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            Mayor Mufi Hannemann has signed into law Bill 50 (2006), CD 1, relating to real property taxation.


            The bill authorizes the City to establish as many as five boards of review to handle taxpayer appeals to their real property assessments. Previously, only two boards of review were authorized by law. The administration proposed amending the law to allow for  a third board, and the City Council authorized as many as five. Each board would consist of five members, as is the case now.


            “This new ordinance allows the City to reduce the backlog in taxpayer appeals, which grew from 2,500 in 2004 to 4,000 last year and 6,000 this year,” said Mayor Hannemann. “As part of my administration’s emphasis on providing more city services in the growing West Oahu community, we plan to have the new board of review meet at Kapolei Hale.”


            The two current boards meet at the Real Property Tax Office in Downtown Honolulu.


            Board of review members are volunteers from the community. They receive a small stipend and expenses for their meetings, which are generally twice a week.


            The boards hear and decide on taxpayer challenges to the City’s real property assessments. The assessed value for a property, minus exemptions, is multiplied by the rate for that classification of property to determine how much the owner owes the City in property taxes each year. Assessments are mailed out in mid-December, and appeals need to be filed by January 15.






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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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