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Mililani / Waipio/ Melemanu Neighborhood Board No. 25

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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Dick Poirier called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m., with a quorum of 20 members present. Note: This 23 member Board requires 12 members to establish quorum and to take official Board action. Chair Poirier led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Members Present: Pauline Arellano, Danielle Bass, William “Bill” Bass, Michael Dau, Ann Freed, Corinne Gallardo-Mata, Sabrina Gustafson, Pua Iuli, Shaun Kawakami, Marilyn Lee, Karen Loomis, Joy Marshall, Trevor Nagamine, Rodney Park, Dick Poirier, Mary Segura, Carole Siegel, Emil Svrcina, Douglas Thomas, and Alvin Wong.


Members Absent: John Norris and Charlie Remington.


Guests: Maria Segura, Chris Manu, Gwen and Grace Miyamoto; Darrell Kim, Rita Kama-Kimura, Mona Burrell,

Owen Matsunaga, Ray Gibo, Dennis and Yvonne Kim; Renata Svrcina, Elizabeth Svrcina, Park Kaleiwahea, Senator Michelle Kidani, Jerry Burrell, Lehua Yamagata, Hyla Sotano, Crystal Goo R.K., Shirley Lee, E. Kiyabu, Peter Lee, Val Okimoto, Will Kane, Melissa Vomvoris, JR Guileb (Video Recorder), and Nola J. Frank (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


Vacancy: One (1) Seat, Subdistrict 2.


Introduction: Board member introduced themselves at this time.


APPROVAL OF SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: Without objections the September  24, 2014 regular meeting minutes were APPROVED as amended, 20-0-0 (Aye: Arellano, D. Bass, B. Bass, Dau, Freed, Gallardo-Mata, Gustafson, Iuli, Kawakami, Lee, Loomis, Marshall, Nagamine, Park, Poirier, Segura, Siegel, Svrcina, Thomas and Wong). The corrections are:


  • Page 5, 2nd Questions, comment and concerns followed 2 Mahalo should read, “… delete Arellano; A member of the Board…”
  • Page 5, Page 5, 2nd Questions, comment and concerns followed 4 District Park Lighting should read, “Gustafson asked that the lights on the second light fixtures at the Lanikuhana Avenue end of the field…”


FILLING OF BOARD VACANCY, ONE (1) SEAT SUBDISTRICT 2: There was no person present interested in filling the vacancy.




  • Next Meeting: The next Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu Neighborhood Board No. 25 meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at Mililani Recreation Center III, 95-281 Kaloapau Street.
  • Broadcasts of Board Meetings: `Olelo Focus 49 every second Thursday at 9:00 p.m.; and every first and third Saturday at 9:00 a.m.


AJDOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.



Submitted by: Nola J. Frank, Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Stephen Saito, Neighborhood Assistant

Final Review by: Dick Poirier, Chair

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, November 19, 2014