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Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24

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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Johnnie-Mae Perry called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was established with six (6) Board members present. Note-This nine (9) member Board requires five (5) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.


Board Members Present: Calvin Endo, Cedric Gates, Mona Neill, Johnnie-Mae Perry, Robert Reed, and Albert Silva.


Board Members Absent: Robin Grant and Leilani Kaalekahi-Sylva.


Vacancies: There is one vacancy in sub-district 1.


Guests/Citizens: Louis Galdeira and Kiran Polk (Councilmember Kymberly Pine’s Office Staff), James Manaku, Sr., Charles Zahn (Neighborhood Commission), Richard and Shirley Landford, Cynthia K. L. Rezendes (Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board),  Keoni Mattos (Board of Water Supply), Al Frenzel (Malama Makaha), Eric Enos, Patti Isaacs, Mona Madeira, Ben Hoff, Marlen Sommers (Ho’omau Ke Ola), Mike Freitas, Regina Keawe-Paahana, Ruby Maunakea (Nanakuli Hawaiian Language Immersion Program), BS McEwen (Waianae Hawaiian Civic Club), Representative Jo Jordan, William Aila, Jr. (Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative), Kapua Keliikoa Kamai (Senator Maile Shimabukuro’s Office Staff), Sharlette Poe (Ke Ala Hanau Moku), Carl Carlson, John Dean, Jeffrey Acido (University of Hawaii Board of Regents), Dr. John Lococo (Leeward Community College), John Neill, E. Wictorinha, Gloria Jacobson, Kaili Kama, and Risé Doi (Neighborhood Commission Office Staff).


Pule/Pledge of Allegiance/Hawaii Pono’i: Chair Perry welcomed everyone to the Board meeting. Board member Endo led the pule, Board member Silva led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Board member Neill leading Hawaii Pono’i.


FILLING OF BOARD VACANCY: Chair Perry opened the floor for nominations to fill the vacancy in sub-district 1. The seat was not filled and this item will remain on the agenda.




Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): No representative was present, and no report was available.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD): Lieutenant Randy Borges provided a handout with the crime statistics and reported the following:


  • Crime Tip: Unauthorized entry into motor vehicle (UEMV) or a vehicle break-in occurs daily within the district. Some tips to avoid falling victim to a vehicle break-in include the following: Do not leave valuables in unattended parked vehicles. Vehicle alarms are a good deterrent to UEMVs. When going to the beach, try to park close enough to hear and see your vehicle. Call 911 to report suspicious people or activities when driving or walking in parking areas. Remember to lock car doors.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Law Enforcement Explorer Program (LEEP): Chair Perry asked for more information about LEEP. HPD sponsors this program. It is for youths from age 14-18. The youth meet with the officers and volunteer at police and City events. A police officer needs to be a troupe leader for schools to be involved. Chair Perry indicated that she thought LEEP would be a fantastic program in the community. Borges will contact community affairs division about administering the program.
  2. Youth Citizens Police Academy: Chair Perry asked about the Youth Citizens Police Academy. Borges reported that the Youth Citizens Police Academy is for 7th and 8th graders and a basic training program, where students go through basic training and learn about laws. Chair Perry noted that HPD has a difficult time recruiting and it would be good to have the police academy in the community and keep the youth on track. Borges will contact the community affairs division for more information.
  3. Ride-Along: Board member Gates asked how community members can schedule a ride-along with a police officer. Borges indicated that anyone interested in scheduling a ride-along must fill out a liability waiver and emergency form. Most ride-along appointments are scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  4. Waianae Coast Security Coalition: Chair Perry asked if the Waianae Coast Security Coalition meeting is still scheduled for September 25, 2013. Borges was not sure.


U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division: Lieutenant Colonel Derrick Cheng reported the following:


  • Malama Makua Cultural Access Dates: Cultural access dates are September 7, 15, and 17, 2013.
  • Deployed Army Members: The U.S. Army currently has over 735 deployed members who were stationed in Hawaii. Lt. Cheng requested to please keep the U.S. Army members in thoughts and prayers.
  • Oahu Army Natural Resource Program: The program is hosting two volunteer events on September 5, 2013, and on September 20, 2013, to control evasive species in native rainforests. For more information, call 656-7741.
  • American Ex-Prisoner of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) Ceremony: There will be an American Ex-POW MIA ceremony September 21, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.
  • Aloha Festival Parade: A U.S. Army 25th Infantry platoon will march in the Aloha Festival Parade on September 28, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. starting at Ala Moana Beach Park and end at Kapiolani Park.
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan for the Draft Supplemental Marine Resources Study: The marine resources sampling will begin on September 9, 2013 by local fishermen and University of Hawaii (UH) staff. The handout that was provided indicated that a copy of the plan is available at the Waianae, Kapolei, and Waialua public libraries, as well as the Waianae and Nanakuli high school libraries.


