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Waimanalo Neighborhood Board No. 32

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CALL TO ORDER - Chair Wilson Kekoa Ho called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. A quorum was established with nine (9) members present. Note – This 13-member Board requires seven (7) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action. Chair Ho wanted to especially acknowledge Lieutenant Leong, Master Sergeant Mueller and Colonel Suzan Vares-Lum for the use of the auditorium, the coffee, and the refreshments, courtesy of the Hawai'i Army National Guard.


Members Present – Shannon Alivado (arrived 7:49 p.m.), Michael Buck, Wilson Kekoa Ho, Andrew Jamila Jr., Ryan Kalama, Marvelle "Kuulei" Laughlin, Herbert Nakamura, Courtney Paulos, Ted Radovich, Shelly Teixeira-Vickery, Nani Akeo (appointed at this meeting) and Joseph Albinio (appointed at this meeting).


Members Absent – Maynard "Beanie" Koa.


Vacancies – There are two (2) vacancies; one (1) each in Subdistricts four (4) and eight (8).


Guests – Captain Pamela Marshall, Johanna Marizan-Ho and Tiffany Patrick (United States Marine Corps Base Hawaii); Craig Gorsuch (Bellows Air Force Station); Mary Alice Evans (Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative, Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism); Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Young (Hawai'i Army National Guard); Senator Laura Thielen; Sheri Kajiwara (Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Representative, Department of Design and Construction, Director); Councilmember Ikaika Anderson and J.D. Aweau (Councilmember Anderson’s Office staff); Captain Norbert Pukini (Honolulu Fire Department); Lieutenant Wayne Wong (Honolulu Police Department); Diane Moses (Board of Water Supply); Joe Tassill and Paulette Keopuhiwa (Department of Hawaiian Homelands); Julie Dugan (Job Corps); Bernie Strand (Waimanalo Ahupua’a Coalition); Cherilyn Inouye (Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School); Mia Elison (Hui Malama O Ke Kai); Mary Oneha (Waimanalo Health Center Director); Kahu Ricky Bermudez; Johnny Parker; Eric Gasper; Lohn and Lorraine Hoapili; Ted Ralston; Paul Richard; Marlee Breese; Scott Reis-Monis; Joe Albinio; Nani Akeo; Isaac Kaapua; David Jones (Videographer); and Adam LeFebvre (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


Pule – Chair Ho welcomed everyone to the Board meeting and noted that meetings begin with an opening prayer. Those not wishing to participate were allowed to remove themselves. Paul Richards gave the pule.


FILLING OF VACANCIES: Nakamura nominated Joseph Albinio to fill the vacancy in Subdistrict 4. Jamila nominated Nani Akeo to fill the vacancy in Subdistrict 8. As there were no other nominations, Joseph Albinio and Nani Akeo were APPOINTED to the Board by ACCLAMATION.


Neighborhood Assistant LeFebvre administered the Oath of Office; 11 members present.




Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Captain Norbert Pukini reported the following:


  • August 2013 Fire Statistics – The statistics included 1 structure fire, 45 medical emergencies, 1 search and rescue, and 12 miscellaneous calls for service. There were no major or unusual incidents reported.
  • Fire Safety Tip – Residents were advised to exercise caution when using candles. Residents should: extinguish candles before going to bed, keep 12 inches distance between the candle and flammable materials, use sturdy candle holders, extinguish the candle before it burns too low, never use a candle if an oxygen tank is used in the home, and never leave a child alone with a burning candle. Flashlights or flameless candles should be used during power outages.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Lieutenant Wayne Wong reported the following:


  • August 2013 Crime Statistics – There were 3 assaults, 1 auto/motorcycle thefts, 0 burglaries (residential and business), 2 drugs/narcotics, 0 graffiti cases, 0 robberies (person and business), 15 thefts, and 15 unauthorized entries into a motor vehicle (UEMV), totaling 37 incidents. There were 8 incidents at Bellows Air Force Base, including several arguments and dropped 911 calls, thefts and medical assists.
  • Crime Prevention Tip – Residents were advised to remove their car keys and valuables from their cars and lock them to prevent unauthorized entry and theft.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. UEMV Statistics – Chair Ho asked how many of the UEMV’s involved breaking a car window. Lieutenant Wong noted that while there is no statistical data available, many break-ins involved smashed windows or use of a screwdriver.
  2. Liquor Establishments – Buck asked if there is a higher incidence of crime associated with establishments that provide their own liquor, or establishments with a “Bring Your Own Beer” (BYOB) policy. Lieutenant Wong did not have data available, but will investigate.
  3. Liquor Near Public Parks – Jamila asked and it was clarified that no liquor is allowed within 500 feet of the property line surrounding a public park.
  4. Crime Rates – Paulos asked and it was clarified that crime rates typically increase during the summer months, but HPD will investigate alternative measures for combating crimes in public areas.
  5. Prison Escapee – Lieutenant Wong noted that the escapee from Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) was apprehended by the Sherriff late in the evening on Sunday, September 8, 2013.
  6. Moped Noise Complaints – Akeo asked and it was clarified that residents should call 911 when they hear excessive moped noise after hours, and provide a detailed description of the moped’s location.


