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October 2, 2002



      Managing Director Ben Lee released the following comment today on the EPA order. 

      “This EPA notification of non-compliance indicates that, in addition to what may be entering the system from ground water infiltration, people may also be pouring pesticides down the drain. Even a small bottle of chemical poured into the drain or flushed down the toilet is detectable at our sewage treatment plants. Often these are small amounts and very diluted when you consider that the Sand Island plant treats over 70 million gallons of wastewater each day. These are very, very small amounts that do not pose any danger to health or marine life at our deep ocean outfall. Nevertheless, it is important for the residents of our City to dispose of poisonous chemicals and pesticides in an appropriate way.  To find out how to properly dispose of these substances, please call 692-5411.

      “With respect to the compliance schedule requested by EPA, it will be submitted to EPA on or before December 1, 2002. We have been working with EPA and kept them abreast of our construction schedule on all our Sand Island improvements over the past few years. The $70 million Sand Island ultra-violet disinfection facility is under construction and estimated to be completed in December 2003.     Another $150 million is also under construction on the headworks project and the first phase to expand the sewage treatment plant. A $35 million plant to convert the sludge into a soil amendment and pelletized fertilizer will be completed by the fall of 2004.”



Wednesday, October 02, 2002

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