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MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013 



CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Sylvia Young called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Members Present – Robert “Bob” Finley, Wilson “Kekoa” Ho, Jeanette Nekota, Robert “Bob” Stubbs, Claire Tamamoto (Arrived at 7:09 p.m.), Sylvia Young, and Charles Zahn.


Members Absent – Loryn Guiffre and Kathleen Pahinui.


Guests – Bert Narita and Barbara Miller (Members, Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5), T. Biesecker (Member, Aiea Neighborhood Board No. 20), Ron Lockwood (Chair, McCully-Mo’ili’ili Neighborhood Board No. 8), Jame Schaedel (Member, Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board No. 34), Laura Yoshida (Corporation Counsel), Romeo Garcia (Acting Executive Secretary), Bryan Mick, Cesar Bonilla and Wendy Matsukado (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


ROLL CALL OF COMMISSIONERS, ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM – A roll call established a QUORUM of six (6) present.   




Regular Meeting Minutes – The meeting minutes of January 28, and February 25, 2013 have been deferred.


Executive Session Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2013 – Deferred to later in the meeting.




Convening Neighborhood Boards (NB) July 4, 2013 – Ron Lockwood wanted to remind the Neighborhood Commission (NC) about the initial convening of the 2013 NBs that have their first meeting on the 4th of July holiday. As noted, the preceding NBs cannot take any decision for the incoming new board, and therefore, any action can only be determined by the NC. Chair Young thanked Lockwood for the reminder and added that the NC will be addressing the matter.   


Convening NBs Without Quorum – Lockwood also suggested an item that should be discussed before the Neighborhood Plan (NP) Committee mentioned boards that cannot convene their first meeting due to the lack of quorum. Mick noted that Manoa NB No. 7 is the only board that lacks quorum going into the new term. The NP committee will look at that recommendation and the NC would add to the next meeting agenda.     




Update on Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) Organization and Staffing – Romeo Garcia reported there are currently three (3) vacancies; two (2) neighborhood assistants (NA), and the executive secretary (ES); a new NA will be starting on April 1, 2013. While the Caldwell administration continues to go through its interviewing process, your patience is appreciated.  


Questions, comments and concerns followed:  


1.       Staff Reassignments – Staff reassignments to include the office clerks and secretary were deemed necessary in the effort to help alleviate the burden due to multiple vacant NA positions. The Public Relations Assistant (PR) position was recently filled by Cesar Bonilla who is currently in-training, and will be assigned to the Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale NB No. 34. At this time, Cesar Bonilla introduced himself.


Finley wanted to entertain a motion to have Chair Young communicate with the Mayor and Managing Director in the effort to help the transition team with the selection process for the NCO. However, the Chair did try to communicate with the administration on this matter, but there was no response from anyone in the Mayor’s administration.    


Update on Neighborhood Board Installation Ceremony – Garcia reported that the Mission Memorial Auditorium (MMA) had been reserved for Saturday, June 22, 2013. However, efforts are directed at looking for a larger venue.


There was concern why the Commissioners were not polled for the June 22, 2013 date. Mick replied that the June 22, 2013 date was the only date available for the MMA venue, and that the Mayor was the only one polled at that time. Traditionally, the timeframe is approximately 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and includes the orientation, training and the installation ceremony.  


Tamamoto arrived at 7:09 p.m. during the above portion of the meeting; Seven (7) members present.


Update on Status of 2013 Neighborhood Board Election Process – Mick reported the process is moving forward and actually a little ahead of schedule. The voter file was forwarded tonight to the vendor to generate the pass codes. Mick hopes to get the file back within the next couple days to get started on the website testing.   


Questions, comments, and concerns followed: 


  1. Picture / Profile – The pictures and profiles of all the candidates are definitely a cost consideration. However, the pictures and profiles were posted on the NCO website for all contested and uncontested races. In addition, the NCO will also publish in the newspaper the names of all the winners of the contested races along with the names of those in the uncontested races as well.


  1. Clarification – For clarification, only residents living in contested sub district areas would be able to vote in that sub district.     


Update on Status of Pending Complaints – Mick announced that spreadsheets of the complaints for all the years were included in the Commission packet. It included the existing complaints and an update of the complaints for 2012/2013.


The spreadsheet copies were somehow mixed during printing and not in chronological order, therefore, this agenda item was deferred to a subsequent meeting.


Update on Orientation, Training, and Certification Classes for Neighborhood Board Members – Mick explained the following:


  • Sunshine Law (SL) Training – New members were contacted by email (if provided) or letter on the requirements of Sunshine Law training and certification; a system is in place to track the SL certifications.
  • Orientation – Orientation is part of the training that occurs the day of installation.
  • Training – Training was done with the Ewa NB No. 23, in particular. Once the new boards are in place, perhaps looking at offering parliamentary procedure training as well is a good idea.  


