begin April 26, 2013 and end May 17, 2013.


5)      When will the results be announced?

Answer: The results are traditionally released no later then 7 days following the end of voting.


6)      How often do Neighborhood Boards get elected?

Answer: Neighborhood Boards are elected every two years, in odd numbered years.


7)      Why doesn't NCO hold elections in conjunction with the State elections?

            Answer:  The State has opined that the neighborhood boards may not be permitted into the state's polling places during the conduct of  

            state or county elections.

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 30, 2013