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August 21, 2003



            Mayor Jeremy Harris issued the following statement today after learning of the City Council’s FD-1 on the bus fare Bill 53:

            “We appreciate that the Council is moving forward on the fare issue. However, the tentative draft as it now stands is not yet enough to cover the needs of TheBus which requires some combination of fare increases to meet a shortfall of $6.8 million.

            “Bus riders pay less than 30% of the cost to run the bus. The taxpayers of this City subsidize the rest.

            “All we are asking for is that bus riders pay at least 33 percent of the cost of operating the bus.

            “Right now it costs the City $1.72 per ride. On average adult monthly pass holders only pay 51 cents per ride. Student pass holders pay on average 36 cents per ride.

 “Seniors pay on average just 4 cents per ride. Therefore, the remaining $1.68 of cost for a senior ride must be paid by property tax payers and motorists through their gas tax.

 “Our fare increase package presented to the Council earlier this month fairly distributed the revenue increases across all fare categories.

 “We will be coming back shortly with further recommendations on how FD-1 can be modified in order to maintain bus service levels.”




Thursday, August 21, 2003

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