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Sunshine Law Training – It was asked if Sunshine Law training would be provided on the day of installation. Mick noted even if the Office of Information Practices (OIP) could not provide staff to give the training, the video could always be provided which would satisfy the training requirement.


  1. Ethics Training – Ethics training is different from Sunshine Law training, and is not a requirement for NB members to satisfy. There were commissioners of other boards and commissions invited to join the NCOs SL training on installation day, and required to attend an Ethics training that day as well, but not NB members. Mick will have to check when NC ethics training will be scheduled. 


  1. Videotape Training Session – The importance of training was emphasized and the thought of video taping the session would be instrumental for members who are unable to attend the session.   


  1. Training Classes – It’s been talked about having the NCO do training classes to inform the NBs of the board’s budget, planning and preparing the board’s meeting agenda, and procedures and requirements that need to be followed to make for a smoother meeting, than what is being seen today.


  1. Budget Guidebook – Year’s ago, a budget and a board member guidebook was provided to NB members. It was questioned if it would be provided for the new term members. Mick did not know it had been incorporated into the guidebook. It is a good idea, but it had not been publicized yet. 


  1. Introduction to Ethics – It was suggested that an introduction on Ethics from Chuck Totto be done to encourage and remind city employees who are also members on NBs that there is a fine line when members are in multiple capacities. It was believed that it was neither the responsibility nor the role of Chuck Totto to give the NB members an ethics introduction. Mick noted that Mr. Totto was offered if he would be interested but he declined. Mick also noted that there are many parts of the City Ethics laws that are now reflected in the NP now, and it should be brought up during the training with the NCO. 


  1. Guidebook – It was reiterated that people come from different backgrounds but if there is a desire and willingness serve their community, it should be a priority to have a guidebook for members to reference otherwise this could be a handicap.  


  1. Comment – A comment was whether the NAs had gone through Ethics training and if so, should they not be qualified to interject at the NB meetings. All NAs have gone through ethics training.


Update on Status of the Guide Book – Mick noted that following the elections, he would like to get starting working on the NP, the guidebook and the complaints; but this is all subject to the incoming Executive Secretary.


Comments followed:


  1. Orientation Packet – A comment was made that years back on installation day, copies of the NP, the Guidebook, and the Budget Guidebook were given to all NB members in a packet. It was questioned if anything is in the works to get copies of the NP ready. Mick noted it’s more doable by the first meeting of the NB; there are slight changes to be made, and is relatively easy to do. 


  1. NP Amendments – Listings of the NP amendments are online however, not all the amendments are included in the NP.


  1. Packet Request – A request was made to advise the new ES that the NC feels very strongly about getting the NP, the Guidebook and Budget Guidebook ready for distribution if not by the day of the swearing in ceremony, then by the initial convening of the new board term.


  1. Request for Clarification – The responsibility lies in the hands of the ES and the NCO to update and make any changes necessary to the guidebook, consistent with the NP. Although an ES has yet to be appointed, it is the duty of the acting ES to full fill the duties and responsibilities of the ES in their absence; or in this case, where an ES has yet to be appointed.


  1. Guidebook on the Website – It was noted that there is a 2007 version of the guidebook on the website which was in effect when Joan Manke was the ES, during the Hannemann administration. However, there have been a number of changes that need to be updated. There is a section that includes the budget.


  1. Cost Effective – It was reiterated that instead of using paper to print the NP, the NB Guidebook, and Budget Guidebook, members be polled as to whether they would like a hard copy or a CD. It would be cost effective to disseminate on a large scale, rather than the cost of printing and the paper. It was also highly recommended to involve old time board chairs, to give input for the guidebook.




Elections Committee – Status update was given earlier by the NCO.


Finance Committee – No report.


Neighborhood Plan Committee – No report.



Report on Status of Ewa Neighborhood Board Sanctions – Mick reported that Kurt Fevela never completed his training. Action by the NB is pending regarding Fevela’s three (3) absences. Fevela is also running again in this election. The sanction goes until June 30, 2013 and the new board term begins July 2013.


Included in the Commissioners packet was the Monitoring Report of March 2013 submitted by Zahn. Of interest was Item 3a (v. & vi.), two (2) seats on the agenda to be retained or vacated. One (1) member was retained by a vote of 7 to 1; and the other seat, was extended by one (1) month by a vote of 7 to 1. However, Zahn could not find anything in the NP that allowed for extensions. It was also noted that there will be another vote initiated at their next meeting on this particular seat.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Total Membership – There are a total of 11 members on the Ewa NB, and six (6) members to establish a quorum. Member Hartsell was retained and member McCurley was extended for one (1) month, which is not part of the NP.


  1. Comment – Chair Young noted that the presiding officer said there were too many items on the agenda which hindered the board from having a smooth meeting and finishing on time. It was also noted that the meeting could have finished on time, however, a certain individual made multiple statements and comments on practically every single item. It was agreed that training is key. 


