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MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014



CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Sylvia Young called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Members Present – Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, Robert “Bob” Finley, Loryn Guiffre, Kathleen Pahinui, Claire Tamamoto, Sylvia Young, and Charles Zahn.


Member AbsentRussell Yamanoha (Notified Absence) and Robert “Bob” Stubbs (Notified Absence).


Guests – Bert Narita (Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights NB No. 5), Cruz Vina (Chair, Pearl City NB No. 21), Dan Purcell (not signed in), Laura Yoshida (Deputy, Corporation Counsel), Nicole Velasco (Executive Secretary), Bryan Mick and Marie Richardson (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


Roll Call of Commissioners, Establishment of Quorum – A roll call of Commissioners established a quorum present with seven (7) Commissioners.




Special Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2014 – Deferred.


Regular Meeting Minutes – March 24, 2014Finley moved and Zahn seconded to approve the March 24, 2014 regular meeting minutes as amended:


  • Page 1, under “Report of any Neighborhood Commission business considered by the Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/ Kamehameha Heights Neighborhood Board No. 14,” should be amended as, “…hearing and a meeting in Waikiki having to do with Kyoya development the 2139 Kuhio project.”
  • For information, as part of Mr. McElheny’s testimony, his handout as submitted was included with the meeting minutes as an attachment.


The motion was ADOPTED, 6-0-1 (Aye:  Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Guiffre, Pahinui, Young, and Zahn. Abstain: Tamamoto).




Comment and Transparency – Dan Purcell commented on the importance of public meetings and transparency.  He mentioned having a conversation with someone from a state representative’s office that a lot of Hawaiian people do not vote. Often times the feeling is that the system is corrupt and they have no representation, and this is due to the way people conduct themselves at meetings. Purcell’s next statement was directed at Chair Young that the Sunshine Law does not require people to show identification at a public meeting, nor is it required for people to sign-in. He explained that upon his entrance this evening, he chose not to sign in at the front desk (Security Desk) and that he did not need to be admonished by Chair Young, barked at that he needed to sign-in; and by Chair Young doing this discouraged his participation. He said he normally does sign-in and has no problem doing so, and he certainly did not have to be chastised for not signing in. Purcell noted that he would be filing a complaint naming Chair Young specifically for chastising him for not signing in and for making him feel uncomfortable for attending this evening.      


Chair Young relinquished the gavel to Vice Chair Finley at 7:12 p.m., to make a statement.  


Chair Young clarified that Purcell was absolutely correct about not having to sign in at the public meeting. She also explained that this was a totally different situation after normal working hours. When people enter the facility after business hours, signing-in when entering the building and sign-out when exiting the building is just part of the after hours security measures.  

Since Acting Chair Finley still had possession of the gavel, Purcell addressed him explaining that the female security guard apparently knows the law and did not question him and acted appropriately. His concern with Chair Young was that she continued to berate him and misquote the law in this case and that is inappropriate; he would be filing a complaint with the Office of Information Practices.      


At this time, Acting Chair Finley relinquished the gavel back to Chair Young at 7:14 p.m.


NEIGHBORHOOD COMMISSION OFFICE REPORT:  ES Velasco reported on the following:


Update on ‘Community for Keiki’ Month – A very successful month of April was dedicated to ‘Community for Keiki’, and the Outreach Team made presentations at Central, Stevenson, McKinley and UH Lab schools. At UH Lab, there was a tech savvy presentation setup by one of the teachers that allowed students to live stream on Google+ and Hangouts on Air. This was the first presentation, and Google Glass was really neat and enjoyed by the kids; it gave the perspective of presenting out to the students and from the students into the presenters. There were folks online who were also able to follow along as well. Also participating during ‘Community for Keiki’ month was the Board of Water Supply (BWS), the Honolulu Police Department (HPD), and the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) by giving keiki specific tips, updates and reminders at their meetings. BWS shared information about the different educational facilities that students can go to such as Waihe’e Tunnels and Halawa Xeriscape and Garden. HPD shared tips for our keiki, a reminder not to accept anything from strangers, about walking in the crosswalks and on the sidewalks; how to prevent burns and recognizing different appliances, and those that may pose a threat to keiki that they may not understand.       


March of Dimes – The NCO participated in the March of Dimes and the March for Babies campaign on Saturday. There was a good turnout and successful walk, and Mayor Caldwell decided instead of walking, he ran five (5) miles. Also for March of Dimes, the NCO participated in a Mahalo Gram campaign where City employees shared their gratitude with other people in the City giving them a purple carnation bouquet with babies breathe.  