Ordnance Reef Update: Hudson Kekaula reported that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) finished a draft report and indicated reef injury results were not significant. Most injury occurred to corals living on the beaches and some reef injuries were from anchors.


Board of Water Supply (BWS): Keoni Mattos reported the following:


  • Water Main Breaks: There were no water main breaks in the Waianae Coast in August 2013.
  • About BWS: BWS was established in 1929 as a semi-autonomous agency of the City and County of Honolulu. As a semi-autonomous agency, BWS is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors that approves the budget and water rates, and sets policy and overall direction of BWS. BWS Board members consist of business and government professionals who ensure that the funds collected from customers will be solely used for the benefit of the water supply system. Five members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council; the other two members serve in ex-officio capacity as the City’s Director and Chief Engineer of the Department of Facility Maintenance and the State’s Director of the Department of Transportation. The BWS Board and semi-autonomous status also promotes greater efficiency in decision-making, encourages continuity of management, and fosters the establishment and monitoring of long-range planning.
  • Oahu’s Municipal Water Resources and Distribution System: BWS manages Oahu’s municipal water resources and distribution system, which includes 2,100 miles of pipeline, 90 booster pump stations, 172 reservoirs, and 166,000 customers. This includes repairing and replacing aging infrastructure and installing and maintaining facilities critical to delivering water. BWS operations and capital improvement program are funded by a combination of operating revenues, low interest bonds, and state revolving fund loans. BWS does not receive any funds generated from City property taxes.
  • Mailiilii Road: BWS completed its work to reconstruct Mailiilii Road, which was reopened on August 9, 2013. Some of the benefits that this construction project provided to the community included the installation of a concrete jacket on the existing 20-inch water main that will improve the structural integrity of the water main. There was construction of a retaining wall to support the three 36-inch drainage culverts in the area. The project was also used as an opportunity to widen the roadway which will help to improve traffic flow for area motorists and residents.
  • Construction Sign on Farrington Highway: The “notice of construction” sign on Farrington Highway, eastbound, near Piliokahi Avenue, is not owned by BWS. The sign is associated with a median landscaping project being conducted by the State Department of Transportation (HDOT).
  • Sewer Rates and Cesspool Sewer Connections: BWS is responsible for the municipal drinking water supply only. Questions about sewer rates, the wastewater irrigation factor, or sewer line connections should be discussed with the City Department of Environmental Services (ENV). BWS referred questions about these topics for ENV follow-up.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Water Bill: Board member Gates noted that community members had concerns about inaccurate billing. Mattos explained that a number of customers had received estimated bills after BWS moved to the new monthly billing system. Various factors, such as BWS unable to get a meter reading, led to some customers receiving estimated bills. BWS is working on recalculating bills to ensure that customers are accurately charged.
  2. Lower Water Rate: Board member Neill raised a concern about lowering water rates for Waianae residents since they use more water for irrigation due to less rainfall compared to other parts of the island. Mattos will follow-up with Neill.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Representative: There was no Mayor’s representative present, but Chair Perry read a memo which included the following:


  • Irrigation Factor: Board member Neill’s concern about lowering water rates for Waianae residents was related specifically to the ENV irrigation factor. The inquiry regarding Leeward Coast residents getting a higher irrigation factor than the current 20% allotment has been forwarded to ENV for a response at the next meeting.
  • Grant-in-Aid (GIA): Chair Perry was present on August 20, 2013 at a meeting convened by Hanalei Aipoalani of the Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board where the City Department of Community Services (DCS) gave a presentation on the GIA and answered questions.
  • Kaupuni Park: The current facilities of Kaupuni Park cannot be upgraded at this time to accommodate people in case of an emergency. The future improvements include a ball field, community center, parking lot, volleyball courts, and new play apparatus. Funding has not been appropriated for any of these projects. When the community center is developed, the City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will consider its use as an emergency shelter.


