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Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board No. 16

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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Pro Tempore Christopher Wong called the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board No. 16 to order at 7:06 p.m. with a quorum of seven (7) members present. Note – This nine (9) member Board requires five (5) members to establish quorum and to take official Board action.


Board Members Present – Melba Amaral, Devin Donahue, Kevin Furutani, Michael McDonald, Jory Watland, Christopher Wong, and Arvid Youngquist.


Board Members Absent – Fausaga Mafi and Jack Nagaishi.


Guests – Chris Zaklan; Shirley Templo and Mitchell Cabreros (Councilmember Joey Manahan’s Office staff); George Atta (Mayor’s Representative); Carole Kaapu (Liliha/Alewa/Puunui/Kamehameha Heights Neighborhood Board No. 14); Dymian Racoma (Board of water Supply); Sergeant Keith Kessler and Lieutenant Ah Chong (Honolulu Police Department); James Rodriguez, Sr. (Kalihi Booster); Anni Peterson; Captain Guy Fujisato; Wilton Ching; Keoki Massad (Troop 181); Betsy Uyematsu; Brigadier General Joseph Kim (Governor’s Representative); Edward Hasegawa and Chris Delaunay (Councilmember Carol Fukunaga’s Office staff); Daniel Holt (Senator Donna Mercado Kim’s Office staff); Ann Ramos; Raytan Vares (Representative John Mizuno’s Office staff); Representative John Mizuno; and Kazuaki McArthur (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).




Chair – Wong opened the floor for nominations of Board members to serve as Chair. Watland nominated Wong and Young nominated McDonald.


Discussion followed;


  1. McDonald: McDonald noted that he has one (1) year of service on the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board and has previously served as Treasurer. McDonald voiced support for Wong to serve as Chair.


  1. Wong: Wong praised the current Board and noted the progress the Board has made over the last term. Wong thanked former Board member Cain Kamano for his service to the Board. Wong expressed that McDonald would make a good Chair as well.


Wong was ELECTED Chair, 6-1-0 (Wong: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, Watland, and Wong McDonald: Youngquist).


Vice-Chair – Wong opened the floor for nominations of Board members to serve as Vice-Chair. Wong nominated McDonald and Youngquist nominated Furutani.


Discussion followed;


  1. Furutani: Furutani noted that he is a long time resident of Kalihi and has served in the Army and National Guard. Furutani also noted past service on the Pearl City Neighborhood Board.


  1. McDonald: McDonald noted that he has lived in Kalihi Valley for two (2) years and voiced support for Furutani’s candidacy.


The Board FAILED to elect a Vice-Chair, 3-4-0 (Furutani: Amaral, McDonald, and Youngquist McDonald: Donahue, Furutani, Watland, and Wong).


Wong called for a re-vote. Youngquist nominated Amaral.


The Board FAILED to elect a Vice-Chair, 0-4-3 (Furutani: None McDonald: Donahue, McDonald, Watland, and Wong Amaral: Amaral, Furutani, and Youngquist).


The election of a Vice-Chair was deferred to the next meeting.


Treasurer – Wong opened the floor for nomination of Board members to serve as Treasurer. Wong nominated Watland. Watland was ELECTED Treasurer, 7-0-0 (Aye: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, Watland, Wong, and Youngquist).


Secretary – Wong opened the floor fro nominations of Board members to serve as Secretary. Wong nominated Donahue and Youngquist nominated Amaral.

Discussion followed;


  1. Donahue: Donahue noted he has served five (5) years on the Board and would be honored to serve as secretary.


  1. Amaral: Amaral declined the nomination.


Donahue was ELECTED Secretary, 6-0-1 (Aye: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, Watland, and Wong Abstain: Youngquist).




Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Captain Fujisato reported the following;


  • June 2013 Statistics: Included 2 structure fires, 1 rubbish fire, 67 medical emergencies, 1 search and rescue, and 19 miscellaneous calls for service.