Shannon Alivado arrived at 7:49 p.m.; 12 members present.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Representative – Sheri Kajiwara of the Customer Services Department (CSD) presented on behalf of Chris Takashige, and reported the following:


  • Previous Experience – Kajiwara noted that she had worked for the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) for 10 years, and that she loves Waimanalo. She distributed mango bread to the Board members.
  • Flooding Issue – The Department of Transportation Services (DTS) investigated the flooding issue at the corner of Nalu Street and Kalanianaole Highway and determined that there is no drainage system there. The ponding is occurring on State jurisdiction, and DTS is awaiting response.
  • Humuniki Street – Kajiwara is awaiting response from DTS regarding traffic calming measures.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Traffic Calming Measures – Paulos asked and it was clarified that speed humps can add to the response time for emergency services.
  2. Mooli Street – Teixeira-Vickery noted that she did not see an issue pertaining to Mooli Street running both mauka and makai in the August 2013 regular meeting minutes, and requested that DTS address this issue.
  3. Traffic Light – Jamila noted a timing synchronization issue with the traffic light at the corner of Kalanianaole Highway and Polima Street, which is causing severe traffic backup.
  4. Ponding Issue – Community Member Joe Tassill noted a ponding issue on the corner of Makini Street and Kalanianaole Highway, which poses a hazard to residents of the nearby Kupuna Hale.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Representative (continued) – Kajiwara provided a presentation on the closure of the Enchanted Lakes Satellite City Hall (SCH):


  • SCH Closure – Due to relatively low residential usage and proximity to other SCH locations, the Enchanted Lakes branch will be shut down in order to divert resources to areas with greater need.
  • Justification – A graph was shown which displayed areas of highest density. More than 60% of the transactions at the Enchanted Lakes location are commercial dealer motor vehicle transactions. A graph was displayed showing pictures of the low density of customers at the Enchanted Lakes branch compared to other branches.
  • Impact Mitigation – Many of the staff from the Enchanted Lakes SCH will be relocated to the Windward City branch, which will greatly reduce waiting times at that location. Every additional window cuts the estimated waiting time in half. New policies have been implemented to decrease waiting time, including a “triage” center to ensure that residents have all the proper documentation before waiting in line. A “call number” system, which has been successfully implemented in California, is being considered to allow residents to be seated and perform other tasks as they wait to be called. Every effort will be made to make better use of existing resources to better serve the communities. CSD is considering returning driver’s license renewals to the Windward City location.
  • State Identification (ID) LawsNew State laws require that residents bring alternate forms of ID to apply for a driver’s license, which had caused significant delays at SCH locations island-wide. Online forms are available to help residents know which forms to bring, reducing wait times.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1.     Waiting Times – Jamila and Albinio noted that there is consistently a line at the Enchanted Lakes SCH. Kajiwara noted that waiting times are sometimes longer around noon as many employees take their lunch breaks. CSD has considered hiring part-time staff to cover lunch breaks.

2.     Suggestions – Jamila suggested having the Enchanted Lakes location open on a truncated schedule, such as only Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Kajiwara thanked him for the comment, but noted that the rent would remain a consistent cost as long as the City uses the space. Jamila noted that a shuttle service had been employed to bring residents to the SCH. Kajiwara noted that the service was discontinued due to high cost and low ridership.

3.     Commercial SCH Users – Alivado asked and it was clarified that commercial users are supposed to go to the Downtown Gateway location in Chinatown.

4.     Community Notification – Alivado requested that outreach be conducted to inform residents of the impending closure. Kajiwara will be conducting extensive media campaigns and community meetings, and will distribute notices in surrounding neighborhoods.

5.     Windward City SCH Location – Community Member Joe Tassill related an incident in which he had forgotten a document, but workers at the SCH held his place in line as he retrieved it from his home.