Councilmember Kymberly Pine: Louis Galdeira provided Councilmember Pine’s monthly report and highlighted the following:


  • City Council Meeting: The next City Council meeting will be on September 11, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at Honolulu Hale. One of the agenda items, Resolution 13-177, would amend the BWS budget process and allow the City Council to review and have approval over BWS operating and capital improvement budgets. More information can be found inside the newsletter and at
  • INPEACE: INPEACE is featured in this week’s “Your Story” e-newsletter. INPEACE is a non-profit organization that has nearly 20 years of experience serving the leeward community. Established in 1994, the mission is to “improve the quality of life for Native Hawaiians through community partnerships that promote educational opportunities and foster self-sufficiency.” One objective is to empower community members with tools needed to be self-sufficient. In the Keiki Steps Parent Participation preschool program, 90% of the staff members are hired from the community, dedicated to bringing the benefits they received back to the communities they serve.
  • Hire Leeward Career Fair: The second annual Hire Leeward Career Fair will be on January 8, 2014 at UH West Oahu. Councilmember Pine’s office is looking for Waianae businesses to get involved as vendors. Hire Leeward connects leeward residents with leeward jobs.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Resolution 13-177: Resident Al Frenzel reminded the audience to submit testimony in favor of having more supervision and oversight of BWS.
  2. Grant-In-Aid: Chair Perry still wants a grant-in-aid presentation at the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board meeting.
  3. Job Listings: Chair Perry noted that Councilmember Pine’s newsletter does not have job vacancies listed from the Mayor’s office.
  4. City Venues: Chair Perry asked why City Council meetings are held at state facilities instead of city facilities.


Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative: Director of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, William Aila, Jr., delivered a report later in the meeting.


Senator Maile Shimabukuro: Kapua Kamai delivered a report later in the meeting.


Representative Jo Jordan: Representative Jordan delivered a report later in the meeting.


Representative Karen Awana: No representative was present and no report was provided.




Replanting Trees on Raymond Torii Football Field: Board member Neill announced there will be replanting of 45 trees at Waianae High School Larry Ginoza Complex on September 9, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Call Cal Domen at 282-2443 or 692-3889 for more information.


Nanakuli Hawaiian Immersion Registration: Community member Ruby Maunakea provided fliers and announced that registration for the Nanakuli Hawaiian Language Immersion program ends on September 30, 2013.


Hunting and Fishing: Community member James Manaku, Sr. raised a concern that several months ago he asked the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) about how the community can participate in state sponsored hunting and fishing opportunities.


Access to Mountain Trails: Community member Manaku, Sr. commented that many mountain trails are blocked and noted that he would like the State and DLNR to address the issue.


Malama Makaha: Resident Frenzel commented on Malama Makaha’s effort to reroute Farrington Highway to the mauka side of Makaha Beach Park. Construction for the bridges continues to be delayed and Frenzel asked for the Board and community to consider ways to take action on this issue. Frenzel commented that he would like to have the State, City and County, and community to meet in one room to discuss the issues of park use, the dangerous situation of the highway, and rising ocean levels. Board member Silva noted that the beach is greatly utilized and that the State and City representatives should be more accountable for the residents’ concerns about the issue. Chair Perry asked Galdeira to get Councilmember Pine and state officials involved for a community meeting about the issue.


Dumping: A resident noted that a private company has been dumping truckloads of sludge behind Kaupuni Park and Kaupuni Stream. Board member Neill noted that there was a news story about this issue and SER Trucking is responsible for taking sludge from Hawaii Kai and dumping it in Waianae.


Fee: Chair Perry announced that effective September 1, 2013, there will be a $15 per hour fee for organizations utilizing DPR facilities outside of operating hours.


Shoreline Setbacks: Chair Perry announced there will be a public hearing on September 17, 2013 to take testimony on the issue of shoreline setbacks. Contact Nelson Armitage at 768-8000 ext. 88016 for more information.


Waianae Coast Security Coalition: Chair Perry announced there will be a meeting on September 25, 2013 at the Waianae Community Center at 2:00 pm.


Nanakuli Public Library: Chair Perry announced there will be a public hearing regarding a special management area (SMA) use permit for Nanakuli Public Library on September 30, 2013 at Kapolei Hale at 10:30 a.m.






University of Hawaii (UH) Presidential Selection Committee Presentation: Carl Carlson, chair of the selection committee, delivered a presentation about the process of finding a qualified candidate for the president of UH and heard the Board members’ and community’s thoughts about what kinds of attributes the next UH President should possess. UH Board of Regents members Jeffrey Acido and John Dean were also present, along with Dr. John Lococo from Leeward Community College (LCC).