  1. Clarification Statement – Ariel DeJesus made the following clarifications: 1) The report generated by Commissioners would have been good information to share with the Ewa board members as well; however, the only report DeJesus received was the report from the presiding officer of that meeting. 2) Regarding the three (3) absences, the member who was extended the one (1) month had notified DeJesus previous to the night of the meeting of his intent to resign. That board member followed up with a resignation letter the day after the meeting. 3) It was also expressed that his agenda was not any different compared to previous agendas of this board and that he took the necessary steps to confirm the agenda items. 4) In addition, the obvious flow of the meeting is very lengthy when a certain individual attends the meeting, as compared to when he’s absent from the meeting. 4) Finally, DeJesus emphasized that not all NB’s are the same. But all NB’s should go through a training process of preparing an agenda.       


Report on Status of Nanakuli Neighborhood Sanction on James “Kimo” Kelii – Mick reported that Mr. Kelii had attended the NB meeting as a member of the public, and was not there as a board member due to a 60 day sanction initiated by the NC. A resolution from the committee Mr. Kelii had been chairing was also introduced.  


Zahn commented that committee reports were given, but he was not sure whether Mr. Kelii participated in those committee meetings or not. Although there were people there looking to Mr. Kelii to give the update on the Benefits Package, the update was given by the vice chair of the committee.  


Report on Evaluation Neighborhood Board Visitations – The evaluation report was included in the Commission packet. Zahn mentioned that the Nanakuli chair is trying to get the committees to be more responsible by getting their committee agendas/minutes circulated because in the past, there were no agendas and no minutes.


Reference was also made regarding a recommendation from a PIG (Permitted Interaction Group) committee which the chair denied action be taken because of the wording that was on the agenda. It was suggested that the NCO consider going over the rules for the PIG process and purpose. The Monitoring Report will be made part of the meeting minutes.


Appointment of Neighborhood Board Elections Chief Monitoring Officer – Chair Young gave the guideline information to Kaleokalani Kuroda. Kuroda’s name was submitted as a candidate for the NB Elections Chief Monitoring Officer. Kuroda is the Vice President in Strategic Planning and Analytics for HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. He is a certified CPA, experienced in election balloting as a CPA, and was employed by a National CPA firm. His resume was also made available to the Commissioners.


Tamamoto moved and Stubbs seconded to appoint Kaleokalani Kuroda as the Chief Monitoring Officer for the NB Elections. A brief discussion noted one (1) other candidate (A.J. Halagao) had been mentioned as a potential candidate. However, looking at Kuroda’s background and experience, the Commissioner’s were impressed. The motion was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 7-0-0 (Aye:  Finley, Ho, Nekota, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn). Chair Young shared the contact information with Mick.  


40th Anniversary of Neighborhood Board System:


·         Establishment of Permitted Interaction Group (PIG)Finley moved and Ho seconded to establish a PIG for the purpose of planning the 40th Anniversary of the Neighborhood Board System.   


·         Appointment of 4 PIG members among the commissioners (one less than quorum) – Chair Young appointed Loryn Guiffre (Chair), Jeanette Nekota, Bob Finley, and Sylvia Young (ex-officio). The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye: Finley, Ho, Nekota, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


·         Appointment of Advisors to the PIG – Chair Young added that the PIG would need assistance in planning and coordinating the event, therefore the following individuals have been appointed as advisors to the PIG as followed: Barbara Miller (NB No. 5), Ron Lockwood (NB No. 8), Kalene Shim-Sakamoto (former Commissioner), Marie Richardson (NCO), and to be announced at a later time an events coordinator, and a representative from the Mayor’s office.


·         Chair Young commented on her reasoning for the above selections which were well thought out and based on the different strengths and background each individual had to offer. A lot of that work had been started by Miller and Lockwood doing research. Hearing no objections, the appointment of the advisors were ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye: Finley, Ho, Nekota, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


Selection of Hearing Date for Complaint No. 2012-03 Golojuch Jr. vs. Schaedel/Souza – The selection for the hearing date was open for discussion. The Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale NB No. 34 meets on Wednesday, April 25, 2013. The options were to hold the hearing either before or after the NB meeting. The consensus opted for Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 6:30 p.m., Honolulu Hale (2nd Floor, Room 205).


The agenda was taken back to item 3B


Executive Session Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2013Finley moved and Tamamoto seconded to go into Executive Session to approve the Executive Session Meeting Minutes of February 25, 2013. The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye: Finley, Ho, Nekota, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


At this point, the audience was excused while the NC went into Executive Session for the approval of the ES Meeting Minutes of February 25, 2013.




  • The Neighborhood Commission’s next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Council Committee Meeting Room, Honolulu Hale, Room 205, 530 South King Street. 


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:41 p.m.

Recorded by,

Wendy Matsukado


Submitted by,

Marie Richardson,

Neighborhood Commission Office staff


Reviewed by

Bryan Mick and Sylvia Young


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, June 18, 2013