  • Fire Safety Tip: Fujisato went over several tips to consider when using both charcoal and propane grills. Community members were reminded that propane and charcoal grills should be operated outside, kept clean, constantly monitored and kept out of the reach of children.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


  1. Paper Hot Air Balloons: Youngquist raised concern regarding the safety of mini paper hot air balloons. Youngquist reported one (1) had gotten caught in a power line. Donahue and Wong clarified that the lanterns are made of a rice paper lantern type material and are typically used in Thailand for cultural purposes. Fujisato was not aware of any instances or statutes prohibiting its use.


  1. Medical Responses: Amaral asked and Fujisato clarified that Kalihi Uka had a total of 67 medical responses in June 2013; a decrease from 111 in May 2013.


  1. Fire: Amaral asked and Fujisato reported a fire on Perry Street broke out due to a couch being set on fire outside of a residence.


  1. Propane: Amaral asked how often a propane cylinder should be inspected.


  1. Charcoal Chimney: Furutani asked and Fujisato confirmed that it is safer to utilize a charcoal chimney to start a charcoal fire. Fujisato noted that newspaper can be used as a fire starter in the chimney.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Sergeant Kessler reported notable increases in argument cases (May 49 cases/June 60 cases), burglaries (May 1 case/June 6 cases), and unauthorized entries into motor vehicles (UEMV) (May 2 cases/June 7 cases).


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


  1. Mopeds: Amaral asked if there were any statistics that indicate an increase of mopeds without proper safety equipment or speeding. Amaral also raised concern of moped noise during early morning/late night hours. Fujisato noted that the midnight watch has issued citations for mopeds speeding during early morning and late night hours. However, those specific statistics are not reflected in the monthly report. Fujisato noted that moped operators need a driver’s license (Not a permit) to operate a moped. Modifying a moped is also illegal. Fujisato noted he would need to talk to the shift sergeant for specific statistics. Fujisato also noted that mopeds are banned on Likelike Highway because they do not have at least 5-horse power. Amaral asked and Fujisato noted that moped operators are aware that they need a license to operate a moped.


  1. Intersection Stop: It was reported that people are not stopping at the Nalanieha Street/Kalihi Street intersection.


  1. Name Identification: Youngquist noted that a memo was sent by the Neighborhood Commission Office regarding the inclusion of names in the minutes. Youngquist noted that unless individuals identify themselves, they can remain anonymous in the minutes.


  1. Sidewalk Ordinance: Youngquist asked and Kessler noted that HPD teams up with the Sherriff’s Department to do regular enforcement of the sidewalk ordinance. There is no specific schedule. Youngquist asked and Kessler clarified that there is not a specific list of items that are not permitted on the sidewalk. The law only states that if items do not allow for a certain amount of walk space on sidewalks, they can be removed by officers. Youngquist noted that the flower boxes the City placed on Beretania Street, across the Academy of Arts obstructs the walk space. Youngquist also asked if newspaper stands on the sidewalk would be removed. Kessler noted that if items on the sidewalk forces pedestrians to walk on the street, they would be removed.


  1. Moped Noise/Modification: It was asked what the public could do to address mopeds making noise at all hours of the day. Kessler noted that all shifts should be monitoring the situation. Kessler also noted that many teenagers/young adults ride mopeds because it is cheap to operate and modify. Kessler encouraged community members to contact HPD with any information on potential locations where mopeds are being modified. Chris Zakland asked if there was anything else the community could do. Kessler noted that specific information would be very helpful.


Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Dymian Racoma reported the following;


  • Scheduled Water Rate Increase: Effective July 1, 2013, water rates will increase by 9.65 percent as part of BWS’s revised water rate schedule. The increase is necessary to fund the operation, maintenance, and replacement of Oahu’s aging water infrastructure, and to provide BWS with the means to continue to deliver a safe and dependable water supply to customers.


  • 25th Annual Halawa Xeriscape Garden Open House: Community members are invited to attend the Halawa Xeriscape Garden Open House and Unthirsty Plant Sale on August 3, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit or call 748-5041.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


  1. Customer Service: Youngquist commended a BWS supervisor and customer service representative for helping his wife resolve a situation which had arisen.


  1. Toilet Tank: Youngquist noted that his toilet tank had a leak and had the flap replaced to help conserve water.


  1. Battery Replacement: Furutani requested information regarding the BWS battery replacement project in May. Racoma confirmed that BWS conducted a project earlier in May to replace 60,000 automatic water meter batteries. It was noted that the meters are located on properties and transmit meter reading signals to BWS for billing purposes.