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Tuition: Board member Gates commented he would like the next UH President to be someone from Hawaii and who advocates for lower tuition.
  2. Corruption: Board member Endo commented he would like the next UH President to be someone with local interests in mind. Endo also expressed his concern about the stories of corruption and the high salaries, noting the issue of high salaries needs to be examined.
  3. Mahalo: Board member Silva commented he was pleased with the presence of the UH leadership at the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board meeting and thanked UH for the positive change in educational efforts for the leeward coast area.
  4. Salary: A resident expressed concern that each UH president is hired from outside of Hawaii and the salary keeps increasing with each newly hired president. The resident suggested putting the money into scholarships. Resident Frenzel commented that there are many qualified UH graduates in the community who would work for the love of the job and not just the money.
  5. Reaching Out: Board member Neill commented that there are many UH graduates who are well qualified to be the next UH President, and expressed that the next UH president should be a UH graduate. UH needs to reach out to local high schools and encourage students to attend UH.
  6. Role of UH President: Chair Perry asked Carlson what is the role of the UH President. Carlson commented that the UH President is the manager of the University of Hawaii system (3 baccalaureate universities and 7 community colleges), and each institution is led by a chancellor. Chair Perry expressed that the new UH President should be culturally sensitive to Hawaii and noted that the salary is outrageous. Chair Perry also commented that the new UH President should support and get along with the chancellors. Chair Perry expressed she hopes that UH West Oahu will get better natural science programs and a law degree program. Carlson commented that the selection committee has heard many concerns about salaries and tuition, and that the next UH President will have to find creative ways to deal with tuition costs and must understand the culture of Hawaii. Carlson also noted that UH graduates have returned to UH after pursuing advanced degrees to become deans.


Waianae Valley Ranch Lease by Ka’ala Farm and Ho’omau Ke Ola Presentation: Eric Enos delivered a presentation regarding the Waianae Valley Ranch lease. Enos discussed the history of Waianae Valley Ranch, noting that destructive cattle had invaded the Waianae Kai forest reserve and the rancher got evicted. Enos commented that there is also a heiau on the ranch property, and the State Department of Agriculture did not comply with some cultural site preservation laws. Ho’omau Ke Ola and Ka’ala Farm requested for the property to be under their control. Currently, they are working on a plan on how to use the land. Chair Perry requested Enos to provide another update in a few months.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Cattle: Board member Endo asked if all the cattle had been removed from the ranch. Enos noted there are a few left.
  2. Pesticides: Chair Perry commented that pesticides, whether organic or not, are detrimental to bees. She also recommended Enos to consider learning about the City Council Resolution 13-146 FD-1 regarding a community gardening program.




Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes for August 6, 2013: Endo moved and Neill seconded to approve the August 6, 2013 minutes as amended. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 6-0-0 (Aye: Endo, Gates, Neill, Perry, Reed, and Silva). Corrections included the following:

  • Page 4: Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Representative: Bus Route 40 and Route C: “Kapolei Common Mall” should be “Kapolei Commons Mall.” Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Representative: Questions, comments, and concerns followed: Bus Stop: “in front” should be “across.”


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Endo read the August 2013 financial statement. Endo noted a beginning balance of $960.72. $75.55 was spent printing and mailouts, leaving a balance of $884.77. The report was filed. Chair Perry asked Board member Silva if he would like to continue to receive copies of mail or wait until the following meeting to receive them, noting that the Board is charged for copies and postage. Silva indicated he can wait until the following month. Chair Perry also noted that she had distributed copies of the Liquor Laws of Hawaii to Board members Reed and Silva since they were not present during the last meeting.


APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Chair Perry asked for volunteers and appointed the following members to be chairs/delegates of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board committees:


  • Education Committee: Board member Endo volunteered to be the Chair.
  • Intergovernmental Affairs & Human Services Committee: Chair Perry asked Board member Endo to be the Chair. Endo agreed.
  • Clean and Sober Delegate: Chair Perry asked for volunteers. Resident Marlen Sommers volunteered to be a delegate. Silva moved to allow Sommers to be the Clean and Sober delegate, Neill seconded. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 6-0-0 (Aye: Endo, Gates, Neill, Perry, Reed, and Silva).
  • Parks & Recreation Committee: Board member Gates announced there will be a meeting on September 11, 2013 at Makaha District Park at 6:30 p.m.
  • Public Safety & Economic Development Committee: Chair Perry appointed Board member Reed as this committee’s Chair.
  • Public Works & Sustainability Committee: Chair Perry appointed herself.
  • Transportation Committee: Chair Perry appointed herself.
  • Oahu MPO Delegate: Chair Perry asked resident Al Frenzel to be the Oahu MPO delegate. Frenzel accepted. Neill moved to allow Frenzel to be the Oahu MPO delegate, Silva seconded. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 6-0-0 (Aye: Endo, Gates, Neill, Perry, Reed, and Silva).
  • Abandoned Tire Task Force Delegate: Board member Gates volunteered to be the delegate.
  • Zoning and Planning Committee: Chair Perry appointed Board member Neill as the Chair.
  • Makaha Valley Coalition Delegate: Chair Perry appointed Board member Reed as a delegate.


Board member Silva moved to approve all of the appointments and volunteers, Neill seconded. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 6-0-0 (Aye: Endo, Gates, Neill, Perry, Reed, and Silva).


CHAIR’S REPORT: Chair Perry reported the following:


  • Mayor’s Town Hall Meeting: Chair Perry attended the town hall meeting held in Kapolei Hale on May 16, 2013. Route C bus services will be restored. Chair Perry indicated that Mayor Caldwell has allocated money for District 3 parks (falling within the boundaries of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board, Nanakuli/Maili Neighborhood Board, and Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board).
  • Ken Takemoto, Chief Liquor Control Investigator: Statistics show that 70% of minors are getting alcohol from adult family, friends, and others who have bought it legally. Chair Perry noted that Takemoto reported the retail sales for zip code 96792 alone for the past five years is $10 million per year.
  • Jack-In-The-Box Waianae: Chair Perry has been in contact with Mr. Tom King, project manager of Blue Pacific Management LLC, regarding the delay of construction. An old telephone pole needs to be removed.
  • Meeting with Louis Galdeira, III, Councilmember Kymberly Pine’s Office: Galdeira met with a small group of residents at Starbucks. Concerns addressed were construction delays, housing, homeless, traffic, and community projects.
  • Oahu MPO Policy Committee: Chair Perry attending a meeting on July 19, 2013, testifying in support of the Farrington Highway Realignment Study on behalf of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board. Chair Perry also had testified in support of the Makaha Beach Plan Project. On behalf of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board, Chair Perry also testified in support of the Makakilo Drive Extension. Councilmember Pine and Representative Sharon Har had suggested that the plan be changed to a two-lane project from a four-lane project, but Chair Perry opposed the idea.
  • Jourdan Okada, General Manager of Okada Trucking Co., Ltd.: Okada is currently in the process of obtaining permits from the City for the re-grading of the parking lot area, and making a catchment system to collect any water run-off on the property located near Ark of Safety in Waianae.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Chair Perry announced the following:


  • Next Meeting: The next Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board meeting is on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Waianae District Park Multi-Purpose Room, 85-601 Farrington Highway, Waianae, HI 96792.
  • Broadcast: The Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board regular meetings will premier every third week of the month on Monday, Channel 49 at 9:00 p.m. Non-prime time airings will be every second and fourth week of the month and on Saturday, Channel 54 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Emergency Preparedness Fair: There will be an emergency preparedness fair on September 7, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Ewa Makai Middle School.


MONTHLY REPORTS: Hearing no objection, Chair Perry took the agenda out of order to allow Governor Neil Abercrombie’s representative William Aila, Jr., Kapua Kamai from Senator Maile Shimabukuro’s office, and  Representative Jo Jordan deliver their monthly reports.


Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative: William Aila, Jr., reported the following:


