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January 10, 2001

Drivers who want to replace the social security numbers on their licenses with random numbers are reminded that doing so is not mandatory and that the change will eventually occur when their licenses are renewed.

“People may be under the impression that this license change is required immediately, but it is not,” said Carol Costa, City Customer Services Director. “We ask drivers who want this change to wait awhile to avoid creating long lines that make it difficult for people with more pressing needs, such as renewing licenses that are about to expire.”

Processing of vehicle licenses were disrupted earlier this week because of congestion caused by too many people trying replace the social security numbers on their licenses. The heavy demand has created problems with the licensing computer. Although the problems have been resolved, long lines are still possible around the lunch hour and the department does not intend to give preference to individuals who are trying to renew their license over those who want a new license number.

Renewing a valid drivers license to get a random number costs $5. Under a new law that went into effect on January 1, new or renewed licenses will be given random eight-digit numbers preceded by the letter “H”

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

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