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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             December 22, 2005

Release No.  M-114




            Mayor Mufi Hannemann has signed the following into law:

·          Bill 65 (CD1), which requires Council approval of any consolidated plan or annual action plan for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Planning and Development Programs, including Community Development Block Grant funds, before it is transmitted to HUD. The plan must be submitted to the Council at least 90 days prior to its transmittal to HUD.  The Council then would have no more than 45 days to review and approve the plan before it is transmitted to HUD, leaving an additional 45 days to publish an ad and for the public to comment before it is sent to HUD. Amendments to the plan would not be subject to those deadlines and would instead require Council approval prior to submittal to HUD.

·          Bill 64 (FD1, CD2), which creates a monthly and annual payment option for professional still photographers who are hired to cover special events for private noncommercial uses, such as  weddings and graduations, in City parks or recreation facilities. Instead of the existing $20 daily fee, a photographer could choose to pay $100 a month or $1,000 a year.

·          Bill 63 (CD1), which raises the height limit for newsstands on public sidewalks from the current 45 inches to 50 inches. This takes into account the height of most recently manufactured newsstands – 48 to 49 inches.

·          Bill 56 (FD1), which amends the building code to require twice the number of toilets for females than for males in certain new developments or renovations, such as entertainment centers, movie theatres, sports arenas, or other similar facilities. This requirement also applies to any bathroom open to the general public in any place of public assembly that is altered where the cost of making alterations exceeds $500,000 in any 12-month period.

            The mayor also returned unsigned Bill 53 (CD1), which extends the period during which the City may adjust errors in real property taxes, from the current two years to five years.


             “To further extend the current two-year period for which adjustments are allowed could have adverse consequences for the fiscal stability of the city, whose fiscal budget is heavily dependent on real property tax collections,” Hannemann wrote to the Council. “I feel that the current two-year period for adjustments strikes a prudent balance between providing for taxpayer relief and the fiscal responsibilities of the City.”



           Bill Brennan, 527-6928

            Mark Matsunaga, 527-5767  

Thursday, December 22, 2005

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