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            A groundbreaking ceremony was held today to start construction of a sign for the Hawaii Kai community.  The sign will be constructed at the corner of Hawaii Kai Drive and Kalanianaole Highway was conceived as a gateway sign that would reinforce community pride.

            Community resident, advocate and “Unofficial Mayor of Hawaii Kai,” Murray Luther was honored with a Mayor’s proclamation for his efforts to have the sign installed and to revitalize businesses in the area.  Luther is the founder of the Rediscover Hawaii Kai event that celebrated the completion of 4-and a-half-year Kalanianaole Highway widening and improvement project.  The two-day weekend extravaganza was held in 1995, 1996 and 1997, brought the shopping centers, businesses, schools, and community groups together in a concerted effort to rejuvenate business activity in Hawaii Kai.  It featured fun, food, entertainment and activities.

            The Rediscover Hawaii Kai committee worked many years to obtain the necessary approvals for the Hawaii Kai sign, which was removed and never replaced when the Kalanianaole Highway expansion took place.  The East Honolulu Vision Group also took up the cause and included it as part of improvements for the community and Maunalua Bay.

The Hawaii Kai sign will consist of a natural rock base supporting a concrete sign with Hawaii Kai name in relief, and an undulating wave in relief on the bottom edge.  The sign will also have a sail motif inset into the sign between the two sign faces.  The new sign will reflect a nautical theme exemplifying the ocean, water sports, fluidity, and a Hawaiian feel.  A time capsule and plaque will capture a part of the ‘new century’ by incorporating items placed by schools, businesses, and other organizations in the area.

The sign was designed by It was designed by Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo and Murray The community will be working with the consultant to select and incorporate the appropriate items into the time capsule.

Landscaping at the Hawaii Kai sign will feature five coconut palm trees, three Hala trees, and grassing around the sign.

            The project also includes signage in Aina Haina.  The contract amount is $190,776.00 and should be completed in June 2002.  Two community signs and associated landscaping will be installed in Aina Haina near the East corner of West Hind Drive and Kalanianaole Highway, and near the East corner of East Hind Drive and Kalanianaole Highway.

            The Aina Haina signs will be comprised of man-made sculptured boulders with an Aina Haina Artwork Logo in relief.  They are accented by landscaping which consists of Naupaka to the sides and rear of the sign.  Grass and an irrigation system will be installed at the East Aina Haina sign location.  Both signs reflect a natural element with artwork logo on the boulder generating a petroglyphic, historic-ancient and permanent feel to the Aina Haina signs.



Tuesday, July 09, 2002

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