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June 20, 2003





           Mayor Jeremy Harris announced today that he has signed into law Bill 40 that bans the use of motorized scooters on public sidewalks and streets.

           “Before I signed this bill, I gave the issue a great deal of thought. Parents and teachers have told me that the safety issue is real. Youngsters do not have the training or experience needed to deal with road safety issues. Others complained to me about noise problems.

           “I also heard from supporters who say that the scooters are a good product that young people need to deliver newspapers and for other transportation reasons.

           “In the end, public safety concerns outweighed user convenience. But I do think the ordinance has flaws because some scooters are being modified so the operator will be seated. Therefore, I am recommending that the City Council look at regulating issues of age, use and noise which are not addressed in the ordinance.”




Friday, June 20, 2003

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