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AUGUST 1, 2003



           Mayor Jeremy Harris issued the following statement today regarding the bus system.

            “Bus riders pay less than 30% of the cost to run the bus.  The rest of the cost is subsidized by the taxpayers of this City.

            “Bus revenues have been going down, so if we are going to avoid a reduction in bus service, then bus riders will need to pay about 3% more of the cost.  If bus riders will pay for about one-third of the cost to operate TheBus, there will be no need for reduction in bus services.

             “I am prepared to introduce a bill to the City Council to raise bus fares to accomplish this if the Council wishes me to do so.

             “But it should be pointed out that a fare increase such as this will only allow us to maintain existing service levels.  It will not provide any additional money for more pay raises for the Teamsters.

             “In regards to the possible strike, TheBus is run by a private company and the bus employees are not City employees.

             “By law, the City cannot get involved in this collective bargaining process. The City has developed a contingency strike plan but we hope cooler heads will prevail.”



Friday, August 01, 2003

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