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Permitted Interaction Group Notes (Conference of Chairs)

Pahoa Elementary School

September 24, 2011


Chair Sylvia Young opened the meeting and welcomed all attendees to the meeting.


Welcome and introduction of Managing Director Doug Chin.


      Doug Chin – Welcome and thanked all the attendees for their participation.

         He gave a briefing of his personal background information:

1998-prosecutors office dealing with matters in traffic court, murders, etc.    Deputy director with Prosecutors, Mayor Carlisle elected and he accepted the position as Managing Director.

Always challenge yourself to how you can make your NB more relevant to your community.  Nobody goes to NB meetings?  Most of the world struggles with voter apathy, government . . . how do you create interest when you talk about a relevant topic on the agenda that is important to the community.  When there is an issue, that is when the NB comes alive.

Some communities have more issues happening.    Others are more stable and already developed.  Developing neighborhoods will have many more issues as they tackle their growth.

Another challenge . . . how do you make the NB more relevant for the next generation?   The younger generation is interested but they engage through social media methods.  How do you engage the next generation . . . sunshine rule issues.  NB system will age if we don’t adapt.  The younger generation will find their own way to communicate outside the old ways.

Some questions/comments that Doug Chin fielded: 

Comment:  Find the money for paper ballots.

Question:  Where in chapter 17 is online voting allowed?    Jeanette clarified is it allowed per Charter.

Thank you for the apology from the mayor’s office.

Comment:  technology challenge . . . use every method to get the votes in

Comment:  force every board to televise their meetings . . . so that would increase the face of the board.

Comment:  Kupunas weren’t sure how to connect with the NB.  The C & C of Honolulu is not just an urban entity.

Comment:  Paper ballots must.  Videotaping is a must.

Chair Young asked that each of the participants introduce themselves, what NB they represent and their position.

Permitted Interaction Group Notes

September 24, 2011

Page 2

Neighborhood Plan Review:

On page 11 – 9 it outlines and calls for a Conference of Chairs.

NB Plan outlines duties of the NB  2-14-120

Community concerns

  Duties and Responsibilities: Bob Finley

  Parliamentary Procedures/Order and Decorum

Concern about attendees who have consumed alcohol or on drugs  - can that be addressed in the plan?

Call for the question is a motion in and of itself and it must pass by a 2/3 vote to agree to end discussion.

Better technique is to defer call to see if all discussion is allowed and then vote.


Adjournment should be voted upon.

Governor’s representative – Request that NB meeting have a representative from    the Gov. office.  We will request for one to attend the NB meetings.

Robert’s Rules training?   New Robert’s coming out, we are waiting until the new version is available and can be worked into some sort of training.

NB members should recuse themselves if a matter comes up that they may have a conflict of interest.  Disclosure is encouraged but it is up to the members themselves.  Does that affect quorum? No, not for the meeting itself for quorum but it might affect action items up for a vote.

Can they bring the motion back for revote?  Yes, if the losing side of the motion brings up the motion back again.

Parliamentary procedure training as a basic and then more hands on training.

Elections:  Jeanette Nekota

Can a board member host a training session to help their community members learn how to vote or cast a ballot?  Yes, as long as they are not telling them how to vote.

 Suggestion:  Personal computers to get voting in by members

Hawaii Pubic Library allows voting.



Permitted Interaction Group Notes

September 24, 2011

Page 3

  Concern/Issue of electronic fraud.

  Computers in public housing.

  NB elections in line with regular elections.

Finance:  Claire Tamamoto

Annual Budget for NB is prepared to assist each board in determining eligible purchases under the Mayor’s Operating Budget for the NC.

All boards are funded under the Operating Fund (office supplies, copying, Operational expenditures).

Publicity fund covers ads, flyers, and newsletters.

Chair has the discretion to spend up to $25.  All other expenditures must have Board approval.

Executive Secretary Tom Heinrich was called up to answer specific questions regarding the budget process and the budget that the NB Commission was not aware of.

Concern was expressed over the process for procurement of videographer vendors.  Broadcasting issues. There seems to be an issue of consistency quality of work.

Clarification of refreshments donations.  Gifts to city have a ceiling of $200.00 per item or type of donation.

Who is the contracting agent for meeting space? Right now the ES working on a contract.  Board chairs should be able to enter into a contract on behalf of the city especially since some of the chairs enjoy an amicable working relationship in their community with their meeting space sources.

Any concerns about using videotaping and putting it on You Tube?

The ES will provide a current accounting of bills and payments to NB.

NB Commission Board/Executive Secretary must get a budget to the NBs ASAP.

What are the available funds per year, this year?

Concern was expressed that if past spending dictates budget allocations for this coming year this might hamper an incoming board.  Since the election, the make up of boards has changed, some have new blood and they might want to do something new.

The ES instructed the NBs to notify the NCO if they are interested in trying something different to spark interest in NBs and if they need to modify their budget allocation. 

The NBs need to know their budget so they know if they need a modification of their budget allocation or not and so they can plan out their new year.

Permitted Interaction Group Notes

September 24, 2011

Page 4

Executive Secretary Tom Heinrich:

NCO – will provide to all the boards with an operations manual but not yet.  There is no hard copy in one place, just an oral history of what used to be done.  The NCO needs to get an operational manual to the Boards.

For now the best line of communication is:

            Tom – Call me 768-3720 direct line.  Leave a message.

NBs need to work in collaboration with the NA or NCO staff.  They are your best resource.

            Agenda is due 7 days prior to the meeting.          

Commissioners are the policy makers for the NB.

Revitalization / Neighborhood System Revitalization Program

Inverted Pyramid:  NB Commission, NB Commission office, Administration (Executive), Council, NB

Public on top.  Purpose of NBs is to get effective neighborhood communication and community discussions.

Tom emphasized that this is a program as opposed to a project . . . the Neighborhood board system is an on going process.

Question raised why the NC office is not under the civil service system?  It was voted down twice by election.

For clarification, the NC is not to terminate the NB.

Project Listen:  Finding common issues, regional workshops

Question if this Conference of Chairs meets the guidelines . . . evaluations of the NB plan and the administration of the plan.  Training will be addressed specifically.

An evaluation sheet of this meeting would have been helpful for feedback of new and old NB representatives.

Suggestions:  People participation.  Fourth committee:  Committee to foster involvement.

            Committees to meet for specific training and interactions.

            Training on line.

            Guidebook (Revised), when is it coming out?

We should get a list of committees from each of the NBs.

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 29, 2014