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January 3, 2005


                                         BOX JELLYFISH ADVISORY


        The Ocean Safety Division is issuing a Box Jellyfish advisory for the 4TH AND 5TH, January. The influx is expected to be mostly pau by Thursday the 6th.


        There is the possibility of getting stung, so be advised and

STAY OUT OF THE WATER if you know you a b re allergic and/or don’t want to be stung.


       The most commonly affected areas are Waikiki Beach, especially in the “pond” areas. (Ewa of the Kapahulu groin)


       Other near-shore waters that have been affected include Hanauma Bay, Pokai Bay, and Makaha surfing beach, and Waimea Bay. There have been occasional sightings and or stings at other Oahu beaches as well.


        Lifeguards assess beaches for box jellyfish during the alert period. If box jellyfish are discovered warning signs are posted as warranted.


        Persons stung by box jellyfish are advised to flush the sting area with copious amounts of white vinegar.  Anyone experiencing breathing difficulty, muscle cramps/spasms, and/or persistent pain are advised to seek immediate medical attention.


        Lifeguard stations are supplied and equipped to treat this type of marine sting.


For public information regarding ocean conditions, advisories, and warnings the Ocean Safety Division provides a pre-recorded report which can be accessed 24 hours a day; at 922-3888 x 51.  Daytime call 922-3888 x23 or x29.


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Monday, January 03, 2005

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