Food Bank Event – In tandem with “Keiki Month”, the NCO partnered with the Mayor’s Office of the Cultural and Arts (MOCA), and presented the movie ‘Frozen’ at the Mission Memorial Auditorium. The effort brought about 300 preschoolers, each bringing a canned good and raising a total of 400 pounds toward Food Bank. Velasco hopes to make it a recurring with other campaigns through the City. Also, in light of ‘Keiki Month’ a lot of the NBs did great and brought in and highlighted the Boys Scout and Girl Scouts from their area communities. The Kaimuki NB No. 4 will have as a standing agenda each month to talk about something dedicated to ‘Keiki’. 


Pahinui complimented ES Velasco for an awesome job putting this effort together, and though the North Shore NB No. 27 did not meet in April, the NB is giving out the Keiki Tips, and there is also an item about a preschool on their agenda. Velasco encouraged members to feel free on giving any comments and or ideas.


Update on NCO Budget – The NCO submitted the office budget. There was a proposed cut that was accepted by the City Council’s budget committee for $46,500 of the election funds. Unfortunately, it targets our marketing and public relations strategy for the upcoming 2015 elections. Velasco was very excited of a timeline of rolling out the creating new videos, to share online and on Olelo, specific ads in the newspaper, publications, and circulars, but that was the very monies that were being cut. Velasco is still hopeful and will wait and see in the weeks ahead.


Velasco sent her justification statement to restore the proposed cut. The NCO stands to see significant gain if this money is restored. The strategy is that without the monies, the NCO is not quite sure how to do this upcoming election successfully. The budget committee will have another hearing with verbal testimony. She believes verbal testimony will be the strongest statement, and hopes the Commission and board members would be inclined to testify in support of the restoration. Meanwhile, she intends to keep everyone posted on the hearing.  


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Councils Reason for Cut – Pahinui questioned CM Pine’s logic for cutting the budget. Velasco said the reasoning was not quite fair and the very short phrase provided in the initial proposal cut was that it was not demonstrated that there was use for that money last election. But part of it was a transition year and the NCO was not fully staffed, and not really thinking in depth about how to promote an island wide election. So even if the efforts were not as robust last year to use the money, she felt it was not justification. The year prior (2011) there was a lot more marketing and advertising, and the NCO was operating fully staffed which was not the case last year. Also in her statement, it was emphatic about how the NCO needs that money and what it is for. Looking at it historically, there are specific types of marketing that are almost required by the NB members in traditional media and that cost money. The money that’s being cut is actually for goods and services and not to hire a new person. She’s hopeful, but it’s an election year, and the NCO will need help getting the support of the community to ask for that money.    


The matter is on the agenda, 7A under Commission Business, at which time Chair Young will entertain a motion.


  1. Last Year’s Budget – Tamamoto asked how much was the budget for last year, and how much was left over. Velasco would have to look at those specific numbers more closely because some of the ways the office advertised were not exactly quantifiable. But, the amount was not $46,000. This was part of the reason why it was targeted to be cut, and at the same time, there was no consideration for an election year. It is very different now that the NCO is fully staffed and dedicated to the incredible efforts of trying to get the word out; but it’s all tied to that money.




Elections Committee – Chair Zahn reported the meeting was held after the Planning Committee meeting. There was a good discussion of what needs to be done; included in the packet was the 2015 NB Election Timeline. Young added that the NC is scheduled to recess on Monday, May 26, 2014, and there will be two (2) special meetings scheduled for May 14 and May 28. If the committee will need to address anything, the NC will have the opportunity to include the matter under other NC business before the sanction hearings. No committee meeting in June.


Finance Committee – Chair Tamamoto had nothing new to report. But in light of what’s happening, a meeting can be scheduled or can the NC still weigh-in on the budget matter and send a letter of support.


Survey Committee – Chair Guiffre reported that an initial agenda was not filed, a rescheduled meeting agenda had been filed, but that was missed, and the meeting was rescheduled for tonight following the tonight’s meeting. There are attachments included in NC packets that are on tonight’s committee agenda as action items; the letter introducing the survey, and the draft of the first survey.


Pahinui noted that there seems to be some confusion that the letter will be sent in the agenda packet and that the NA will bring extra copies to the meeting. Being that the surveys are for NB members ONLY and not the public, it should be reworded for clarity.    


