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August 10, 2001



The Board of Water Supply’s (BWS) decorative fountain on Beretania Street will be shut off temporarily as a sign to consumers to slow down on their water use this summer. The fountain, fronting the Board’s administrative headquarters at 630 S. Beretania St., uses non-potable water from a caprock source in the area, has been closed down in the past to demonstrate an example of water conservation for motorists passing by. 

BWS Manager and Chief Engineer Clifford S. Jamile says the temporary closure of the fountain is meant primarily to help raise awareness among consumers of the need to conserve water during these warm summer months.


“We feel there are many people who will respond to such visible signals to help them remember to use water wisely at this time of year,” Jamile said.


Jamile emphasized that the action is normally done at this time of year to reinforce the water conservation message, and that the agency continues to monitor water levels closely.


“We’re not ready to ring alarm bells yet, but we do urge consumers to remember that this is the high demand period and we need everyone’s help to keep water use in line,” he said. 

The fountain will be turned off from Monday, August 13, through the month of September.



Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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