Council Bills and Resolutions

This site contains the files of publicly circulated bills and resolutions pending before City Council. Not included are bills and resolutions which have received final approval or have been filed by the Council. Pursuant to ROH Sec. 1-2.4 and -2.5, bills and those resolutions requiring three readings are automatically filed (and are therefore removed from this database) if they fail to pass third reading within two years of introduction; all other resolutions are automatically filed if they fail to be adopted within one year of introduction.

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    Listing includes bill number, date of introduction, introducer, and brief description.
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    Text documents contain the full text of all publicly circulated bills and resolutions pending before City Council (original and amended versions).
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    Status records are maintained by the City Clerk, on all bills and resolutions since 1990, relating to Council actions taken.
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    Definitions of the codes used in the status records are provided below.

See the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu for bills that are approved to amend the revised ordinances.

See Honolulu City Council Policy Resolutions for resolutions that are approved to establish City policy.

New bills and resolutions are logged within five days of introduction or public release. Status information is logged within four days of Council action. Files are then converted to web format for use here as an on-line research tool. No warranties are made regarding the accuracy or completeness. Printed copies of all measures are available from the Office of the City Clerk, Council Information and Records Office. Information on older bills and resolutions is also available on microfilm at the Office of the City Clerk.

The following abbreviations are used to indicate status:

1st       First Reading
2nd       Second Reading
3rd       Third Reading
APPRV     Approved
BR        By Request
CC        Council Communication
CD        Committee Draft
CM        Chair's Message
COMM      Committee
COUN      Council
CR        Committee Report
D         Department Communication
E         Excused (from Vote)
FD        Floor Draft
M         Miscellaneous
MM        Mayor's Message
ORDI      Ordinance
OTHER     Actions not otherwise
          classified, such as
          workshops, automatic
P         Petition
PEND      Pending action by
          committee, Council, or
PH        Public Hearing
PUBLISH   Publication of legal
          notice of pending measure
          in the newspaper