6.     Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31 – Community Member Kahu Ricky Bermudez noted that the majority of Kailua Neighborhood Board members and residents were opposed to the closure.


Councilmember J. Ikaika Anderson – Councilmember Anderson reported that he will be sending a memo to Mayor Caldwell requesting postponement of the SCH closure until the budget committee can offer insight. The next meeting is on September 25, 2013.


Questions, comments and concerns followed: SCH Closure Savings – The actual cost savings of closing the branch is $55,000 in rent. The staff costs $200,000, but will be retained and relocated to areas of greater need. Councilmember Anderson believes that the public should have the opportunity to “weigh in” on the issue.


Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Diane Moses reported the following:


  • About the BWS – The BWS was established in 1929 as a semi-autonomous agency of the City and County of Honolulu. As a semi-autonomous agency, the BWS is governed by a seven (7) member Board of Directors that approves the Department’s budget and water rates, and sets policy and overall direction of the BWS, The BWS Board consists of business and government professionals who ensure that the funds collected from the water customers will be solely used for the benefit of the water supply system. The BWS Board and semi-autonomous status also promotes greater efficiency in decision-making, encourages continuity of management, and fosters the establishment and monitoring of long range planning. The BWS manages Oahu’s municipal water resources and distribution, which includes 2,100 miles of pipeline, 90 booster pump stations, 94 source stations, 172 reservoirs, and 166,000 customers. BWS operations and capital improvement program are funded by a combination of Operating Revenue (funds collected from rate payers), low-interest bonds, and State Revolving Funds loans; BWS does not receive any funds generated from City property taxes.
  • Customer Service – Moses apologized for the long wait times on the customer service number (748-5030), and encouraged customers to email for more convenient solutions.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1.     Autonomy – Chair Ho asked and it was clarified that water suppliers on neighboring islands are likely autonomous as well, as water supply is typically separated from politics.

2.     Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Contaminants – Community Member Joe Tassill noted that an acquaintance of his in Kapolei has reported illness due to a GMO contaminated water system.


Approval of the July, 2013 Regular Meeting MinutesMarvelle moved and Kalama seconded that the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board No. 32 approve the July 8, 2013 regular meeting minutes, as corrected.  The motion was ADOPTED by UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 12-0-0 (AYE: Akeo, Albinio, Alivado, Buck, Ho, Jamila, Kalama, Laughlin, Nakamura, Paulos, Radovich and Teixeira-Vickery).


PAGE 1 – Under “Members Present,” move “(arrived at 7:53 p.m.)” from Shelly Teixeira-Vickery to Herbert Nakamura.

PAGE 2 – Change “Shelly Teixeira-Vickery arrived…” to “Herbert Nakamura arrived…”


TREASURER'S REPORT – There was no report at this time.




Waimanalo Community Health Center – Mary Oneha introduced the new Optometrist Dr. Isaac Kaopua, who reported that he was born and raised on Waimanalo in Homestead land, and attended Kalani High School. Kaopua attended Pacific University in Oregon in 1984, opened his first clinic in Aiea and also worked in American Samoa. He is happy to return to the community where he was raised. He will be working part-time on Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. His two (2) exam rooms are well equipped, and he is excited to work with the community. A health center flyer was distributed, and residents were advised to call for an appointment. Mary Oneha then reported the following:


  • Annual Meeting – Residents were invited to attend the meeting on September 26, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Affordable Care Act – The Health Center will be participating in outreach and enrollment to be compliant with the new health care act from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. All uninsured residents will be required to enroll in health care.
  • Open Positions – The Health Center is in the process of hiring a dietician and eligibility worker, and residents were encouraged to apply at


