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                                              HOLIDAY TRASH TIPS


During the holiday season, even our garbage becomes more colorful and fragrant and bountiful with wrapping paper, boxes and Christmas Trees.  Here are a few tips for taking care of your garbage through the holidays and purchasing gift items that will help reduce waste:



·        Remember -- No refuse and recycling collection on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

These are the only two holidays each year when our City collection crews and disposal site workers are off to be with their families.  If your neighborhood’s regular pickup day falls on these holidays, place your refuse or recyclables out on your next scheduled collection day.  This includes those special folks in Mililani as well, who are recycling in the pilot project – no refuse or recycling pickup on those holidays.


·        Keep your neighborhood glittering with holiday decorations, not trash. 

Put your refuse and bulky items out at the curb only on collection days (or the evening before).  It’s not nice to just leave your garbage or the containers out at the curb all the time, and it’s against the law. 


·        Recycle your Christmas trees

Place them at the curb for pickup on your regular twice-per-month yard waste collection day; drop them off at any of the City’s Refuse and Recycling Convenience Centers seven days a week or at the composting facilities.  Please be aware that the State has discontinued the special treecycling sites at parks and other locations around the island.  Do not bring your trees to these sites.  Use curbside collection or look for the list of City drop-off sites.  Condos and commercial buildings can arrange to haul trees directly to composting facilities – there will be no charge for Christmas trees, courtesy of the City.  For those special folks in Mililani, curbside pickup of your tree means that the tree has to fit inside the cart – cut the tree in 3 ft. lengths and trim branches to ensure that it will fall freely from the cart during collection.  If cutting the tree is a bother, you can drop it off whole at the nearest City convenience center.


·        Recycle the beverage containers from all the parties, and the big corrugated cardboard boxes from those super toys and gifts. 

Community recycling bins are all around the island at more than 85 locations.  By recycling these items you avoid having to figure out how to stuff them in your refuse cart and still close the lid.  Mililani – you know what to do.


·        Beware -- Fireworks and garbage are a dangerous mix.

If you have fireworks activity in your neighborhood, please be sure that your refuse container is closed and placed out of the way.




In an effort to raise awareness for recycling and provide the nation with an easy way to help the environment this holiday season, the California Department of Conservation has released the 2003 Green Holiday Guide.


This unique, nationally circulated holiday guide contains easy-to-find, environmentally conscious gifts. From kayaks to ski jackets, to glassware and home décor, all of the gifts in the guide are made from recycled materials.


Environmentally friendly gifts and holiday materials can be found at a number of mainstream consumer stores, as well as a variety of online shops. From wrapping paper and greeting cards to affordable one-of-a-kind items, the guide provides a range of ideas on how to make this season more "green."


To view and/or download your own copy of the Green Holiday Guide, please visit




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Monday, December 08, 2003

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