Neighborhood Plan Committee – Chair Finley announced that the Committee looked at the proposed changes and there were a few that still have to be reviewed COR for legality and language.


Chair Young relinquished the gavel to Vice-Chair Finley at 7:59 p.m.


The listings of proposed draft NP amendments were as follows:


§2-11-302, Absence and removal recommendation process; resignation – The Committee recommend DELETING the entire section of the three absence rule for Commissioners. This was based on the year when the NC met over 30 (regular and special) meetings. This was than the required six meetings per year; and in the next one and a half months, the NC will be convening another five (5) more times. In response to Pahinui’s inquiry, Finley noted that special meetings are considered and counts as a meeting. Finley recommended the NC deletion of § 2-11-302 (c & d).


Discussion followed: It was clarified that the reasoning was if a Commissioner cannot attend meetings then he/she should resign. Finley noted there will be public hearing with what the NC comes up with tonight, and get more input and have another committee meeting before coming back with a final. Tamamoto added that there was comment from NBs that if the three absence rule applies to them, then it should apply to the NC as well. Chair Young noted that the NC operates totally under different rules from the NBs, and the duties and responsibilities are not the same. But in any event, the missed meetings were not the regular meetings but the special (sanctions hearings) meetings were the meetings that were missed. Finley added that out of 33 NBs there was one NB that was concerned and their letter was considered. Finley noted if the NC was in favor, this recommendation will go to public hearing.


At this time, Finley commented that this was not on the agenda, but §2-11-303, Meetings, would have four (4) scheduled meetings per year.


§2-11-317, Committees – Amends Commission rules on committees to allow for ad hoc members. Finley said the Committee was torn on whether to do it because there is the Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) that does the same thing as well. Finley was open to suggestions.


Discussion followed: Young was not in favor of ad hoc members for the reason that the more things added, the more complicated it can get, and opens up discussion with more disagreements and more complaints. Young felt the under the Sunshine Law, operating as a PIG would be sufficient for the NC. Pahinui appreciated the clarification that this particular amendment relates to NC members only. Pahinui was not in favor the proposed change and agreed that would be too confusing. Zahn noted that it allows for non-voting members to participate in the committee meeting; and for all practical purposes, an Adhoc committee is the same as a PIG. Tamamoto favored having Adhoc members for the reason of having more minds and bodies would be better for advocating. It the amendment is already saying that Adhoc members cannot make motions, second motions, or vote, and not be counted to establish quorum. Young also added that the NC has the NC staff to use. Guiffre agreed with the proposed change to allow for Adhoc committee members.


Dos Santos-Tam was concerned why would there be a need to add Adhoc members. The committees are to report back to the NC, and it seems to be a slippery slope whereby if you added several Adhoc members there could be a situation where there’s a quorum of the full NC, without there being noticed and raise further sunshine issues. Zahn can understand but is leery, and noted that he would have to disagree with Tamamoto and Guiffre. Finley would be happy to continue for a next go around.


There was five (5) in opposition (Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Pahinui, Young, and Zahn) of the amendment and two (2) in favor of the proposed amendment (Guiffre and Tamamoto). The recommended change will not move forward.      


§2-14-103, Transition and initial convening – (d) Adds the phrase “establishes a quorum” to the restriction on what a board may do if it is unable to elect a presiding officer. Amends the section on board budgetary action to specify the board is requesting the Neighborhood Commission Office to expend funds on its behalf. Finley added that the Committee felt this was fairly straight forward and reduces the confusion of the first NB meeting of the year. There was no opposition; it was recommended to move forward. Finley added that COR will review the language to make sure it’s legal. 


At this time, Finley again noted there were a lot of concerns regarding 2-14-106, Absences and removal process; resignation. This would allow members to have five (5) absences before sending the certified letter, and due to the number of concerns, the Committee is not considering this proposed change. The language will remain unchanged.


§2-14-111, Meeting notice and agenda – Designates the Executive Secretary to be responsible for maintaining agenda mail lists. Finley noted that this came out of the NCO that there was confusion. The added language makes it clear on who is responsible. “(d) The Executive Secretary shall maintain a list of names and addresses of persons who request notification of meetings and shall mail a copy of the notice to such persons no later than the time the agenda is filed under subsection (b).” There were no objections; recommended to move forward.   


