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July 24, 2003




          Maintenance crews have traced the probable cause of a fire that engulfed a City articulated bus on July 10 to a hydraulic fluid leak in the vehicle’s fan drive motor assembly.  The discovery, in light of similar leaks found on ten of the new articulated buses, has prompted the City to remove all 16 of its 100 series 60-foot buses from service pending repair.


          The buses are among the newest additions to the City’s total fleet of 46 articulated vehicles.  No mechanical problems have been found in the original 30 buses of this type.


          City transportation officials are working with the manufacturer to determine the cause of the problem.  The buses were purchased from New Flyer U.S.A. last year and are still under warranty, according to Department of Transportation Services Director Cheryl D. Soon.  The Canadian-based manufacturer is expected to send a service team to look into the problem.


          “Safety is our highest priority as far as public transportation is concerned,” said DTS Director Soon.  “I’m proud of our people for identifying the problem.  Now it’s a matter of working with the manufacturer to ensure that the vehicles are repaired and returned to service.  I do not expect commuters to be inconvenienced during the unscheduled downtime.”


          Most of the City’s new articulated buses had been used on CityExpress routes prior to being pulled from service.  They have been temporarily replaced with the older forty-foot articulated buses.  DTS anticipates no delays in service as a result of the problem.





Thursday, July 24, 2003

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