Sergio’s Mexican Restaurant Liquor License Application – Owner Sergio Aiau was available for questions and concerns.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Restrooms – Buck noted that establishments that sell liquor need two handicap-accessible bathrooms. Aiau noted that Sergio’s Mexican Restaurant is already comliant.
  2. Intention – Aiau noted that his intention is not to make the restaurant a “bar scene,” but to allow his patrons the opportunity to enjoy a beer or margarita with their dinner. He will not be changing the current closing time of 9:00 p.m.
  3. Proximity to Playground – Chair Ho noted that the establishment is within 500 feet of a playground, and as such liquor should not be sold on the premises. The Waimanalo Neighborhood Board denied 7-Eleven’s liquor license application due to the proximity to the playground. Aiau noted that, unlike 7-Eleven, Sergio’s customers would be encouraged to consume their beverages on the property. Alivado noted that the rule is not strict, as Kailua has a number of bars near playgrounds and schools.
  4. Parking – Sergio’s will be hiring a parking attendant to assist customers with getting in and out of the parking stalls from Kalanianaole Highway.
  5. Need for Liquor License – Chair Ho noted that residents can currently purchase liquor from the nearby establishment ‘Bobby’s,’ and bring it to Sergio’s. Aiau noted that if liquor is sold from the restaurant, they would be better able to control its consumption. Having a margarita with a meal is a cultural tradition. He will not be selling vodka and whiskey, though he would be allowed to if the liquor license application is accepted.
  6. Community Involvement – Alivado thanked Sergio’s for being a business in Waimanalo, for hiring locally and giving back to the community. Sergio’s helped the Waimanalo Elementary School with its catering needs, participated in a volleyball team fundraising event, a canoe club youth program, and HFD eats free once per week. Sergio’s participated in a Laumaka work furlough, hiring two recently rehabilitated prisoners, but it did not work out. Community member John Parker spoke in support of Sergio’s contributions to the community.
  7. BYOB Policy – Kalama asked and it was clarified that if the liquor license application is accepted, Sergio’s will no longer permit BYOB.
  8. 7-Eleven – Chair Ho asked Aiau how he would feel if 7-Eleven were allowed to sell liquor. Aiau noted that his establishment is a different type of business, and he would only give alcohol to his patrons to enjoy with their dinner. Nakamura noted that liquor laws would not permit Sergio’s to serve more than one (1) beverage per customer at a time. Community Member Scott Reismuniz noted that Sergio’s will have a control factor, whereas 7Eleven is about mass distribution.
  9. Store Hours – Paulos asked and it was noted that the hours of operation would not be changed. Sergio’s opens at 10:00 a.m. in the summer, and 11:00 a.m. in the winter.
  10. Board Action – Buck asked and it was clarified that the Neighborhood Board is not required to take action.
  11. Credibility – Kalama reported that the Waikiki Civic Club affirms Sergio’s credibility. Chair Ho noted that Sergio’s is applying for a bar license. Aiau noted that a bar license is required to serve margaritas, but they have no intention of creating a bar atmosphere.


Monkey Pod Tree Removal – Chair Ho noted that the monkey pod tree on Kumuhau Street has been removed, but the displaced concrete slabs have not yet been repaired.


Questions, comments and concerns followed: Tree Removal – Jamila reported that he was part of the removal team, and parts of the tree were distributed to various non-profits in Waimanalo for cultural wood-working. The City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) is accepting bids from contractors to repair the slabs. Joe Tassil asked why it takes so long for slabs to be repaired in Waimanalo, when repairs on other parts of the island are performed more expeditiously.


Tour Buses – Ted Ralston reported seeing tour buses stopped and dropping off passengers on Kalanianaole Highway, and asked if they are permitted to do so.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Action – Chair Ho advised Ralston to call HPD and provide as many details as possible. The buses tend not to stay long, and when asked to move, they drive a few houses down and continue their business. Akeo noted that buses will often have a name printed on the side, and advised sharing that with HPD, or taking pictures.
  2. Commercial Activity – Chair Ho noted that commercial activity is not permitted on public roadways in Waimanalo. Ralston noted seeing a double-decker tour bus. Jamila noted seeing up to nine (9) vans dropping off Japanese tourists in dive suits near public right-of-ways. Radovich noted that he is the representative from that Subdistrict, and invited the community to make a concerted effort so that the Neighborhood Board can take action.
  3. Kailua Neighborhood Board – Kahu Ricky Bermudez noted that the Kailua Neighborhood Board has taken action about similar issues, and recently drafted a letter to the Honolulu Tourism Authority (HTA) requesting that Kailua not be advertised as a vacation destination. He suggested that Waimanalo be added to the letter.
  4. Weight issues – Community member Bernie Strand asked if Waimanalo roads are designed to handle a high capacity of heavy tour buses.


Nearby Development – Kahu Ricky Bermudez noted that an area on the hills above Olomana Golf Course is being surveyed for development, and requested that anyone with cultural or historical ties to the area contact him to consult with the developers.