§2-14-118, Discussion – Adds language requiring boards to accept public testimony on agenda items. Finley noted that this would allow the NC to impose a sanction if public testimony is not accepted. Discussion followed:  Pahinui added that the language is re-enforcing what NBs should be doing by affording the time to accept public testimony. The proposed change, “(b) The boards shall afford all interested persons an opportunity to submit data, views, or arguments, in writing, on any agenda item. (c) The boards shall also afford all interested persons an opportunity to present oral testimony on any agenda item. (d) The boards may provide for reasonable administration of oral testimony by rule.


Discussion followed:  Pahinui asked does this mean this can be taken out of order and she perceived it to mean that it could be brought up at anytime on the agenda. Young added if the item was already past, but if public concerns came up after that, the person could bring it up under public concerns. Recommended to move forward.   


§2-14-120, Officers – Amends item (b) to read “…beginning in July and ending the following June and expire the June following their election, or until the election of a successor. Recommended to move forward.


§2-14-123, Duties of officers – Makes the Chairs appointment of a committee chair or board delegate effective upon the reporting of the action at a board meeting. The proposed change, item (b) (12) should read as, “Appoint and remove all committee chairs, unless otherwise directed by the board. This becomes effective upon the chair reporting the action at a duly convened meeting. (13) Appoint and remove all board delegates, unless otherwise directed by the board. This becomes effective upon the chair reporting the action at a duly convened meeting.


Discussion:  This creates a rule for the chair to appoint a pro-tem committee chair or pro-tem delegate in the case of a resignation, and it clearly defines that the chair can only appoint or remove a committee chair during a board meeting unless there is a resignation, in which case a pro-tem can be appointed in the interim which must become permanent at the next meeting. There was no objection, recommended to move forward to public hearing.  


§2-14-124, Committees – Specifies that the board appoints committee members. Amends the committee rules to allow for Adhoc members. There was 5 to 2 in support of the recommended change (Tamamoto and Guiffre opposed). Recommended to move forward to public hearing.


§2-11-106, Computation of time; reestablishment of deadline dates – Allows the Commission to reestablish deadlines should the NCO suffer from an emergency staffing situation during a shift with new incoming administration. The proposed amendment, item (b) If unforeseen conditions or circumstances affect the election process timetable, including such as weather catastrophe, power outage, computer failure, delay in the procurement process…for the election process timetable.”


Mick commented that this would probably never happen but if so, it allows the Commission to deal with the situation. Recommended to move forward.  


§2-12-102, Definitions – Amends the definitions to include “passcode” wherever the word ballot is used. This will reflect to possibly use a passcode to access an electronic ballot. The proposed amendment, “Ballot means a written or printed, or partly written and partly printed…, or a passcode used to access a ballot. A ballot may be in electronic form.” There were on objections to the change. Recommended to move forward. 


§2-17-203, Change of residence – Makes the commission office responsible for issuing new ballots; adds the word ‘office’. The proposed amendment, item (c) The commission office shall issue a new ballot within ten days after receiving a request and affidavit pursuant to subsection (a). The was no objection to the recommended change. Recommended to move forward.


§2-17-204, Candidate eligibility and registration – Establishes a date by when the candidate registration form must be released. The proposed amendment, item “(c) The candidate registration form shall be released no later than the third Friday of December in the year preceding the election. (c) (d) The candidate registration deadline…thereafter to be accepted. (d) (e) No affidavit shall be filed with the commission office…chief elections officer or commission. (e) (f) Any filed affifavit…the affected individual notified.”  There was no objection to the proposed change. Recommended to move forward.


§2-17-207, Prohibition on election service – Expands the prohibition on a candidate or their relative serving as an election official or employee to cover all phases of the election process; to not allow the appearance of impropriety. The proposed amendment, “No candidate shall serve as an election official or election employee in the same election in which the individual is a candidate…or household member of any candidate serve as an election official or election employee. [in any area in which the ballots are handled or votes may be cast or tabulated for the candidate.] There were no objections. Recommended to move forward.


§2-17-210, Insufficiency of candidates – Clarifies that the commission declares unfilled seats vacant if there are insufficient candidates following certification; and was added to specify that the commission shall declare the vacancies. The proposed amendment, “If there are an insufficient number of candidates for a neighborhood district…the unfilled seats shall be declared vacant by the commission after certification of the election results pursuant to section 2-17-309.”  There were no objections. Recommended to move forward.


