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Neighborhood Commission



WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 2013   



CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Sylvia Young called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.


Members PresentRobert “Bob” Finley, Wilson “Kekoa” Ho, Jeanette Nekota, Kathleen Pahinui (Arrived 6:34 p.m.), Robert “Bob” Stubbs, Claire Tamamoto (Arrived at 6:34 p.m.), Sylvia Young, and Charles Zahn.


Members AbsentLoryn Guiffre.


Guests – Bert Narita (Member, Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights Neighborhood Board No. 5), Martin Eby (Member, Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7), Kaleokalani Kuroda (Chief Monitoring Officer, Neighborhood Elections 2013), Laura Yoshida (Deputy, Corporation Counsel), Bryan Mick and Marie Richardson (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


ROLL CALL OF COMMISSIONERS:  A roll call of Commissioners established a quorum of six (6) present.




Presentation of the Certified 2013 Neighborhood Board System Election Results by Chief Elections Officer Bryan Mick to the Neighborhood Commission Pursuant to Section 2-17-309(a), Neighborhood Plan 2008 – Mick reported the following: 


  • Election Results – Everyone Counts provided a report with the results of the contested races that included the number of vote counts. The NCO also needed to include the results of the uncontested races which were not part of the data base that Everyone Counts was working with; however, the NCO were able to plug the contested race information into a spread sheet which was verified for accuracy by the Chief Elections Officer (Bryan Mick), the Elections Clerk (Catherine Edwards), and by the Chief Monitoring Officer (Kaleokalani Kuroda). This information was made available on online and a full page ad of the results was published in MidWeek.


Finley moved to accept the results as presented on the spreadsheet; Zahn seconded the motion. Discussion followed:  Chair Young asked Kuroda, the Chief Monitoring Officer, about his overall perspective of the election. Kuroda reported having participated in two (2) activities, the pre-election and post-election activities. The pre-election activity ensured that the system worked properly. Kuroda worked with the NCO staff to validate the test results of a test script that provided by Everyone Counts. This step validated that the results that were received were correct to what the test script had indicated. The post-election activity once the results were set, Kuroda received the two (2) documents. He also verified the NB districts and the candidates name was both received, that the elected official was transcribed properly in the spreadsheet, and he also confirmed that the candidate with the highest votes were verified and correctly named as the elected official for each of the NBs.


Finley called for the question; Pahinui seconded the motion. The motion was ADOPTED, 6-0-0 (Aye:  Finley, Ho, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


The motion to ACCEPT THE RESULTS AS PRESENTED ON THE SPREADSHEET WAS ADOPTED, 6-0-0 (Aye:  Finley, Ho, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).    


Appointment of qualified residents to fill vacancies on the Manoa Neighborhood Board due to lack of sufficient amount of members to achieve quorum following the 2013 election Pursuant to Section 2-14-104 (e), Neighborhood Plan 2008 – The Manoa NB No. 7 lacks the number of members necessary to obtain a quorum at the initial convening meeting to be held on July 3, 2013. The NC has to exercise their authority to appoint two members so the Manoa NB can establish a quorum to take necessary action on NB matters. The term for this appointment would be for the two year term July 2013 to June 2015.

Mick had been in contact with Manoa’s NB chair and there were two names submitted to the NC for consideration. These two members are currently on the Manoa NB and were both appointed at the November 2, 2012 regular meeting. In Sub district 4 (Lower Manoa) Keith Johnston was appointed, and in Sub district 3 (Central Manoa), Ingrid Friedberg was appointed. The two sub districts (3 and 4) have multiple vacancies in this upcoming term and therefore, by the NC taking action to appoint these two individuals does not preclude other potentials residents from the area from coming to fill a vacancy at the July 3, 2013 regular meeting. Should the NC appoint these two individuals tonight, it would put the NB at a total on nine (9) members which is quorum.     


