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Purpose of the Program


The goal of this program is to provide gainful summer employment for college students.  It utilizes and helps develop college students' abilities and acquaints them with the City as an employer.  The student is responsible for all expenses, including housing.


Opportunities Available


The Student Aide II (Recreation) works at $9.00 per hour, and the Student Aide III (Recreation) works at $10.50 per hour in the Department of Parks and Recreation's Summer Fun, and Teen programs.  Contract hours vary up to 328 hours in an eight-week period.




You must:

1.         Have successfully completed at least one year of college (24 credits) by June 2014, and intend to continue toward an associate, bachelor's or graduate degree to qualify for Student Aide II and III.

2.         Be currently enrolled in college at least half-time, or intend to register in Fall 2014.

3.         Be a citizen, national or permanent resident alien of the United States or non-citizen authorized under federal law to work in the U.S.  To meet the requirements of the Federal Immigration Reform Act of 1986, all persons selected must provide original documents to verify identity and employment eligibility before starting work.

4.         Have satisfactorily performed work as a Student Aide II (Recreation) for the Department of Parks and Recreation, City and County of Honolulu, to qualify for Student Aide III (Recreation).

5.         Have a valid First Aid Certificate (not required at the time of application, but must be obtained by the first day of employment, valid through the period of employment).


Online Application Forms and Deadline


You must file an application even if you participated in the program previously.  Applications must be completed online.  No hard copy applications will be accepted. To apply, click on the link below.  If you have any questions, call 768-3040.


Click on the link below; fill out completely and submit an application on-line:


College Student Employment Application Form


The following are brief descriptions of the types of jobs you may be assigned as a Summer Aide in the Department of Parks and Recreation.  We hope that this will give you a better understanding of what summer work entails and assist you in accurately completing your application.


            Student Aide II  -  Recreation, works at $  9.00 per hour *

            Student Aide III -  Recreation, works at $  10.50 per hour *


*Subject to furlough wage adjustment.


The Student Aide II Recreation position is for students working in the City's Summer Fun Program for the first time.  Student Aide III Recreation positions are for students who have satisfactorily performed work as a Student Aide II.


Summer Fun Program


The majority of summer aides assist the Department of Parks and Recreation in conducting the City's annual Summer Fun Program.  As an aide, you will be required to teach classes for children in one or more of the following areas: arts and crafts, music and dance, creative dramatics, sports and games, Hawaiiana, "Keiki Joy" (activities for lower elementary children) and physical fitness.  You are responsible for the supervision of children at all times.  Your challenge will be to creatively motivate and develop a successful summer experience for the young people under your care.  Summer Fun needs people who have enthusiasm; ability to plan, organize, and conduct activities; patience; a genuine liking for children; and a desire to help in their growth and development.


Summer Fun runs on Mondays through Fridays, except for holidays.  Your employment will be for a period of about 8 weeks.  The first week is spent in orientation and skills workshops.  The next 6-7 weeks will be spent at the playground to which you will be assigned.  Occasional night and weekend duty may be assigned.  Approximately 550 Summer Fun Aide positions are available each year.  Current First Aid certificate is required by the first day of employment and must be valid throughout the period of employment.


Teen Program


In conjunction with the Summer Fun Program for children from grades K to 6, the Department of Parks and Recreation offers a teen program for young people in intermediate and high school.  The same skills and abilities are needed for work with theses young adults.  In addition to teaching classes such as dance, crafts and fitness, you may become involved in planning picnics, sports tournaments and campouts.


Aides who work in this program are generally assigned evening and weekend work.  Approximately 15 Student Aides are hired each summer.  Current First Aid certificate is required by the first day of employment and must be valid throughout the period of employment.


Gym Program


If you are assigned to a gym program, you will be involved in the implementation of sports related activities in the gymnasium.  You will work with various community leagues and children's sports program.  Evening and weekend duty may be required.  Current First Aid certificate is required by the first day of employment and must be valid throughout the period of employment.


Camping Program


About five workers are chosen to be camp counselors at Kualoa Regional Park where children from the Summer Fun Program participate in a day camp.   Work entails leadership and supervision of children for the camp session.  Counselors conduct craft activities, songs, nature walks, ocean, and Hawaiiana activities.  Current First Aide certificate is required by the first day of employment and must be valid throughout the period fo employment.  CPR and Lifeguard Training certificates are desirable.


Last Reviewed: Monday, December 23, 2013