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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         July 18, 2005

Release M-52





(WASHINGTON, D.C) -- Mayor Mufi Hannemann arrived here on Monday, July 18, to support efforts to save the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. 


“I am in Washington to underscore the critical importance of our shipyard to national security.  There is continuing, destabilizing terrorism in Southeast Asia.  We have nuclear or potential nuclear threats in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  And Cold War tensions remain very much a reality on the Korean Peninsula and across the Taiwan Strait.  The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard allows the United States to be forward-deployed on American soil, 2,300 miles west of North America’s West Coast.”


The mayor expressed equally strong concern over the human and economic impact to Oahu that would ensue if Pearl Harbor were to close.


“Of equal concern to me is the immense toll that closing our shipyard at Pearl Harbor would take on the people of Oahu and our local economy.  Nearly 10,000 jobs will be lost–5,000 at the shipyard and another 4,600 jobs in Honolulu–representing over a billion-dollar loss to our economy.  The economic multiplier impact of such a hit would strongly resonate throughout our community.  We cannot sit still and allow that to happen.”


Responding to claims of supporters of the Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard that their operation is more efficient, Mayor Hannemann said, “Let me be clear on this: Our Hawaii shipyard workers measure up to any others, anywhere.  I’m here to support and back them.  I will be reiterating in Washington the importance and, indeed, excellence of their work.”


The Mayor lauded Senator Dan Inouye and the rest of the Hawaii congressional delegation for inviting his and Governor Lingle’s efforts.  He also expressed appreciation for the work of the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and its Military Affairs Council for their extremely proactive partnership with the mayor and others.



Monday, July 18, 2005

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