§2-17-303, Replacement ballots – Adds the word ‘office’. The proposed amendment, “(c) The commission office shall issue a replacement ballot within seven calendar days…pursuant to subsection (a).” There were no objections. Recommended to move forward.


§2-17-304, Return of ballots – Amends the ballot return deadline to include a ballot completion deadline; and specifies a deadline when electronic voting is used. The proposed amendment item “(b) Any ballot which is:  (5) (1) Delivered to the commission offie…in person or by United States mail; (6) (2) Received in person or postmarked after the return deadline; (7) (3) Received by the United States mail more than seven calendar days after the ballot return deadline; or (8) (4) Not sealed in an official ballot envelope…and declared invalid.” “(c) If passcodes are distributed to allow access to electronic ballots, the website must remain publicly accessible till 11:59 pm on ballot return deadline.  There were no objections. Recommended to move forward.


§2-18-101, Complaints – Allows the NCO to recommend to the Commission they reject a complaint that does not meet the criteria of the Neighborhood Plan. This will speed up the process, if the complaint deems to be invalid. The proposed amendment as recommended, “(b) The Neighborhood Commission Office shall review all complaints submitted by a Board, Board Member or a Resident. If a complaint does not meet the criteria of the Neighborhood Plan it shall be forwarded to the Neighborhood Commission with a recommendation it be dismissed.” There were no objections. Recommended to move forward.


The complete text of the proposed amendments can be viewed at the Neighborhood Commission Office, 530 South King Street, Room 406, Honolulu, HI  96813 from Mondays thru Fridays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, and online at


Acting Chair Finley would like to suggest convening two (2) public hearings one the same day and date; one at Honolulu Hale and one at Kapolei Hale, tentatively on Saturday, June 14, 2014. ES Velasco will have to check on staffing for the Saturday date and looking at compensating the staff for working on that Saturday. There was mention of convening on a weekday; however, there were comments that people would be limited from attending during the weekdays.


Purcell wanted to make a comment at this time; Finley noted that the NC was in discussion on NC business which was not open for public input at this time.


The discussion continued that there might be conflicting schedules among members for June. Finley added that there is a possibility of looking at convening the public hearing in July if necessary. The discussion also considered having two (2) NC members attend each location.


Purcell asked clarification if he was unable to comment on this matter. Chair Young noted that the NC is in discussion on a tentative date to convene the public hearing.


Purcell had a brief general comment for these types of meetings. Finley noted this is on general information of the NP (item 5D), and he was complete with his report. Purcell questioned whether he was being denied to comment on the agenda item; Finley affirmed that.  


Vice Chair Finley relinquished the gavel to Chair Young to resume the order.




Report from the Commission’s Permitted Interaction Group – Chair Young asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of the COC; Pahinui had one comment. Purcell apologized for being disruptive but questioned if he was only able to comment on public concern items, and he asked to get a comment from COR if whether he is only allowed to comment public concerns and not on other items on the agenda.


Chair Young clarified that COR is here to advise the NC ONLY and that is confidential and the public is not entitled to get an opinion from COR at these meetings. Purcell repeated again that the NC is not allowing him to comment on item 5D; Chair Young affirmed that item 5D has nothing to do with the public; however, should Purcell have a comment on that section, he will be able to give testimony on that section on the date of the public hearing which will be set by the NC. Purcell disputed what Chair Young stated and said he is allowed to make comment on an agenda that the NC is taking action on. Chair Young said the matter will not be debated and stated simply that COR will not be giving an opinion to Purcell’s request to his inquiry. Chair Young noted that the agenda will resume with item 6A, Report from the Commission’s Permitted Interaction Group.


Tamamoto had no comment on the COC report except it would have been nice to get a copy before hand. Chair Young also noted that it would have been nice to have gotten copies circulated to the panel first before turning it over to the NB members. Velasco duly noted the request adding that the NCO worked aggressively going through multiple revisions to have it available. Chair Young was glad to have gotten the COC minutes as it was not required of a PIG.     


