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March 10, 2004



An underwater visual inspection last night (Tuesday, March 9) of the ruptured sewer main at Sand Island uncovered a number of cracks that are believed to have been caused by shifting of the pipe.  

A diver from Sea Engineering, Inc entered the force main from a pressure manhole near the comfort station by the entrance to the harbor at 9:00 pm yesterday.  He traveled about 450 feet up the line towards the harbor, inspecting the line as he went.  During the approximately three-hour long dive, he discovered several (eight of concern) suspect cracks in the 78-inch-diameter reinforced concrete line from the concrete transition pipe and in the 66-inch-diameter pipe coming up from under the harbor. 

The cracks varied from less than one-fourth of an inch wide to a little more than two inches wide, and were of various lengths and and at different locations in the circumference of the pipe, at connecting joints every 25 feet.  The cracks appear to have been caused by movement of the pipe sections sometime during the 23 years since the pipe was put into operation in 1982.  It is still undetermined what caused the shifting or movements of the pipe, or when this had happened. 

Sea Engineering is continuing to inspect the pipe in the direction toward the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, approximately one mile Ewa of where the surface spill occurred.  Meanwhile, the City, its consultants, and contractors are looking at various ways to seal the cracks and put the force main back into operation as soon as possible.

 For more information, contact City Environmental Services Director Frank Doyle at 692-5159.




Wednesday, March 10, 2004

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