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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 October 30, 2005

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Mayor Mufi Hannemann today announced City projects in Manoa in the wake of last year’s devastating floods. They include:


  • Clearing of the Manoa Stream channel 40 feet on either side of the Woodlawn Bridge. Work on this will begin within a month.


  • $2.1 million emergency repair of 125 feet of concrete wall along lower Manoa Stream near Koali Road and Hokulani Elementary is completed. Final inspection is scheduled this week.


  • $188,340 emergency repair of a 40-by-40-foot section of concrete floor of the Manoa streambed at the Kahaloa Drive Bridge. Bids will be solicited early in 2006.


  • $29,820 emergency repair of a 12-by-12-foot section of concrete floor of the Manoa streambed at East Manoa Road. Bids will be solicited by year’s end.


The mayor’s announcement came at a joint news conference on the anniversary of what has been described as a 50-year flood. All levels of government are involved in completing recovery from that flood and taking steps to prevent a recurrence.


 “This will take a collective effort by the federal, city and state governments, and we’re happy to do our part in partnership with the area’s City Council member, Ann Kobayashi,” said Mayor Hannemann


He also pointed out that the Road Maintenance Division of the City Department of Facility Maintenance went to work immediately after last year’s flooding, removing silt and debris from the sidewalk and road at Woodlawn Bridge. That was the first of nearly 300 jobs performed by Road Maintenance crews in Manoa since then. Among those jobs was the filling of 616  potholes in Manoa.



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Monday, October 31, 2005

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