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July 26, 2001


Construction is underway on the repair of the Haiku “Stairway to Heaven” which Mayor Jeremy Harris hopes will one day become part of a nature park with awe-inspiring views of the Windward Coast and the Central Plain. 

The city is asking the public to keep out from the Haiku Stairs area while the popular Windward Oahu hiking site undergoes major repair beginning this week. 

Fences have already been erected at the top of the stairs and at the foot, to secure construction equipment and materials. Security personnel will also be on site. 

“We are doing our best to protect and improve the site so it can safely be enjoyed by the public,” said Mayor Harris. The Mayor and council member Steve Holmes have worked together to acquire the Haiku Stairs and are currently working on establishing a 600-acre nature preserve in Haiku Valley. 

The repairs are scheduled for completion October 2002. However, The Nakoa Companies, the project contractor, anticipates finishing early. The stairs’ topmost sections will be repaired or replaced first, and missing modules replaced, followed by repairs on other sections. The cost of the project is $875,000. 

Mayor Jeremy Harris has long believed the Haiku stairs can be an attractive draw for eco-tourism on Oahu. “Hiking the stairs offers spectacular views and an opportunity to see the unique geology and plant life of the Windward Oahu’s cliffs,” the Mayor stated in his 1998 State of the City Address. 

Councilman Holmes played a major role in the effort to repair the stairs and create a nature preserve. “While the stairs will be closed to the public during construction, they will be in better shape when reopened,” Holmes said. “It will be safer and better for hikers.” 

The Department of Design and Construction is working with a consultant, Wil Chee Planning, to prepare a master plan for Haiku Valley. A citizen advisory group has been involved in the planning. The master plan will be presented in September this year. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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