Mayor’s Representative – George Atta reported the following;


  • Bicycling: The City is analyzing and preparing streets and intersections for changes that will come as more people walk and bicycle to access rail transit stations. The City’s Complete Streets program emphasizes safety and convenience for all users of roads and sidewalks.


  • New Street Lights: The City has installed 180 new Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights in the Waialae-Kahala, Manoa, Nuuanu, and Mililani Mauka areas as part of a pilot project. The lights use 40 percent less energy than commonly used lights. The City anticipates replacing lights island-wide following the pilot project.


  • Paved Over Manholes: The City Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) will meet with Mr. Dabis to identify the location of two paved over manhole covers.


  • Bulky Item Pick Up: Bulky item crews removed the mattresses on Kuikele Street on July 1, 2013.


  • Drainage Ditch: The drainage ditch behind a rock wall along Nihi Street, near Nihi Gardens Estates is scheduled to be cleaned by the end of July 2013.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


  1. Bulky Item: A community member noted that he left out a toilet for pick up, but it was not picked up by bulky item crews. The resident called the City and left his name, number, and address.


  1. Tree Roots: Furutani reported that tree roots are pushing up the pavement at the Machado Street/Kalihi Street intersection, near Kalihi Uka Elementary School.


  1. Solar Lighting: Donahue asked if the City would consider using solar powered lighting for street lights. Donahue noted that solar lights would eliminate the need for copper wiring and underground wiring. Atta noted that some isolated areas do have solar powered lighting; however, there may be cost issues to implement solar powered lighting island-wide. Wong noted that newer solar panel models could also be a target for thieves.


  1. Budget: Youngquist asked and Atta clarified that the Mayor allowed the budget bill to pass without his signature. Youngquist asked and Atta clarified that the Mayor does not have the power to veto line items on the budget bill. Atta noted that the Mayor had concerns of the City Council taking monies for unfilled positions, clumping them all together, cutting the total funding in half, and distributing the other half to non-profit organizations.


  1. Union Contract Increases: Youngquist raised concern regarding the union contract increases, and how the City would fund the raises. If the City cannot fund the raises, they will need to either cut back on services or come up with additional sources of revenue.


  1. Non-Profit Grants: Furutani asked and Atta clarified that the Mayor had proposed monies for non-profit grants in the budget; however, City Council increased the amount of funding for non-profits in the budget.


  1. Cabinet Member Raises: Wong wished the mayor luck in balancing the budget and noted that pay raises are earned. Atta noted that cabinet members will not be getting a raise.


Councilmember Carol Fukunaga – Ed Hasegawa circulated a newsletter and introduced new representative to the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board Chris Delaunay. Delaunay made himself available for questions.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


Overgrowth/Erosion: Amaral reported that overgrowth and an eroding wall at/near 2547 Kalihi Street. It was noted that the overgrowth blocks a fire hydrant and a bus stop. The eroded wall allows for soil to spill on to the sidewalk and forces pedestrians to walk on the roadway.


Councilmember Joey Manahan – Shirley Templo circulated a newsletter and highlighted the following items included in the newsletter;


  • Bills: Included in the newsletter is information on Bill 32 (ethics laws regarding Oahu Transit Services), Resolution 13-118 (BWS equitable billing charge options), and Bills 30 and 31 (skateboard helmets requirements at skate parks/public areas).


  • Placement of Refuse Containers: Refuse containers must be returned to a resident’s property after being emptied. There are special provisions for elderly or disabled residents.


  • Aala Skate Park Clean Up: Councilmember Manahan participated with other City organizations and volunteers to paint over graffiti at Aala Skate Park on June 22, 2013.


  • Weed and Seed Representative: It was noted that the Weed and Seed coordinator attends the Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board meetings.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


  1. Weed and Seed: Wong noted that he has contacted the Kalihi Weed and Seed representative in the past about attending the Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board meeting, but has not received a response.


