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April 23, 2001

The City and County of Honolulu's Corporation Counsel David Arakawa responded today to American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii (ACLU) Brent White's comments regarding the city ordinances and regulations that could curtail freedom of speech of those who plan to protest policies of the Asian Development Bank (ADB):

“The city has no intention of curtailing free speech and has been working with the ACLU and ADB-Watch group since March 23 to make it possible for peaceful protests of the ADB Conference. The city's main concern during negotiations has been to insure the safety of the protestors, the ADB participants and the public.

“We have bent over backwards to accommodate their requests including allowing the parade to stop for one hour in front of the State Convention Center, providing Honolulu Police Department parade assistance and signage at no charge and have granted permits for rallies at Magic Island and Queen Kapiolani Park.

“We have also approved the use of bullhorns, temporary closure of parts of streets and requested permission from private landowners to allow the protestors to use their property facing the convention center.

“Over the past month, the ACLU and ADB-Watch group have made numerous changes to their original parade permit application. Last week they agreed to submit a revised parade permit but to date they have submitted no revised permit to the Department of Transportation Services. The parade permit requires insurance as a standard condition to protect the public and parade participants.

“In Philadelphia, protestors designated legal advisors and protest captains who would work with police to insure a safe and peaceful protest. Regretfully, ACLU and ADB-Hawaii have not agreed to this in Honolulu.

“It's clear the city has no intention of curtailing first amendment rights and has spent considerable time, resources and expense to preserve those rights at considerable cost to the Honolulu government and its taxpayers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

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