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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             December 27, 2006

Release No. M-142-06







Mayor Mufi Hannemann today signed into law Bill 71, CD2, which aims to keep City buses free from cell phone ringtones and other sounds from electronic devices that are audible to anyone but the user.

“This bill was requested by our bus drivers, who are concerned about the distractions created by cell phone ringtones,” said Hannemann. “It’s clearly a safety issue, and I’m happy to sign this bill into law.

“The new ordinance does not, repeat, does not ban cell phone use on buses,” he said. “Bus riders may continue to use their cell phones. All they need to do is put the ringer on vibrate and refrain from using the speakerphone. For other devices, such as radios, an earphone will suffice. 

“In a perfect world, this legislation wouldn’t be necessary. Cell phones, video games and other electronic gadgets nowadays can produce a wide range of sounds, and, unfortunately, some of those can distract the bus operators as well as annoy other bus riders. It’s too bad some people don’t realize that one person’s entertainment can be another’s noise and could jeopardize public safety.”

The bill applies to electronic devices including televisions, radios, recording devices, portable stereos, electronic games, cell phones, walkie talkies and pagers. It takes effect immediately.

The mayor also signed:

·       Bill 70, CD1, which updates the City’s Register of Exceptional Trees.

·       Bill 76, CD1, which rezones approximately 30.4 acres of land in Kapolei from AG-1 restricted agricultural to BMX-3, community business mixed use with a 90-foot height limit. This was requested by Aina Nui Corporation, which plans to develop the Kapolei Commons project, a regional shopping center across Kalaeloa Boulevard from Home Depot.




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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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