NCO follow up on issues rose at the Conference of Chairs – Velasco reported that all the updates on issues that were raised at the COC were followed up on:

  • Liability – The issue raised by Wesley Fong had been addressed in an email on March 10, 2014, letting him know that these situations would not be covered by COR. Fong was fine with the information received, and was information that he already knew but was for reiteration.
  • Video Concerns – The issue was raised by NB chairpersons. The NCO did pass those concerns along to the video vendor on March 6, 2014. But the vendor did not reply back after multiple urgings until this week April 24, 2014. It’s been very difficult to coordinate improvement of services to provide the NBs. The NCO is still in communications about those concerns and others that recently cropped up.   
  • Neighborhood Plan Committee Information – There was discussion following the COC, but the Planning Committee has addressed most of it.
  • Roberts Rules on Parliamentary Training – The NCO is in the process of scheduling a workshop in late June 2014 and opened to as many NB members as possible. The NCO had in-house parliamentary training with Ron Mobley which was very informative and well tailored to the NB System, which will be valuable for other NB members. Velasco live-tweeted Mobley’s presentation and Pahinui thanked Velasco for the live tweet of information and Pahinui was able to refer a couple questions that came up at her meeting that night; she believes that social media will valuable for sharing information.
  • Suggestion to Survey NB Members on Various Rules – The Survey Committee will be addressing all those concerns and one of the surveys will actually address the understanding of various rules.
  • Facility Rental Contract – The Ala Moana NB No. 11 facility rental contract was resolved.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Videographer Response – Tamamoto questioned why so long to get a response from the videographer. Velasco noted that there might have been a bit of offense taken when complaints that the NCO received were raised to the vendor and a misunderstanding as to where the complaints are coming from. She also could not be certain why it took from March 1 to April 24 to get a response from the vendor, but also something that has been a little difficult to work through on other issues as well. The NCO is hopeful to continue to have these conversations and address the issues but please do keep the NCO posted if there is a “no show” or a lapse in the quality of service, etc. It is the NCO’s sentiment to provide the best service can and ensure that the vendor understands that this is the goal.
  2. Videographer – Zahn said that the April meeting of the Koolauloa NB No. 28 that was just online this past weekend indicated that it was the March meeting. Zahn noted that it was actually the April meeting but was posted as the March meeting. This was on the Olelo website.        


Tamamoto moved, Guiffre seconded the motion to accept the COC minutes (report). Although the brief discussion noted that the minutes were not required for this PIG, there were no objections. The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye:  Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Guiffre, Pahinui, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


Motion to Disband the Commission’s PIG (Permitted Interaction Group)Tamamoto moved, Zahn seconded the motion to disband the Commission’s PIG. No discussion on the motion followed; however, Purcell asked whether he would be allowed to comment on this. Purcell’s comment was acknowledged, but he insisted on getting clarification on an agenda item that the NC already moved past. He continued to insist that (item 5D) was not just a report, and that the Commission was trying to take action. The discussion was to collaborate a tentative public hearing date for which there was no action taken. 


Tamamoto noted that Purcell may have valid concerns; however, he was out of order, and the NC is on item 6C, with a motion on the floor to disband the PIG. Purcell interrupted Tamamoto who had the floor and was speaking. Purcell questioned who is chair. Due to the repeated disruptions and confusion, Finley called Purcell out of order, and moved forward on the motion currently on the floor. The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye:  Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Guiffre, Pahinui, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).




Councilmember Pine’s Proposal to cut $46,500 of NCO’s 2015 Elections Budget Tamamoto noted that since it’s been accepted by the Budget committee, the NC should entertain a course of action to formerly write a letter and appeal to all the Council members to support restoring the $46,000 of the NCO’s 2015 Election Budget, and state that the NC has a targeted strategy, a timeline, and a department truly concerned about the marketing base. To move forward without that money would severely hamper the NCO from doing so.  


Pahinui moved, Tamamoto seconded the motion to send a letter supporting the $46,000 be added back into the budget to support NCO efforts to market the 2015 Elections. This letter is to be transmitted to the Budget Committee Chair Ann Kobayashi, Council Chair Ernie Martin, Mayor Kirk Caldwell and cc all Council members. Discussion followed: Purcell wanted to be sure that he could comment if he wanted too, although he did not have comment at this time. Tamamoto noted that the statement would be stronger coming from the NC as a whole. Young noted that a working draft was in progress that she would like to point out that there had been better participation in previous elections when the monies were available; and that it’s getting harder and harder because funding has diminished. Young also noted that the letter should also include that the State is also looking at going electronic as well. Pahinui added that the details of the letter will be supported by this motion. Tamamoto wanted to emphasize that the NCO is fully staffed, and more importantly that there is a targeted strategy, and a timeline that could use that money; and actually at a point where the NCO is finally able to move forward. Young also noted that the last election was an unusual year with a change of administration, no ES for months, and a lack of staffing. The NC was all in agreement. The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye:  Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Guiffre, Pahinui, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


Resolution to Reduce the Pearl City Neighborhood Board No. 21 Membership – Finley noted that the Pearl City NB labored over this for years, and sees no reason not to support the resolution. Chair Young relinquished the gavel to Vice Chair Finley at 8:59 p.m. to participate in discussion.  


