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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 24, 2002



            Take advantage of the glorious weather this weekend and join thousands of residents and visitors at “Sunset on the Beach” Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29, at Queen’s Surf Beach.   The largest food-music-movie fest on the beach, “Sunset” offers the best stress-buster, relaxing on the water’s edge with a cool beverage, tempting appetizers, delicious entrees, live entertainment and enjoyable blockbuster movies.


The fun begins at 4 p.m., with food booths and music.  At 4:30 p.m., radio stations Oldies 107.9 and KCCN FM100 feature popular groups such as “Pohaku” on Saturday and “Jook Joint” on Sunday, while deejays engage the audience in interesting contests and fun prizes. 


At 7 p.m., enjoy blockbuster movies on a giant 30-foot screen.  On Saturday, it’s Julia Roberts in an edited version of the Academy Award winning “Erin Brokovich,” a “true story” of a paralegal who helps to win one of the largest environmental law suits against a utilities company, which is accused of contaminating the city’s water system.


            Sunday, the blockbuster movie is “A Beautiful Mind,” a movie loosely based upon the life of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr.  The movie showcases Russell Crowe’s range and versatility, as he re-enacts the life of the brilliant scholar, who succumbs to the tragic effects of paranoid schizophrenia.  Battling this illness for decades, Nash eventually is able to triumph somewhat over the disease by winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly co-stars as Nash’s beloved wife, Alicia.


            Sunset on the Beach this weekend also features artisans offering “Made in Hawaii” products and crafts.  The Craft Fair will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. 


Whether you choose to picnic on the beach or dine on tables set up on the Kapahulu pier, choose from a wide menu selection – from pizzas and hot dogs to chefs’ signature plates at very special prices.   Restaurants Moani’s Country Kitchen, Ocean Steak House, Auntie Pasto’s, Davey Jones Ribs, Royal Hawaiian Hot Dog, Pizza Hut, Nutty Hawaiian, Popcorn Express and Beach House Beverage Cart will feature their finest.


            This week, Sunset on the Beach is sponsored by the Hawaii Restaurant Association, Waikiki Improvement Association, News 8, K5 The Home Team, Oldies 107.9 and KCCN FM100.


            For more information, contact the Waikiki Improvement Association at 923-1094 or the City’s Information Office at 523-CITY.



Friday, September 27, 2002

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