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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        April 6, 2006


The City Department of Environmental Services (ENV) is working with automotive businesses, government agencies and the community to increase awareness of the benefits of storm water pollution prevention and the long-term stewardship of local watersheds. 

Oahu residents are urged to keep used motor oil out of our streams and the ocean. Used motor oil has the largest environmental impact of all automotive products because it is insoluble in water, persistent and laced with toxic chemicals and heavy metals.  The City prescribes use of oil change boxes to get rid of used motor oil. Simply toss out the box with the rest of your garbage.  The absorbent material inside soaks up the oil and keeps it from spilling.

The department has launched a campaign during April, Earth Month, to inform males 18 to 35 years old about the need to discard motor oil in oil change boxes. The campaign also encourages reporting illegal dumping and  volunteering in the Cityís Storm Drain Stenciling Programs, Adopt-A-Stream and Adopt-A-Block Cleanup Program. The campaign includes advertisements in the sports section of the Honolulu Advertiser on April 10, public service announcements (PSAs) on KHON, KSSN and KHUI radio, point-of-purchase displays and used motor oil tip cards at CARQUEST, CHECKER and  NAPA stores on Oahu.

It is illegal to dump used motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or other engine fluids on sidewalks, curbs, gutters, in a ditch or stream. That allows these pollutants to enter Honoluluís storm drain system. Unlike the wastewaster system, the water and other material in the storm drain system is not treated before it flows to streams and the ocean.

Print and radio advertising will begin on April 10.  Clip out the coupon in the April 10 Honolulu Advertiser and redeem the coupon at the nearest CARQUEST, CHECKER or NAPA auto parts store for a free used oil change box.  The coupon must be presented at the time of purchase.  The offer is valid during April 2006 or while supplies last. 

Residents should also stay tuned to KCCN and KHUI on ways they can help keep used motor oil and trash out of our streams and the ocean.  Follow these simple tips to prevent pollution and protect your health:

   Use an oil change box.

   Check your vehicle for drips and oil leaks regularly, and fix any you find.

   Clean up spills immediately

To report illegal dumping, volunteer in the Cityís Adopt-A-Stream/Adopt-A-Block Program or for information on storm water pollution prevention, call 692-5656 or go to





            Iwalani Sato, Department of Environmental Services, 429-4112
Thursday, April 06, 2006

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