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early 1800's
Queen Ka'ahumanu visits Hanauma Bay
1848 Land given to Victoria Kamamalu, a descendent of King Kamehameha
mid 1800's Hanauma Bay is considered a favorite fishing place of King Kamehameha V

Land given to Bernice Pauahi Bishop
Bernice Pauahi Bishop dies, all land holdings placed in her estate
1927 Road connecting Honolulu and Makapu'u completed allowing access to the bay
1928 Hanauma Bay and Koko Head District Park is deeded to the City & County of Honolulu by the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Bishop Estate for use as a recreational park.
1941 Fearing the bay would be used as a landing site by Japan, defensive positions were established by the army all along Oahu's eastern shore, including at Hanauma Bay
1950 The City & County budgets $150,000 to:
1) Dredge 3 large swimming holes
2) Construct a road from the cliff top to the beach
3) Construct a 20,000 gallon water tank
4) Improve the parking lot
1952 "Probably the most popular of Oahu's parks" states the Board of Public Parks and Recreation
A group from the University of Hawaii excavates the cliff areas of Hanauma Bay
A 200 foot wide channel is dynamited through the center of the bay to accommodate the first transpacific telephone cable, stretching from Hawaii to California
1961 Keo Nakama becomes the first official person to swim the 27 miles from Molokai to Hanauma Bay, Oahu
1966 A beach concession is opened at the Hanauma Bay
1967 Hanauma Bay is designated as Hawaii's first Marine Life Conservation District, thus prohibiting fishing and collecting
1970 Due to erosion, the City & County imports sand to build a wave barrier on the reef crest in order to close off the 1956 cable trench and restore the beach
1979 The City & County contracts for tram service to and from the beach area. It is the only vehicle allowed to use the access road from the beach to the parking lot
Hanauma Bay is closed due to a visit by a six foot gray shark
1981 In the first two phases of a five phase plan $1,000,000 is awarded for landscaping, drainage improvements, upgrading of the access road and to build additional picnic areas
1983 A permit system for commercial use of Hanauma Bay goes into effect
Construction begins to relocate the parking lot and improve the picnic area
1987 Due to beach erosion, 3,500 cubic yards of sand is imported from Kahuku, Oahu
1988 The Department of Transportation enacts a ban on private and commercial boats entering the bay
Visitation to Hanauma Bay peaks at 3 million visitors
1990 New Regulations enacted at the bay include prohibiting the feeding of fish anything but permitted fish food and closing the bay on Wednesdays till noon for maintenance
Friends of Hanauma Bay formed
The University of Hawaii, Sea Grant Extension Service begins the Hanauma Bay Education Program
1993 The City & County bans smoking on the beach at Hanauma Bay
1995 An entrance fee for non-residents is enacted and an office and food concession are built in the upper park
1998 Hanauma Bay begins closing every Tuesday for park maintenance
The Hanauma Bay Education Program opens an educational visitor center and office out of an unused food concession
1999 A fish feeding ban goes into effect
2000 Plans continue on bay improvements including an education center and informational beach kiosk
Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 14, 2012