Agro-Forestry Meeting Update – Senator Thielen reported the following:


  • Agro-Forestry – Senator Thielen recently attended a meeting with representatives from the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) regarding possible agro-forestry activity on the Windward side. Many of the attendees of that meeting did not like the idea, and DLNR will work with the community to come up with the best plan to better care for the area.
  • Children and Youth Month – Children and Youth Day will be celebrated at the State Capitol on Sunday, October 6, 2013. The Children and Youth Summit will be held on Friday, October 11, 2013 at the State Capitol Auditorium, and keiki will have the opportunity to suggest legislative ideas for the Keiki Caucus.


Questions, comments and concerns followed: Beach Park Activity – Teixeira-Vickery asked if Senator Thielen knew the rules pertaining to tour buses and commercial activity. DLNR jurisdiction covers from the high water mark to the ocean, and any commercial activity would require a permit. A strict “no stuff” rule is enforced, prohibiting chairs from being pre-set, or having a kayak school. Certain exemptions are granted for the elderly at weddings. Above the high water mark is the jurisdiction of the City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).


Bellows Air Force Base Cesspool Update – Craig Gorsuch noted that a public meeting was held to discuss the cesspool. There was significant feedback pertaining to sustainablility, which will be addressed in the upcoming Environmental Impact Survey (EIS), due to come out in the beginning of November 2013.


University of Hawaii (UH) Dean Presentation – No representative or report was available.




Governor Neil Abercrombie Representative – Mary Alice Evans reported that Governor Abercrombie has agreed to call a special session to consider a bill about marriage equality.




Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) – Captain Pamela Marshall reported the following:


  • Excess Noise – Captain Marshall thanked residents for their patience during the Labor Day military excersizes.
  • Sequestration – The civilian furloughs have concluded.
  • Splash and Dash – A biathlon event, “Splash and Dash,” will be held on October 20, 2013 and will consist of a 500 meter swim and a 5 kilometer run.


National Guard – Lieutenant Colonel Mark Young advised residents to expect excess noise from September 24-25, 2013.


Air Force – Commander Craig Gorsuch reported the following:


  • Native Plant Restoration – Funding was awarded to restore the native plant population, which will be performed in 50-foot sections over the next few years. A nursery will be built for native plants through a partnership with UH.
  • Mangrove Removal – There are three (3) acres of mangroves to be removed, which should be complete in November, 2013.


Hawaiian Homestead – Paul Richard reported the following:


  • Community Technology and Education Center (C-TEC) – Richard is awaiting the remaining $750,000 to be released by Governor Abercrombie.
  • Recording Studio – A new state-of-the-art studio is being planned, and will likely use digital equipment.
  • Charter School – A new charter school is asking to be included on the letterhead, and contracts are currently under negotiation.


Waimanalo Health Center (WHC) – Mary Oneha had no additional report.


Hawaii Job Corps – Julie Dugan reported the following:


  • Enrollment Freeze – The freeze has been lifted, allowing 8 students to graduate per month.
  • Maui Campus – The campus has 20 openings for local students.
  • Fundraising Events – Hawaii Job Corps will be participating in an American Cancer Society event on October 12, 2013. A benefit car wash will be held September 21, 2013 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.


Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School (WEIS) – Cherilyn Inouye reported that the Department of Education (DOE) has rated WEIS as a “continuous improvement school,” in the top 85% of schools in the growth category. WEIS is trying to improve its students’ college readiness. A white elephant sale will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Blanche Pope Elementary School – There was no representative or report available.


Hui Malama O Ke Kai – Mia Elison reported the following:


  • Keiki Program – The maximum capacity of fifth and sixth graders have been enrolled in the orientation camp for the program, held October 4-6, 2013.
  • Ohana Program – Families were invited to attend the upcoming event at the TEY project.
  • Kukuna Classes – The classes have started, and residents may still attend if they missed orientation.
  • Opio Program – The program is accepting 7-12 graders, and enrollment will last for another week.
  • Hokulea Waimanalo Fair and Carnival – A flyer was distributed inviting residents to the carnival from October 18-20, 2013. Elison wants the event to be a community effort.


Waimanalo Ahupuaa Coalition (WAC) – Bernie Strand attended a community meeting regarding organic farming, which was also attended by representatives form Mel’s Market. There was a successful membership drive for the forestry management plan, and Mel’s Market and WAC signed up.




Waimanalo Country Fair – Jamila announced that tickets are available at Shima’s Market. The fair will be held October 18-20, 2013.


ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 9:42 p.m.


Submitted by:

Adam LeFebvre, Neighborhood Assistant


Reviewed by:

Jenilea Heath, Neighborhood Commission Office


Final Review by:

Wilson Kekoa Ho, Chair

Last Reviewed: Monday, October 07, 2013