  • Marriage Equality/ Same-Sex Marriage: Governor Abercrombie’s office has received many e-mails, letters, and telephone calls from constituents on both sides of the marriage equality issue. Whether or not you are in favor of equal rights for same-sex couples or simply oppose a special session, Governor Abercrombie wishes to convey that he and his Administration are continuing due diligence to remain accessible, transparent and open in consideration of all views.  Last week, Governor Abercrombie shared with state legislators and news media a marriage bill, drafted by the state Attorney General. To view the draft bill, visit the Governor’s Office webpage at and click on “Marriage Bill” under Useful links. This week, Governor Abercrombie hopes to meet with House and Senate leadership to discuss the possibility of a special session.
  • Airline Tickets for Homeless: The State Legislature passed a law that allows the State Department of Human Services to purchase an airline ticket for a homeless person to return to his/her home state, if the person is in good health, be taught hygiene, and a have family member agreeing to provide a residence when he/she returns home. Governor Abercrombie has some reservations about the new law, therefore, does not want the policy to be to purchase tickets.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Special Session: Board member Endo raised concern about having a special session, noting that it might set precedence to having a special session each time a particular group wants an issue to be heard outside of the legislative session. Endo expressed that taxpayers should not have to pay for a special session.
  2. Sea Urchins: Chair Perry commented that sea urchins are going to be put into Kaneohe Bay, and requested sea urchins to be in Pokai Bay to harvest. Aila commented that the sea urchins are there to eat the alien algae in the bay and prefers the sea urchins not to be harvested. Aila noted that people should shake the sea urchin to eat the eggs and sperm of the sea urchin without harvesting it.
  3. Decrease in Rainfall: Chair Perry noted from last meeting the concern about a decrease of rainfall in Waianae, and asked what the community can do. Aila commented the community can support the rainforest initiative and support legislative efforts in getting more money for the project.
  4. BWS: Resident Sommers asked how Governor Abercrombie’s administration interacts with BWS and what the Administration’s position is on Resolution 13-177. Aila stated the Administration does not have an official position on the resolution. Aila expressed his own views in favor of BWS maintaining autonomy. DLNR consults with BWS for projects to get input on sustainability. Aila noted that there will be a decrease of water in 30 years.
  5. Wastewater Treatment: Aila discussed the importance of re-using wastewater, and will propose the concept of tertiary wastewater treatment to Mayor Caldwell. Tertiary water can be used for any crop that is not a leafy vegetable.
  6. Audit: Community member Kapua Kamai asked about audit findings and implementing recommendations to help the state and Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL). Aila commented that the governor is interested in the findings of the audit. Aila noted the federal government has some responsibility since the government created DHHL. Aila indicated that the Administration has appropriated money and is working on finding additional money for DHHL. Kamai commented that the budget analysis indicated that 64% of government appointees are in DHHL, and therefore DHHL is paying for appointees that may not have the best interest of beneficiaries in mind. Kamai noted there should be more transparency, and that DHHL money, not general funds, is being spent on staffing. Kamai also commented that DHHL has to generate funding to pay the appointees.
  7. Superferry: Kamai noted that there were environmental impact concerns with the impact of Superferry, and the failed vessels went on the auction block for a much cheaper cost than what was paid for them. The federal government purchased them and the vessels are likely to come back into Hawaii’s waters. Kamai asked what Governor Abercrombie’s position is on allowing the vessels back in Hawaii’s waters, noting the previous environmental impact concerns. Aila commented that the State of Hawaii has no jurisdiction of military vessels. Aila noted that the federal government purchased the vessels when the Superferry private company went bankrupt. The U.S. Army and Hawaii have agreed to certain conditions of the lawsuit, like the vessels have to be washed to eliminate evasive species when traveling between islands.


Senator Maile Shimabukuro: Kamai provided a handout and reported that Senator Shimabukuro met with the Council of Native Hawaiian Advancement and is also the Chair of the Senate Hawaiian Affairs Committee.  Kamai also reported that Kaupuni Village, located in Waianae, is the nation’s first net-zero energy affordable housing project. Kamai noted to “like” Senator Shimabukuro’s Facebook page, or call 586-7793.


Representative Jo Jordan: Representative Jordan provided a handout and thanked community members for attending the town hall meeting on August 27, 2013.  Representative Jordan reported the following:


  • Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Funds: Governor Abercrombie released $2 million in CIP funds for Puhawai Culvert for drainage improvements.
  • Nanakuli Public Library Hearing: There is a permit hearing regarding Nanakuli Public Library at Kapolei Hale on September 30, 2013 at 10:30 a.m.
  • Go Akamai: HDOT released a cell phone application on traffic updates and alerts.
  • Kamehameha Schools Ka Pua Initiative Meeting: There will be a community meeting regarding Kamehameha Schools Ka Pua Initiative on October 8, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Waianae District Park, and October 17, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nanakuli High School multi-purpose room.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


Submitted by: Risé Doi, Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed by: Aisha A. C. Wang, Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed and Finalized by: Johnnie-Mae Perry, Chair

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, September 25, 2013