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Scheduled roadwork for the week beginning January 5, 2003, for the Department of Design & Construction. Roadwork is normally done between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM unless otherwise noted.



Curb ramps —Ulune Street and Wiliko Street:  installing, striping, markings and markers.

 (Estimated completion date, January 2003)



Curb ramps – Pensacola Street/Wilder Avenue, Piikoi Street/Pensacola Street: construct new curb ramps, transitional sidewalks, curbs and gutters and pavement transitions.


Curb ramps – Adams Lane/Bishop Street, Alakea Street/Merchant Street, Alakea Street/Queen Street, Alakea Street between South King Street & South Beretania Street, Bethel Street/Chaplain Lane, Maunakea Street/North Pauahi Street, Bishop Street/Merchant Street, Bishop Street/Queen Street, Chaplain Lane/Nuuanu Avenue, Maunakea Street/North Kukui Street:  construct new curb ramps, transitional sidewalks, curbs,and gutters and pavement markings.


Rehabilitation of streets - Mooheau Avenue, Monsarrat Avenue, Nuuanu Avenue, Dole Street and McCully Street: reconstruct road pavement, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and driveways.  Construct curb ramps, bus pads and drainage system.  Relocate and/or adjust existing electrical facilities for HECO, Verizon, traffic signal, street light and appurtenances.  Resurface, adjust manhole frame and cover to new grade and restripe.  Install traffic signs.  (Estimated completion date, April 2003)


Curb Ramps at Various Locations - Paoa Place, Kapahulu Avenue/Ala Wai Golf Course entrance, Piikoi Street/Pensacola Street, Beretania Street from Piikoi Street to Waiau Place, Piikoi Street/Kinau Street, Dole Street/East-West Road:

Construct new curb ramps, transitional sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and pavement transitions.

            (Estimated completion date, January 2003)






Kainehe, Hamakua, & Keolu Reconstructed Sewer: CIP work on Kainehe Street and Keolu Drive; Shaft Construction and Microtunneling on Hamakua Drive.

(Estimated completion date, December 2003)


Oneawa sidewalk improvements, Oneawa Street from Olomana Street to Kawainui Street: construct new asphalt concrete sidewalk, curb ramps, curbs and gutters and pavement markings.  

                                    (Estimated completion date, February 2003)



Curb ramps – 13th Avenue and Mahina Avenue, 21st Avenue and Pahoa Avenue, Olokele Avenue and Winam Avenue:  install striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)



NEW: Gulick Avenue Sewer Line Emergency Rehabilitation Work:  Roadwork at intersection of Gulick Avenue and North King Street.  West bound lane on North King Street will be closed on January 6, 2003.


Curb ramps - Halina Street and Naai Street, Kaua Street and Middle Street, Haumana Place / Middle Street / Notley Street, Ahonui Street and North School Street, Dement Street and North School Street, Bernice Street and Kapalama Avenue, Gregory Street and Kapalama Avenue, Kapalama Place and Palapala Place, Kapalama Avenue and North School Street, Kaikuahine Street and Kapalama Avenue, Houghtailing Street and North School Street, Aupuni Street and North School Street, North School Street and Nad Pohaku Street, Kokea Street and North School Street, Kamenani Street and North King Street, Long Lane and North King Street, Morris Lane and North King Street, Hoapili Lane and North King Street, Kokea Street and North King Street, Hikina Lane and North King Street, Kanoa Street and Palama Street, Lopez Lane and Palama Street, Kanoa Street and Pua Lane, Emmeluth Lane and Iao Lane, Alneo Street (Mid-block) between Kuakini Street and North School Street, North School Street (Mid-block) between Momolio Street and Liliha Street, Holokahana Lane and Liliha Street, Liliha Street and Liliha Street, Halapia Street and Liliha Street, Kaliawa Street and Sand Island Access Road, Auiki Street and Puuhale Road, Iwilei Road and Kuwili Street, Iwilei Road and Pacific Street, Puuhale Place and Puuhale Road, Kahai Street and Kalihi Street, Democrat Street and Libby Street, Hart Street and Waiakamilo Road, Kalani Street and McNeill Street, Colburn Street and Waiakamilo Road, Kaumualii Street and McNeill Street, Kaiwiula Street and McNeill Street, Alokele Street and Kaiwiula Street, Moonui Street and Moowaa Street, Kaumualii Street and Moowaa Street, Kaumualii Street and Kohou Street:

