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October 24, 2003




            The City has joined the state and a coalition of groups in kicking off two initiatives designed to make Honolulu’s streets safer by discouraging motorists from illegally speeding and encouraging students to walk to school.

            “These efforts are aimed at improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods by reducing traffic speed and congestion,” said Mayor Jeremy Harris.  “We believe that educating and empowering our citizens are the keys to creating safer roadways.”

             The initiatives are:

·    The Aloha Pace Car program will distribute 10,000 bumper stickers to drivers who pledge to drive the speed limit in neighborhoods throughout the island and to be courteous to others on the road.

·        Red Sneaker Week. This event is aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road, especially around schools, while also improving the health and fitness of children.

              The Aloha Pace Car program is designed for drivers who care about the quality of life in their neighborhoods and drive the speed limit but are intimidated by other motorists who are in a hurry and do not show the same courtesy and aloha for the community.  The pace car bumper sticker lets other motorists know that the Pace Car driver has pledged to follow the law.  The program allows residents the opportunity to show civic pride in their communities. The City will set an example by placing Pace Car stickers on its vehicles.

 Aloha Pace Car bumper stickers are available at AAA and all bike and running stores.  Pace car drivers will also receive a small sticker for their steering wheels to remind them of their pledge.

 Red Sneaker Week will involve all students at Kaahumanu, Aliamanu, and Kailua Elementary Schools on October 20-24, and those at Mililani Mauka, Honowai, Waipahu, Makalapa, Linapuni, Hale Kula, and Palisades Elementary Schools on October 27-31.  In addition to reducing traffic and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, this program also attempts to increase students’ “sense of place” and belonging to a community.  The program also promotes safer streets for its children.

 Both The Aloha Pace Car and Red Sneaker Week programs are funded with “Healthy Hawaii Initiative” (tobacco funds) from the State Department of Health.  Pace Car partners include the Kama’aina Streets Coalition and Triple A.  Red Sneaker Week is also sponsored by FedEx and KIPC  (Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition/SAFE KIDS Hawaii).

 More information on both programs will be available at






Friday, October 24, 2003

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