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August 15, 2001


            The following statement is from Marylucia Arace, who was the chair of the Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women at the time of the exhibit ďThe Art of Women: Celebrating the Challenges and Successes of Girl and Women Artists with Disabilities.Ē

ďIt was the organizerís entry guidelines that resulted in Daria Fandís artwork not being included in the exhibit at Honolulu Hale.  The HCSW had the final authority on selecting Ms. Fandís entry came in too late and too large to be accepted.Ē

The Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women entry guidelines required artwork to be submitted by February 24 and to be no larger than 18-by-24 inches in size.  Ms. Fandís entry was not submitted until the second week of March and was five feet-by-three-and-a-half feet large.

[The above statement was issued on the cityís behalf after Fand and the American Civil Liberties Union announced they were filing suit against Mayor Jeremy Harris and Peter Radulovic, executive director of the Mayorís Office of Culture and the Arts. The latter office coordinates the art exhibits in Honolulu Hale. Fand claims that her art work was rejected by Radulovic because it might offend some people and therefore, her civil rights were violated.]


Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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