Construct new curb ramps, sidewalks, and driveways.  Replace traffic signal and streetlight system, traffic signs, striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)





Rehabilitation of streets, Unit 21 – Heeia Street, Hilinama Street, Humu Street & Place, Kapea Street & Place, Nana Place, Nahiku Street & Place, Punalei Place, Nakoa Place, Keoe Way & Place, Yacht Club Street & Place, Grote Road & Place, Haleloke Place, Haunani Place, Seabury Place, Halliday Place, 45-227 Kahanahou Circle, Wailele Road, Kailiwai Place, William Henry Road, Makena Place and Street, Kuneki Street, Holouka Place, Maeha Place, Kauhaa Place, Kumoo Loop & Place, Pilina Way & Place, Kuahulu Way & Place, Kulukeoe Place & Street; Kapoo Street, Pua Alowalo Street, Lanipola Place, Pua Inia Street, Pikoiloa Place, Wainana Street, Onekai Street, Wena Street, Halekou Road, Meakaua Street, Namoku Place, Pailaka Place, Mikihilina Street, Keana Road, Malulani Street, Pailaka Place, Mikihilina Street and Keana Road, Aumoana Way & Place, Kaimalino Street & Place, Launa Aloha Place, Ilikai Street, Milokai Street & Place, Nunu Street, Old Mokapu Road, Omao Street, Palapu Street, Ohana Street, Makua Street, 327 Hualani Street, Kawainui Street:

Reconstruction and resurfacing of roadways, adjust utility manholes and pavement markings. 

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)



Curb ramps – Piikoi Street and Wilder Avenue, Liholiho Street and Wilder Avenue, Poki Street and Wilder Avenue, Enos Lane and Makiki Street: striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)


Emergency Wall Repair @ Kamamalu Avenue – At the Rear of Property 1619 Lusitana Street: Construct foundation and concrete wall with guardrail.  Demolish existing CRM wall and gunite slope.

            (Estimated completion date, February 2003)



Curb ramps  – East Manoa Road and Koaniani Way: install striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)



Rehabilitation of Streets, Unit 12B – Kuahelani Avenue and Meheula Avenue: construct new curb ramps, sidewalks, driveways.  Install traffic signal system, streetlight system, traffic signs, striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)



Curb ramps – Mahiole Street (mid-block) between Onipa’a Street and Pineapple Place, Maalahi Street and Mahiole Street: installing striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)





Curb ramps- Ala Akulikuli Street and Ala Laulani Street, Ala Lilikoi Street and Ala Loke Street, Ala Ilima Street and Ala Nioi Place, Ala Makahala Place and Ala Napunani Street, Ala Napunani Street and Ala Poha Place, Ala Napunani Street and Likini Street: install striping, markings and markers.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)


Salt Lake Boulevard Widening Phase 2A, Bougainville Drive to Maluna Street:

Upgrade roadway to include 2 additional lanes in each direction, with designated left and right turning lanes. Provide traffic controls, mass grading, temporary security fencing and electrical overhead lines, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, curb ramps and property adjustments, including demolishing and reconstructing new structures and constructing new walls. Install detention basins, drainage, water, sewer, traffic signal, streetlights, underground electrical system, oil lines, gas lines, pavement striping, markings and markers, and traffic signs, irrigation and landscaping.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb ramps – Puamano Place and Waipahu Street:  installing striping, markings and markers.   (Estimated completion date, January 2003)


Roadway improvements for Mokuola Street (Kahuailani Street to Nali Street):  reconstruct roadway pavement and base, curbs and gutters, sidewalks and driveway.  Install striping and pavement markings.  Pavement rehabilitation work on Hikimoe Street and Mokuola Street:  reconstruct roadway pavement, resurface and restripe.

(Estimated completion date, January 2003)




January 12, 2003 Sunday
3:00PM Starts
5:00PM Ends

KOREAN IMMIGRATION TO HAWAII CENTENNIAL PARADE sponsored by the Korean Centennial Committee.  Parade will consist of 1,000 marchers, 5 floats, 20 vehicles, & 5 bands.  The event will start at Kalakaua Ave./Saratoga Rd., to Kalakaua Ave., to end at Queen Kapiolani Park.  Contact: In Chan Kim 944-2874

The above is based on the most current information available from the event organizers as of January 3, 2003.  Department of Transportation Services.  Phone: 808-527-6009 Fax: 808-523-4446


Monday, January 06, 2003

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