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Scheduled roadwork for the week beginning June 13, 2004, for the Department of Design & Construction. Roadwork is normally done between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM unless otherwise noted.



Curb Ramps at - Papipi Road & Papipi Place, Koka Street & Kolowaka Drive, Waimomona Place & Kolowaka Drive, Waihua Place & Kolowaka Drive, Waiapo Place & Kolowaka Drive, Wailewa Place & Kolowaka Drive, Poowai Place & Kolowaka Drive, Pahika Street & Renton Road, Renton Road at West Loch Villages: Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb Ramps at - Iolani Avenue & Miller Street, Iolani Avenue & Pele Street: Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Curb Ramps at - Kalakaua Avenue/Keoniana Street, Kaiulani Avenue/Koa Avenue, Uluniu Avenue/Koa Avenue, Liliuokalani Avenue/Mountain View Drive, Paoakalani Avenue/Pualani Way, Kapahulu Avenue/Paliuli Street, Kapahulu Avenue/Hoolulu Street, Lukepane Avenue/Leialoha Avenue, Kaimuki Avenue/8th Avenue, Harding Avenue/10th Avenue, Alohea Avenue/McCorriston Street, Makapuu Avenue/Kilauea Avenue, Harding Avenue/ 9th Avenue, Harding Avenue/7th Avenue, Waialae Avenue/5th Avenue/6th Avenue, Kapahulu Avenue/Lincoln Avenue, University Avenue/Hihiwai Street, Date Street/Coolidge Street, Waialae Avenue/1st Avenue, Kapiolani Boulevard/Kaaha Street, Kapiolani Boulevard/Manuwai Street, Kapiolani Boulevard/H-1, South King Street/Wiliwili Street, South King Street/Makahiki Way, Date Street/Citron Street, Young Street/Pawaa Lane, Waiola Street/Hauoli Street, Wilder Avenue/Spreckles Street, Wilder Avenue/Artesian Way, Dole Street/Wilder Avenue, Metcalf Street/Wist Place, Young Street/Kemole Lane, Sheridan Street/Liona Street, Sheridan Street/Elm Street, Cedar Street/Liona Street, Rycroft Street/Birch Street: Construct new curb ramps, sidewalks, driveways.  Install striping, marking and markers.

            (Estimated completion date, August 2004)


Emergency Resurfacing of Kapiolani Boulevard from Kalakaua Avenue to Date Street:  Reconstruction and asphalt resurfacing, permanent pavement marking to be performed at night Monday thru Friday, 7 pm to 5am.  Adjustment of utility manholes and installation of traffic loop sensors, Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 3 pm.

            (Estimated completion date, August 2004)


Resurfacing of a Portion of King Street South Street to McCully Street:  Adjustment of utility manholes, and installation of traffic loop sensors.

            (Estimated completion date, September 2004)


Maunakea Street Sidewalk Improvements: Reconstruct curb, gutter, and sidewalk on Maunakea Street between Beretania Street and King Street. Work includes installation of new granite tile surface sidewalks, signs, utility boxes, and roadway resurfacing.

            (Estimated completion date, October 2004)


Rehabilitation of McCully Street:  Reconstruct and repave road pavement.  Replace traffic signal system.  Adjust manhole frame and cover to new grade and restripe.  Install traffic signs. 

            (Estimated completion date, July 2004)


Emergency Resurfacing of Nuuanu Avenue - School Street to King Street: Reconstruction and resurfacing of asphalt pavement, utility manhole adjustment, pavement markings and traffic loop sensors.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Palolo Avenue Water System Improvements, Part I:  Ahinahina Place, Hoanoho Place, Kanekopa Place, Kehau Place, Kekona Place, Kilihune Place, Paliahina Place, Palolo Terrace Place, Uilani Place, Wiliana Place and Palolo Avenue from Waialae Avenue to Kilihune Place.  Cold mill and resurface roadway, adjust utility manholes to grade and install pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Rehabilitation of Piikoi Street from Kapiolani Boulevard to Matlock Avenue:  Reconstruction of curbs and gutters, adjustment of utility covers, pruning of trees, curb ramp construction and resurfacing of roadways.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Rehabilitation of - Queen Street (Fort Street Mall to Ward Avenue), Laula Way (Elm Street to Rycroft Street), Iolani Avenue (Lusitana Street to Alapai Street), Hookui Street (Auwaiolimu Street to Puowaina Street), Malua Drive (Alewa Drive to Paina Street), Beckley Street (Gulick Avenue to Kalihi Street), and Gulick Avenue (Mauka Ano Lane to School Street):  Reconstruct weakened pavement; cold plane and resurface roadway; adjust utility manholes to grade; and restore vehicle detector loops and pavement striping.

