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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       June 1, 2006   Release M-57-06






            Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann is joining hundreds of American mayors attending the 74th annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week.

            Hannemann will be at the conference opening tomorrow (Friday, June 2, 2006), and will return to Honolulu on Saturday.

            One of the items being discussed by the mayors will be the SustainLane 2006 U.S. City Rankings, which place Honolulu 15th among America’s 50 largest cities on essential quality-of-life and economic factors.  SustainLane is an on-line network of people and communities devoted to “a healthy, more sustainable life.”

            SustainLane says, “Hallmarks of sustainable cities include a commitment to public health, an emphasis on creating a strong local economy, and citizens and city officials working together to make positive, thoughtful choices for the long-term benefit of the city and its residents.” (Rankings are attached below.)

            “Our 15th place ranking confirms that we as a community are heading in the right direction, especially since we weren’t even in the top 25 last year,” said Mayor Hannemann. “We placed high in the rankings for air and water quality and markets for local food. The survey identified room for improvement in energy and transportation, and pointed out that Honolulu would benefit from a rail system, which is something we’re already working on.”

            At the Conference of Mayors meeting, Hannemann will record a segment for a video presentation on healthy cities by SustainLane.

            In addition he will:

·     Convene a new environmental group focusing on challenges facing urban forestry programs. As chairman of the Community Trees Task Force, Hannemann will lead a study that will develop best practices for local community trees programs.

·     Be a featured speaker at a luncheon on “Mayoral Best Practices on Healthy Cities.” He will discuss how he leads by example to make Honolulu one of the nation’s healthiest cities.

·     Tape two radio public service announcements regarding breast cancer and prostate cancer as part of an ongoing public education campaign by the Conference of Mayors. 

·     Participate in the meeting-opening press conference.


            “The conference officially runs from Friday (June 2) through June 6, but I’m only going for a day, and it will be a busy one,” said Hannemann. “It’s important that Honolulu is represented in this national forum.”  



Bill Brennan, 527-6928

Mark Matsunaga, 527-5767



2006 SustainLane 50 Largest U.S. Cities Overall Sustainability Ranking


1.     Portland, OR

2.     San Francisco

3.     Seattle

4.     Philadelphia

5.     Chicago

6.     Oakland

7.     New York

8.     Boston

9.     Denver

10.  Minneapolis

11.  Baltimore

12.  Washington

13.  Sacramento

14.  Austin

15.  Honolulu

16.  Milwaukee

17.  San Diego

18.  Kansas City

19.  Albuquerque

20.  Tucson

21.  San Antonio

22.  Phoenix

23.  San Jose

24.  Dallas

25.  Los Angeles

26.  Colorado Springs

27.  Las Vegas

28.  Cleveland

29.  Miami

30.  Long Beach

31.  El Paso

32.  New Orleans

33.  Fresno

34.  Charlotte

35.  Louisville

36.  Jacksonville

37.  Omaha

38.  Atlanta

39.  Houston

40.  Tulsa

41.  Arlington, TX

42.  Nashville

43.  (tie) Detroit


45. Indianapolis

46. Fort Worth

47. Mesa

48. Virginia Beach

49. Oklahoma City

50. Columbus


Thursday, June 01, 2006

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