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January 6, 2003


          This Saturday, January 11, the first of a series of Sustainability Workshops sponsored by the University of Hawaii’s Office of Sustainability and the City will be held at the Dole Cannery Ballroom.  Keynote Speakers will be Governor Linda Lingle, Mayor Harris, and University President Evan S. Dobelle.

Just what is Sustainability? Mayor Harris explains, “Sustainability is making decisions to protect our natural resources and island culture because your grandchildren’s lives will be shaped by them.

            “What kind of car will you drive in the future?  Will it use gasoline or hydrogen?  Will your garbage be recycled and made into usable products?  How much of the food you eat will be grown here in Hawaii?  How many tourists are enough? How many are too many?

            “ Our goal is to create a sustainability master plan for our island.  To help in the process, we are bringing together experts in a variety of disciplines to share their insights with the community,” stated Harris.

Attendees will also hear from:

§         Dr. Noel Brown, former Director of the North American Office of the United Nations Environmental Program, has represented the UN’s Environment Program at numerous international conferences including the Rio Earth Summit.  Brown currently serves as President of the Friends of the United Nations.

§         John Bullard, recently appointed President of the Sea Education Association of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, whose SEA Semester is the only full-credit undergraduate program in the United States that combines a rigorous curriculum of oceanographic research, maritime studies, and nautical science while under sail.  Bullard was the Director of National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Sustainable Development and International Affairs under President Clinton and has served three terms as Mayor of New Bedford.

SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP 2-2-2                      

§         Curtis Johnson, President of Citistates Group, national public policy network consultants, is the former head of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council that operates transit and wastewater treatment and establishes policy for transportation and land use in a seven-county region of three million people.

§         Representative Hermina M. Morita, Hawaii State House of Representatives, District 14, East and North Kauai, is Chairperson of the Energy and Environmental Protection Committee and a member of the Water, Land Use & Hawaiian Affairs, and both House Education Committees.  Morita is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Energy of the National Conference of State Legislature’s Energy Project.

§         Benjamin B. Lee, FAIA, City Managing Director, has served as the Mayor’s advisor in planning, land use and design issues for the past 18 years.  With over 30 years of design, planning and construction experience, Lee has inspired and encouraged architects, planners and design professionals in the public and private sectors to create public spaces that stimulate civic pride.

            Mayor Harris added, “We’re hosting this sustainability conference because we share the community’s commitment to protect our environment, scenic and natural resources, improve our quality of life, and care for our aina and future generations.

            “The workshop will address a variety of issues related to the economy, land use, transportation, energy and natural resources.  Decisions that we make at these workshops will have a major impact on our future and our children’s future.  People who want a future that provides better jobs for their children and a cleaner, more enjoyable place to live need to be at these workshops,” the mayor encouraged.

The January 11 workshop is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. and end around noon.  It will be held at the Dole Cannery Ballroom.  Admission is free and open to the public.  Call 523-CITY, or email the Office of Sustainability, University of Hawaii at

Information about succeeding workshops will be announced shortly.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

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