            (Estimated completion date, October 8, 2004)


Rehabilitation of St. Louis Drive, Dole Street, Frank Street, Eugene Place, Alphonse Place, Robert Place, Maigret Street:  Installation of water mains, hydrants & service materials.  Reconstruction and resurfacing of roadway, installation of pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, February 2005)



Kainehe, Hamakua, & Keolu Reconstructed Sewer: CIP work on Kainehe Street and Keolu Drive; Shaft Construction and Microtunneling on Hamakua Drive.

(Estimated completion date, January 2005)


Kalaheo Avenue Reconstructed Sewer, from Kainui Drive to Dune Circle: Road Closure for work on sewerline will be Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.  During non-work hours, one lane for northbound traffic along Kalaheo Avenue will be re-opened with the other lane closed as an on-site staging are for equipment.



Curb Ramps at - 13th Avenue & Mahina Avenue, 21st Avenue & Pahoa Avenue, Olokele Avenue & Winam Avenue: Complete minor curb ramp and pavement deficiencies.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb Ramps at - Mission Lane & Queen Street, Keawe Street & Queen Street, Emily Street & Kawaiahao Street: Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb Ramps at - Kahuhipa Street & Lolii Street, Kahuhipa Street & Kawa Street, Haiku Road & Heeia Street, Haiku Road & Ohala Street: Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Lulani Street Water Systems Improvements, BWS Job No. 02-059M:  Lulani Street, Lulani Place & portions of Kamehameha Highway between Lulani Street to Laenani Drive. Roadway resurfacing and pavement marking restoration.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Reconstruction of Concrete Sidewalks - University Avenue, Algaroba Street, Wiliwili Street, Makahiki Way, Waiola Street, Waiola Way, Paani Street, Citron Street, Fern Street, Hoawa Street, Lime Street, Coolidge Street, and Date Street: Remove and reconstruct concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, trim street trees and cut and remove tree roots, install root barriers, and adjust utility boxes to new grade.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb Ramps at Aaahi Street & Aaahi Place, Aaahi Street & Elau Place, Aaahi Street & Kupulau Place, Ahiku Street & Lanikuhana Avenue, Ahiku Street & Ualalehu Street, Kaloapau Street & Kehepue Loop, Kailiula Loop & Kaloapau Street Kipapa Drive & Wehewehe Loop, Kipapa Drive & Nawenewene Circle, Kanamee Street & Noholoholo Street, Kipapa Drive at Mililani Shopping Center, Kipapa Drive at Jack in the Box, Kipapa Drive & Wainihi Street, Wakalani Drive &  Waikalani Place, Ainamakua Drive & Ainamakua Drive, Ainamakua Drive & Meheula Parkway, Ukuwai Street & Makaikai Street, Ainamakua Drive & Meheula Parkway, Ukuwai Street & Makaikai Street, Ainamakua Drive & Makaikai Street, Kaapeha Drive & Meheula Parkway, Koolani Drive & Meheula Parkway:  Construct new curb ramps, pedestrian push button, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Kamehameha Highway Trunk Sewer Reconstruction: Work along Kamehameha Highway in Mililani from Meheula Parkway to Hokuioli Street.

(Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb Ramps at - Ala Ilima Street & Ala Nioi Place, Ala Napunani Street & Likini Street, Maalahi Street & Mahiole Street: Complete minor curb ramp and pavement deficiencies.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Salt Lake Boulevard Widening Phase 2A, Bougainville Drive to Maluna Street:

Upgrade roadway to include 2 additional lanes in each direction, with designated left and right turning lanes. Provide traffic controls, mass grading, temporary security fencing and electrical overhead lines, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, curb ramps and property adjustments, including demolishing and reconstructing new structures and constructing new walls. Install detention basins, drainage, water, sewer, traffic signal, streetlights, underground electrical system, oil lines, gas lines, pavement striping, markings and markers, and traffic signs, irrigation and landscaping.

