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March 1, 2001


Mayor Jeremy Harris, following up on his efforts to pass a Managed Competition bill during this State of Hawaii Legislative session, called for the passage of House Bill 620 which will give the counties the “ability to address increasing costs and offer value-added services to the public.”

Mayor Harris earlier this year asked the State Legislature to allow the state and counties to continue to contract work, particularly as the current authorization for contract work expires in June.

“I strongly support HB620, as government agencies would have the flexibility to contract work to the private sector when it is more efficient and cost effective to do so,” he said. “Our taxpayers would benefit by having the job performed at less cost.”

Mayor Harris has sent a letter to Rep. Dwight Y. Takamine, chair and Rep. Bertha C. Kawakami, Vice Chair, Committee on Finance, strongly supporting the passage of HB620.

Major contract holders include those operating HPOWER, the dog and cat control program, landfill and convience centers, and the bus system.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

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