  1. Peter Buck Park: Amaral reported that people use lighting emitted from the freeway and continue to play basketball at Peter Buck Park after the park lights go out at 10:00 p.m. Templo noted that the office is aware of the problem and encouraged others to call HPD if they witness any illegal activity.


  1. Akira Sakima Recreational Center: Wong noted that the Board passed a resolution regarding the Akira Sakima Recreational Center a while ago. Wong requested Manahan follow up on it.




Governor’s Representative – Brigadier General Joseph Kim reported the following;


  • Taiwan: The governor is currently in Taiwan strengthening ties with Taiwan.


  • Bills: Of the 290 bills passed by the legislature, the governor only elected to veto three (3).


  • Early Education: With Act 169, the State will be codifying into law a commitment to preparing young children for success in school and life by ensuring that all island children have access to preschool.


  • Green Energy Market Securitization: Act 211 establishes the Green Energy Market Securitization financing program which eliminates unnecessary barriers to renewable energy, allowing greater access to renewable energy to the general public.


  • Hurricane Season: Hurricane season is upon us. Visit the State and City emergency preparedness websites for tips on how to be prepared.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA): Youngquist voiced support for Bill 3 which extends the voting of OHA trustees from the general election to the primary election as well.


Senator Donna Mercado Kim – Daniel Holt circulated a community bulletin and highlighted the results of a community survey, Capitol Improvement Project (CIP) listing, and community awards.


Questions, comments, and concern followed;


  1. Survey Results Layout: Wong Raised concern with the survey layout. It was expressed that upon initial review, the survey results seems to show support for the University of Hawaii chancellor’s pay.


  1. Anniversary: A community member thanked legislators for attending a Kalihi anniversary event.


  1. Showers: Furutani noted that the homeless need to shower. It was suggested the City look into portable showers.


  1. Homelessness: Wong noted that there is no quick solution to resolve homelessness. It was noted that the homeless problem is getting worse. It was noted that everyone’s efforts are needed to resolve the issues.


Representative John Mizuno – Representative Mizuno and Raytan Vares reported the following;


  • Senate Bill (SB) 515: SB 515 was passed and provides $4 million toward addressing homelessness. $100,000 was set aside to provide homeless individuals transportation to their places of origin.


  • Tax Increases: All seven (7) proposed bills dealing with proposed tax increases were defeated.


  • House Bill (HB) 1187: HB 1187 deals with human trafficking and will make Hawaii one of the strictest states when dealing with human trafficking.


  • Noise Pollution: An opinion is being obtained regarding noise pollution caused by church bells. Call Representative Mizuno’s office with any concerns relating to construction noise. Animal noise complaints can also be forwarded to Representative Mizuno’s office. Representative Mizuno will be working with HPD and the Hawaiian Humane Society on stray chickens.


  • Agenda Item 7: Representative Mizuno noted that some residents have come forward to speak on item 7 of the agenda. It was requested that the Board keep the identities of the constituents private to prevent any type of retaliation against them from the community.


Watland departed the meeting at 8:33 p.m.; six (6) members present.




  1. Vice Chair: Youngquist expressed that the position of Vice-Chair is important and noted that he will not be at the next meeting.


Youngquist moved to amend the agenda to elect a Vice-Chair during the current meeting. There being no second the motion Failed. The election of a Vice-Chair was deferred to the next meeting.


Youngquist departed the meeting at 8:36 p.m.; five (5) members present.


  1. Task Force: It was asked and clarified that Councilmember Manahan will be discussing Choice Neighborhood Planning at an upcoming community planning meeting on July 23, 2013, at 6:00 p.m.


  1. Recycling: It was reported that the RRR recycling bin is stationed at Kuhio Park Terrace (KPT) every second Saturday.




Moped Nuisance/Traffic Issues/Illegal Drug Activity/Chicken Nuisance – Chair Wong noted that the community members wishing to speak had requested that their identities be kept private to prevent any retaliation that may occur as a result of their testimonies during the meeting. Several residents of Noe Street and Pahulu Street reported that there is ongoing illegal drug activity occurring on their streets. One of the residents reported a possible dog and chicken fighting ring. The resident noted that they live in fear that their neighbors will retaliate against them. The resident does not get much rest. The resident noted that a dog was set loose on her property and had to wait in the car until the dog departed to enter their home. Representative Mizuno was thanked for working with the community.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed;


  1. Partnerships: Wong recommended the affected residents continue coming to the Neighborhood Board to communicate concerns to government officials. Wong noted that the Neighborhood Board can advocate on the community’s behalf. Wong recognized the rising concerns of drugs in Kalihi Valley and noted that there is an ongoing investigation with HPD. It was suggested continuing to work with HPD, Weed and Seed, and forming a stronger Community Policing Team. It was expressed that the community needs to come together to be more vigilant.