            (Estimated completion date, August 2004)



Curb Ramps at - Kahelu Avenue & Wikao Street, Kahelu Avenue & Palii Street, Akamainui Street & Palii Street, Akamainui Street & Wikao Street, California Avenue & Walker Avenue, California Avenue & Mango Street, Mango Place & Mango Street, California Avenue & Makani Avenue, Kilani Street & Palm Street, Kilani Avenue & Koa Street, California Avenue (between Iliwai Drive & Uuku Street):

Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, July 2004)



Curb Ramps at Various Locations, FY 2002(3) Aoku Street & Lumiauau Street, Alau Street & Lumiauau Street, Pulelo Street & Lumiaina Street, Paiwa Street & Pakela Street: Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

(Estimated completion date, June 2004)



Curb Ramps at - Kupuna Loop & Kupuohi Street (both intersections), Kaaholo Street & Kaaoki Place:  Construct new curb ramps, sidewalk transition and pavement markings.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004


Hikimoe Street Improvements for City Express Bus Service Waipahu Depot Road to Mokuola Street:  Reconstruction of concrete roadway pavement, bus shelters, restroom facilities, and street lighting.

            (Estimated completion date, June 2004)


Village Park Connector Road: Construction of a two-way connector road between Kupuna Loop in Village Park and Loaa Street in Waipahu.  Work includes roadway grading, construction of roadways, sidewalks, curb ramps and CRM and CMU walls; and installation of water lines, drain lines, electrical lines, streetlights, irrigation lines and landscaping.

            (Estimated completion date, March 2005)




June 13, 2004 Sunday
5:00AM Starts
8:00AM Ends

HAWAIIAN HALF MARATHON sponsored by R.H. Productions.  The event is expected to have 1,200 runners. It will start on Ala Moana Park Dr., near Waikiki Yacht Club, go ewa to Ala Moana Blvd. ewa entrance, Kalakaua Ave., to MonsarratAve., to Paki Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd., to 18th Ave., to Kilauea Ave., toWaialae Ave., to Kealaolu Ave., to Kahala Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd., to KalakauaAve., to end at Honolulu Marathon Finish line. Contact: Ron Pate 808-554-6539


June 13, 2004 Sunday
5:00PM Starts
8:00PM Ends

Pan-Pacific MATSURI in Hawaii Parade sponsored by  Kintetsu USA International Express. The event is expected to have 2,000 marchers, 25 vehicles, 21 floats, & 5 bands. It will start at Kalakaua Ave. at Saratoga Rd/Fort DeRussy, to Kalakaua Ave to end at Queen Kapiolani Park. Contact: Yasuyuki Ishizuka 923-0492 Fax: 924-2099  For more info, visit their website:


June 15, 2004 Tuesday
5:30PM Starts
7:30PM Ends

TRIMOVING TRI-OMNIUM BIKE RACE SERIES sponsored by Trimoving Inc. The event is expected to have 50-75 cyclists in different heats, closed circular course. Traffic will be diverted starting 5:30 pm for setup. The event will close all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas: 1)Cooke St., b/t Keliikoi St. & Ilalo St., 2)Ilalo St., b/t Cooke St. & Koula St., mauka half 3)Koula St., b/t Ilalo St. to Olomehani St., kkhd side, 4)Olomehani St., b/t Koula St. & Ohe St. makai half, 5)Ohe St., b/t Olomehani St. & Kelliikoi St., 6)Keliikoi St.,b/t Ohe St. & Cooke St. Contact: Barry Sullivan 599-3811 Ext.518  


June 19, 2004 Saturday
9:30AM Starts
11:00AM Ends

Pride Parade sponsored by The Center. The event is expected to have 700 marchers, 25 vehicles. It will start at Ala Moana Park (Kkhd entrance), to Ala Moana Blvd., to Kalakaua Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., to end at Queen Kapiolani Park. Contact: Ken Miller 951-7000 Fax: 951-7001 Email :


The above is based on the most current information available.  TST Division, Department of Transportation Services.

Phone: 808-527-6009  Fax: 808-523-4446.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

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