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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            November 22, 2005

Release No.  M-102





            Mayor Mufi Hannemann has signed into law:

  • Bill 50, which adds vehicles of the Department of the Medical Examiner to the list of “authorized emergency vehicles.” That allows medical examiner investigators to get through traffic more quickly when responding to fatalities. That is expected to shorten the time required to block off the scene of a death for the investigation.


  • Bill 51, CD1, which amends the City Electrical Code to incorporate the provisions of the 2005 Edition of the National Electrical Code.


  • Bill 52, CD1, which transfers the responsibility for registering and restricting lobbying activities from the City Council to the Ethics Commission. A 1990 ordinance delegated those functions to the City Clerk and the City Council. However, Article XIV of the state Constitution mandates that each county’s ethics commission shall administer the ethics code, which includes provisions on lobbying registration and restriction.


  • Bill 55, FD1, rezoning a 15,000-square-foot parcel of land on 9th Avenue in Kaimuki from R-5 residential to A-1 low density apartment.


  • Bill 58 CD1, FD1, which gives the City more leverage against parties that owe payment for civil fines. The bill allows the City to withhold granting any license, approval or permit for which a fee is charged, except water and sewer service charges, until all unpaid civil fines are paid. The unpaid fines will constitute a lien against any real property belonging to the party that owes the fines.


  • Bill 59, which increases the penalties for violating the City ordinance regulating distribution, acquisition, possession and use of graffiti implements. Under the previous ordinance, violators faced fines up to $1,000 and 30 days in jail. The new ordinance doubles the maximum fine to $2,000 and adds language that sentences be imposed “without possibility of probation or suspension of sentence.”




           Bill Brennan, 527-6928

            Mark Matsunaga, 527-5767  

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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