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Comment – Martin Eby, member of the Manoa NB, responded that the individual Commissioner Zahn referred to did not opt to run for the NB in this term. However, in a previous conversation Mr. Eby had with Tom Heinrich, he was under the impression that there was only one volunteer appointment was necessary, which was not the case.    
  2. Clarification – Tamamoto wanted to clarify with Mr. Eby the total number membership. Mr. Eby clarified that seven (7) members were elected.
  3. No Opposition – In line with Finley’s questioning, there was no opposition for the two individuals (Johnston and Friedberg) to be appointed to the Manoa NB. In accordance with Nekota’s question, both Johnston and Friedberg are willing to fill the vacancy.
  4. Clarification – Mick was in contact with Manoa’s chair (Eads) due to the lack of quorum and Mick believes that this in was in response to the NC’s announcement for volunteers; although, they were not in the running for the new term, but are willing to fill those vacancies.      


Stubbs moved to accept Keith Johnston and Ingrid Friedberg and appoint them members of the Manoa NB No. 7; Finley seconded the motion. The motion was ADOPTED, 6-0-0 (Aye:  Finley, Ho, Nekota, Pahinui, Stubbs, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).    


Comments followed:


  1. Remaining Vacancies – Mick mentioned that there are still remaining vacancies on the Manoa NB, so the NCO will continue working with the chair and NB.


  1. Suggestion – Nekota suggested that the NB may want to look at redistricting. There are options available such as redistricting sub districts, cutting the total number of membership, combining the sub districts where there is a lack of representation, or changing to At Large seats. The process is lengthy, so beginning in July the NB could start the discussion of putting the issue on the agenda. Mick noted that the NB had a committee looking at that about five years ago and the current chair was on the committee.  




  • The 2013 Installation Ceremony and other training activities for the newly elected board members are scheduled for the morning of Saturday June 29, 2013 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Campus Center Ballroom located on the third floor.


Chair Young received a number of complaints about the location of the ceremony because it was not easily accessible; the parking is a distance from the Campus Center, catching the bus is inconvenient for riders because of having to transfer. Calls were also received from the Managing Director’s office because people have been complaining to the Mayor’s Office.


Nekota added that there is parking available on campus and posted handicapped parking at the Campus Center; and a bus stop located at the Campus Center as well.  


Pahinui was curious why this location was selected. Mick reported having gone through a number of locations, and U.H. Manoa Campus Center had the best combination, besides the capacity size allowed. Most venues could not accommodate more than a 300 person capacity.


Pahinui expressed concern that the location is out of the way and she was not familiar with the U.H. campus at all.


Unfortunately, there will be a $5 parking fee that could not be waived.


Tamamoto said any place chosen will be an inconvenience for somebody. It is a nice venue and an opportunity to see the campus. And although, Pahinui felt that it was never a problem in the past with having the ceremony at City Hall; Mick conveyed that part of the reason was that the Office of the Mayor’s Cultural and Arts was strongly in opposition of the venue being held there due to the overflowing capacity.


The discussion continued focusing on different venues:  Mick started inquiring back in November 2012, and the Blaisdell was booked every weekend for graduation; the State Capital was not large enough, McCoy Pavilion was offline due to renovations, all City facilities were not available, Queens was not large enough, McKinley High School Auditorium not large enough, and the Convention Center was over priced.


Young will be deferring all complaints to the Managing Director’s Office. This is not for the NC to respond to these complaints. Mick noted that following the event, there can be a reassessment. Mick also noted that some people have complained because it is held on the Civic grounds.


Orientation and Training Session – Orientation Session is 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.; Sunshine Law Workshop is 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.; Ceremony starting at 11:00 a.m. aiming at getting done by 12:00 noon for light lunch. The nice thing about this ballroom is that the buffet line can fit right in the same location, and air conditioned throughout the whole event.


  • The Neighborhood Commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 24, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at Honolulu Hale, Room 205 – the City Council Committee Meeting Room.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.


Submitted by,


Marie Richardson

Neighborhood Commission Office staff


Reviewed by,

Sylvia Young, Chair

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, June 18, 2013