  1. Restore our Community (ROC): Amaral suggested working with ROC. It was noted that the organization was founded by a long time community member. It was noted that the Board approved a half way house and has noted an increase in activity along Lehua Street. A community member noted that they have already tried working with HPD, legislators and other organizations and asked if ROC is the organization they should have been working with. Donahue noted that ROC is an alternative organization and expressed that it is sad that illegal activities have not been resolved.


  1. Ongoing Work: Mizuno noted that any type of nuisance can be brought before the Board. Mizuno expressed that he would like to have an ongoing working relationship with the Board to address concerns. Mizuno expressed the need to continue working with other legislators, HPD, the Crime Reduction Unit, and Weed and Seed.


  1. Community Involvement: Wong noted that HPD is just a quick fix. It was expressed that many of the older residents are afraid of retaliation by unruly neighbors. Wong encouraged the younger generation to come together to address issues.


  1. Surveillance: Furutani suggested installing surveillance equipment to document activity. Wong noted that it can be deemed illegal to surveillance other people’s property.


  1. Problem Area: It was expressed that HPD needs to identify the area as a problem area. It was suggested going after property owners and issuing fines to help address the problems.


  1. Neighborhood Patrol: Wong noted that a Neighborhood Patrol will let offenders know that you are watching them.


  1. Crime Reduction Unit: Concern was raised that the Crime Reduction Unit is a lengthy process. It was noted that the under cover officer needs to buy illegal drugs from a person three (3) times before they can be arrested. It was suggested changing the law to speed up the process.


  1. Immediate Action: Wong noted that changing laws will take time. It was suggested immediate action be taken by the community to monitor activities and form a patrol. Wong volunteered to participate in a Neighborhood Patrol if formed.


MEETING DETERMINATION-DATE/TIME/LOCATION: Wong opened the floor for discussion of the Board meeting time, date, and place.


Discussion followed;


Kalihi Uka Booster Club: A community member reported that the Kalihi Uka Booster Club will be holding an end of summer fun event on July 16, 2013, at 6:30 p.m., at the Kalihi Uka recreational Center.


Donahue moved, and McDonald seconded to continue meeting at the Akira Sakima Community Center, each second Tuesday, at 7:00 p.m. The motion was UNANMIOUSLY ADOPTED 5-0-0 (Aye: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, and Wong).


DETERMINATION OF BOARD RECESS SCHEDULE: Wong noted that the Board has previously recessed in June and December.


Donahue moved, and Furutani seconded to recess in December 2013 and June 2014. The motion was UNANMOUSLY ADOPTED, 5-0-0 (Aye: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, and Wong).


BUDGETARY ACTIONS: Furutani moved, and Amaral seconded to approve the use of Board funding to pay for video recording of meetings. The motion was UNANIMOSULY ADOPTED, 5-0-0 (Aye: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, and Wong).


APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OF MAY 8, 2013: Amaral moved, and Donahue seconded to approve the May 8, 2013 regular meeting minutes as amended. The motion was UNANMOUSLY ADOPTED, 5-0-0 (Aye: Amaral, Donahue, Furutani, McDonald, and Wong). Corrections included;


  • Page 1 – Under Board Members Absent should strike out Devin Donahue.




Chairs Report – None.


Treasurer’s Report – Wong read the Treasurer’s report and noted a FY2013 ending balance of $202.47.




  1. Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14, 2013, at 7:00 p.m., at the Akira Sakima Recreational Center.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


Submitted by: Kazuaki McArthur, Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed by: Nola Frank, Neighborhood Commission Office staff; Christopher Wong, Chair

Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 08, 2013