Young sympathized but had concerns that just a few months ago, the NC was asked to appoint a member due to the lack of quorum. NC members were able to make recommendations, but those individuals said they had not been contacted. Young did not want to be too hasty with appointing members.


Chair Cruz Vina of the Pearl City NB, reported that the announcement went out regarding the vacancies through the NB and the Pearl City newsletter. So far, the NB was able to seat two (2) more members to the NB. But recently, Vina was informed that a member would be moving out of the community, and another had medical issues. The NB went five (5) consecutive meetings without a quorum. Zahn noted that the last election, the race was uncontested with nine (9) members. Along the way, the board lost three (3) members, leaving six (6). Once the NC appointed a resident (7), the NB was now able to appoint two (2) members to the NB, and the membership is back to nine (9). Guiffre supports Chair Vina’s request especially because he’s been to the NC multiple times to share his concern.


Tamamoto moved, Guiffre seconded the motion to accept the Pearl City NB No. 21 Resolution to reduce the Pearl City NB membership from 13 to 11 members, effective immediately. Discussion ensued noting that this motion required a two-thirds vote of the Commission. Dos Santos-Tam disclosed that Vina’s son is married to his cousin. The motion was ADOPTED, 7-0-0 (Aye:  Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Guiffre, Pahinui, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


Pahinui departed at 9:11 p.m.; six (6) members now present.


Report on Evaluation Neighborhood Board Visitations – Chair Young asked the NCO to ensure that all the evaluations reports of the NBs visitations be sent to those NB members. Chair Young also noted at the COC there was mention that visits at certain NBs were excessive. She suggested setting guideline for NB visitations and proposed they not exceed more than twice in a calendar year, unless a problem should arise at a particular NB.   


Request from Kioni Dudley to continue the hearing of May 14, 2014 (1006-#34-12 Golojuch Jr. v Dudley) – Chair Young noted that this was the very last complaint under the old Plan, and the request for the continuance was sent to Golojuch, however, the NCO has not received any response from the complainant (Golojuch). Young asked Dudley’s reason for continuance; Velasco indicated that basically his schedule and a couple other things on his plate made it difficult for him to be prepared for this hearing. His request was to do the hearing later this summer. Chair Young’s recommendation was to keep the May 14, 2014 date.


Zahn moved to deny Kioni Dudley’s request to continue the hearing at a later date. Finley was afraid when Dudley received that letter, he would have thought that the hearing was already postponed. Velasco said the letter was pretty clear, and he is very difficult trying to reach by email or phone. So, if it’s the wish of the NC to wait until we receive a response, the hearing could be delayed. Chair Young was informed there was no second to the motion. Guiffre seconded the motion. Discussion ensued: Young noted that the reasoning was not sufficient. In response to Tamamoto, the complaint was filed in 2010. The date for the May 14, 2014 hearing was set on March 24, 2014. Deputy Yoshida added that the NC needs to consider when granting the request that normally for a continuance it is usually very specific as to why the complainant/respondent cannot make a specific date (and not because they are too busy); and when you ask for a continuance, need to be specific on how much time (nothing ambiguous). The motion to deny the request was ADOPTED 6-0-0 (Aye:  Dos Santos-Tam, Finley, Guiffre, Tamamoto, Young, and Zahn).


Chair Young instructed the NCO to notify both parties (Golojuch and Dudley) of the Commission’s decision. The notice will be mailed April 29, 2014.




  • The Neighborhood Commission’s next Special meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 6:35 p.m. at the Mission Memorial Conference Room, Ground Floor, entrance Diamond Head end of the breezeway at 550 South King Street.     
  • The Neighborhood Commission’s next Special meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 6:35 p.m. at Honolulu Hale, 530 South King Street, Council Committee Room 205.
  • The Neighborhood Commission’s next Special meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 6:35 p.m. at Honolulu Hale, 530 South King Street, Council Committee Room 205.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Submitted by,


Marie Richardson

NCO staff


Reviewed by,

Sylvia Young, Chair




Last Reviewed: Tuesday, June 17, 2014