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            Street closures for the annual Honolulu City Lights Public Workers Electric Light Parade on the evening of Saturday, December 3, 2005, will affect the movement of traffic in the Chinatown and Downtown areas.  The parade starts at 6 p.m. at King and River streets and travels down King Street to Honolulu Hale, where the first units should arrive about 6:30 p.m.

It is suggested that motorists bound for Chinatown and Downtown Honolulu arrive well before 5 p.m.  Special traffic controls will be in place to allow access to parking at Mark’s Garage, Macy’s and the Chinatown Gateway parking lots from Beretania Street for those attending the Jim Nabors Christmas Concert at Hawaii Theatre.  Parking is also available in the Smith-Beretania Park parking garage.

City bus service in the Downtown area will be affected by street closures for the parade.  From 4:30 p.m., eastbound routes A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 13  19, 20, 40, 42, 43, 52, 53, 54, and 62 that traverse through Downtown from Aala Park will be detoured via Liliha, east on Vineyard Boulevard, right on Nuuanu Avenue, and left on Hotel Street.  Bus stops on Hotel and King streets Ewa of Nuuanu to King the Liliha Street intersection will not be serviced until the completion of the parade.  From 5 p.m., all City buses entering Bishop or Alakea streets will also be detoured.

            At 5:30 p.m., makai-bound traffic on Maunakea Street and Nuuanu Avenue from Beretania Street will be detoured east-bound on to Pauahi Street.  Bethel Street will be converted into a two-way street for local traffic only, between Hotel Street to the Macy’s parking lot driveway.  Intermittent traffic flow will be allowed to go makai on Nuuanu Avenue to Nimitz Highway at selected break points.  Smith Street will be closed makai of Pauahi Street.  Bishop Street will become two-way for local traffic only between Beretania Street and the Executive Centre parking lot driveway.

            The Electric Light Parade, co-sponsored by the City, the Friends of Honolulu City Lights, and Hawaiian Electric Company, features City vehicles adorned with holiday lights and special decorations.  Among the units will be several fire vehicles, an ambulance, TheBus, the zoo train, a dump truck and other service vehicles.  Fifteen high school bands will also participate.

            After the parade, the vehicles will remain on King Street in front of Honolulu Hale until 8 p.m. so children and their families can see the decorated work vehicles up close.

            Details on all street closures and parking restrictions are as follows.



The parade proceeds east on North King Street, beginning at River Street and ending at Honolulu Hale.  Vehicles will park in the closed area on South King between Punchbowl and Alapai streets until 8 p.m.

STREET CLOSURES, December 3, 2005

11:00 a.m.:  King Street, mauka lane closest to Honolulu Hale:  Coning of the affected lane will be in effect for the set up of the tree lighting ceremony.

1:30 p.m.:  Barricades will be placed on both sides of King Street from Richards to Punchbowl streets.

3:00 p.m.:  Barricades will be placed on both sides of King Street from Punchbowl to South streets.

3:30 p.m.:  Curb lanes on North King Street between Beretania and River Streets, and Iwilei Road from Kuwili Street to King Street will be closed for parade vehicle staging.

4:30 p.m.:  Punchbowl Street closed between Beretania and King Streets.  Traffic will be detoured to Beretania.

5:00 p.m.:  North King Street closed from Liliha to River streets.  Eastbound traffic on King Street detoured to Liliha Street and Dillingham Boulevard.

5:05 p.m.:  King Street between Punchbowl and Alapai/South Streets closed.

5:30 p.m.:

            Richards, Alakea and River streets mauka of King street along the parade route will begin to be closed at Beretania Street.  Bishop will be two-way between Beretania and the Executive Center parking lot driveway.

            Makai-bound traffic on Maunakea will be detoured to Pauahi Street.

            Bethel Street will become two-way between Hotel Street and Macy’s parking lot entrance.

            Pauahi Street will be closed west of Maunakea Street and east of Bethel Street.

            Kekaulike, Maunakea, Smith and Nuuanu streets makai of King Street will be closed at Nimitz Highway.  Bethel Street will be closed at Merchant Street.  Alakea and Mililani streets will be closed at Queen Street.

            Hotel Street between Nuuanu Avenue and Bethel Street will be open to vehicles east bound to allow access to various parking lots on Bethel Street.

6:00 p.m.:  King Street from River to Alapai/South streets, closed progressively and will reopen progressively after the parade.  Except for King Street from Punchbowl to Alapai/South streets which will remain closed until 9:00 p.m.



No parking (cars will be towed) after 1:00 p.m. to 12 midnight on Saturday, December 3, 2005 on the following streets:

PUNCHBOWL ST., Beretania St to King St, both sides.

PUNCHBOWL ST., King St to Queen St, Ewa side.

KING ST., Both sides River to Alapai Street.

KING ST., Kawaiahao Street to South Street, Makai side

KAWAIAHAO ST., closest to King St, parking meters (4) on the Ewa side and parking meters (4) on the Koko Head side.


No Parking (cars will be towed) from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Saturday, December 3, 2005.

BERETANIA ST., both sides, River Street to N. King Street

RIVER ST., both sides, N. Beretania Street to Hotel St.

BETHEL ST., both sides, King Street to Pauahi Street.




Contact:  Parade Coordinator Edward Oi at Department of Customer Services - 523-4128.  Department of Transportation Services - 527-6009.  TheBus - 848-5555.


Monday, November 28, 2005

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